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Carrara Marble Laminates

Calacatta has much larger veining and, as a result, a grey-on-white effect. I have terrible grout in my current house and would love to avoid it in my next place. I get around to actually doing it, if that’s any help to you. And general contractors may not waterproof it right, while tilers may not

Plain And Simple Countertop Price Chart

Below you’ll find a brief description of the 15 most common types of countertops and their average cost per square foot. Granite is sturdy, gorgeous, and adds value to your home, but how much does it cost? It’s also one of the more durable options, especially if you properly seal and maintain y

Portland House Sale Announcement And Event!

If you are local and have a shop that we could come and look at to pull from we would love to showcase your items. Plus there’s always the adage that not every post is going to be for every reader. For me, the project conflicts with the decidedly left-leaning ethos of this blog. There are always l

Granite Wet Saw

Professional, precision cutting of granite, marble, stone and other materials. How To Cut Granite With A Circular Saw by homeguides.sfgate.comWhile the most common way to cut granite down is with a tile wet saw or a specialty rail saw for large slabs, you can also use a circular saw as long as you u

Why I Don’ Use Chalk Paint

I don’t want every piece of furniture in my house being distressed. I just simply would never, ever skip these steps just to save a few hours of time. For the best durability oil based paint is the prefered but a lot of progress has been made with water base latex. And you can lightly tint the pol

Stone Memorials Erie Pa

Stop in today to see our selection of full slabs of granite on site, discuss your stone countertop options, and request a quote! At a hard time in your life, you can count on us to make the process as easy as possible. We know stone, from cemetery markers to granite countertops! We offer over 400

How To Build A Butcher Block Island Stretcher

If you’re hankering for a bit more elbow room to prepare meals, this rolling island lets you make the most of the floor plan you already have. The sturdy frame, made of sections of gas pipe, gives it an industrial flair, and the casters make it easy to move. Clamp a straightedge adjacent to th

Bathroom Upgrade: Get The Most For Your Money

As long as you make smart choices that appeal to people in general, you will get your investment back when you sell your home. It’s hard to beat the clean and timeless look of white, 3×6 subway tile. If you want to add some additional interest, use a dark gray grout with white subway tiles to mak

Kitchen Cabinet Strips Filler Strip

I do kind-of feel slightly bad for “wasting” cabinet space, when other people have to use every inch they have in their kitchens. Ultimately, we decided that the dark color would help the corner just disappear visually. We placed three cabinets in the existing window nook. Since the walls were

Dry Treat Grout Sealer

Drying time between coats should be maximized – approximately 15 minutes. Apply sufficient product so the surface looks shiny / mirror wet for at least 3-5 seconds after each coat. You need plenty of dwell time for the product to penetrate sufficiently. Apply each successive coat before the previ

Countertops Installation Formica

Formica countertops that look like granite or marble will work well in classic kitchen styles. The end result is a clean and finished surface that doesn’t put too much of a strain on your budget.Laminate Countertop Installation Formica Countertop Installation Orange County by tomfoleyinstallat

Magic Chef Countertops Makers Ice Bucket

Compact countertop size with see-through window, exterior drain. Even if that’s not enough, it makes ice in as little as seven minutes. Removable ice basket and handy ice scooper for effortless servings of ice. Nice large or small ice cubes in as little as seven minutes.Magic Chef Ice Maker Pa

Adanac Granite Calgary Alberta

To see how you can enhance the beauty of your home and increase its value, call us today! From kitchen islands to vanities the interest, beauty and quality of granite is unmatched. Granite can be customized to suit any application and is low maintenance and very easy to clean. Granite is assured to

Osmosis Countertops Reverse Osmosi Home Depot

Of course, square corners are an easy and common edge shape for concrete countertops. This finish can have a enormous impact on the final look of the concrete countertop. Concrete countertop fabricators have been trying many unique ways to set their countertops apart. Although a sealer can add some

How To Hang Kitchen Cabinets Support Cleat

Sheet flooring is more easily damaged, so lay it after the cabinets are in. Also, rough in cabinet lights and their wall-mounted switches. Snap a chalk line at these marks, and measure from this line down to the floor in several places. Measure 17 to 18 inches up from the base cabinet layout line, a

Kitchens And Countertops Direct Shop Cape Cod

Our kitchen cabinet refacing is economical and minimally invasive to the homeowner. Patrick has been in the remodeling business for over 30 years and has specialized in complete kitchen remodeling for over ten years. Our services include kitchen cabinets refacing or kitchen cabinet replacement with

Copper Horizontal Paper Towel Holder

This vertical stand is handcrafted of solid copper by highly skilled coppersmiths who use traditional spinning techniques to shape the metal, then polish it to a brilliant finish. Side arm keeps the roll contained and helps you easily tear off sheets. My one complaint is that it can’t handle j