1. Cu. Ft. CounterTop With Power And PowerGrill Duo™ Microwave W Convection

Its sleek frame provides a graceful transition that gives your microwave a stylish, built-in look, while also saving you valuable countertop space.

Toshiba 21.73″ 1.5 Cu.Ft. Convection Countertop Microwave and Reviews by wayfair.com

It’s a convection as well so in a smaller apartment it’s acts as an oven as well. You can use as microwave, combination microwave/convection or full convection. I highly recommend this if you cook a lot and even if you don’t. That just made me a ton more excited for my future use of this unit. She hasn’t used it yet as a convection oven, but the microwave is great. With invert-er, you can poach, braise and even steam more delicate foods, all with the speed and convenience of a microwave! Plus with turbo defrost, you can thaw foods faster than ever! Stainless steel exterior and interior for hassle-free cleanups. It has many different power levels and you can add your own speed buttons for easy programming. Not only does it work great, look wonderful it is a good price. Also the glass turn table on the inside didn’t fit to the etched area, so it spun half the time then stopped till it connected again, the spun for a bit etc. Unlike other microwave ovens, invert-er technology delivers a seamless stream of cooking power, even at lower settings, for precision cooking that preserves the flavor and texture of your favorite foods. Its roomy interior fits full-size plates and at 1, 000 watts of power, this microwave delivers quick cooking and reheating. This microwave also includes a kitchen timer, child safety lock, and an “add 30 seconds” button that allows you to add cooking time with a single touch. 1. Cu. Ft. CounterTop with Power and PowerGrill Duo™ Microwave W Convection 1. Cu. Ft. CounterTop with Power and PowerGrill Duo™ Microwave W Convection
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