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Granite stands up to heat as well, however, acidic substances can wear down the sealant. Quartzite’s movement and coloring and the selling points of this stone, as they are vivid and beautiful. These prices are an example of the national average of installed granite countertops.

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From The Quarry To The Kitchen | Duration 8 Minutes 8 Seconds Just as the countertops are of different varieties, they also come at different prices. While we recommend that you choose the slabs that are within your budget, you should avoid cheap units as they won’t last for a long time. During the transportation, the countertops can chip and break resulting in huge expenses. To achieve the perfect fit, we have modern cutting tools that can cut all types of granite. When it comes to the larger slabs, the contractors use water-cooled blades. This ensures that the granite we choose perfectly fits even the smallest areas giving your room an attractive look. Our countertop contractor doesn’t seal the countertop if the bond is strong as he first tests the bond. While we put a lot of emphasis on granite countertops, we also handle quartz countertops, marble countertops and any other countertops you might be interested in. If you aren’t sure of the pieces that will look good in your home or office, our contractors will guide you in making the right choice. Our friendly and ready to help contractors will guide you in choosing the ones that are within the budget. They also will look ugly thus giving your home or office an ugly look. The contractors handle the pieces with care ensuring that none of them break. For the thin granite, our contractors use the table or circular saws. For a custom fit of the countertops, we don’t cut the slabs in our workshop—we do it at the installation site.

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Im looking at a house right now and the countertops are such a gross color and would clash with what we want to do.

Countertops Final2 | Duration 2 Minutes 21 Seconds It’s deceivingly heavy too, so it isn’t something you can strap to the hood of your car and haul to the flea market. You could actually shoot yourself in the foot by installing tops you like but buyers don’t. There is nothing that you could replace it with that would add more value to your home. What should a granite countertop business sell in addtion to countertops? There are many reasons why someone might not want granite counters. Due to the housing bust, there’s a lot of surplus materials and cheap installations on the market right now. Both of which mean, you probably won’t get a lot for your granite. Most buyers of existing homes realize that they are going to have to make changes. Your counter-tops are cut specifically to fit your counters but you may find someone who is interested in cutting them down for a piece of furniture or bath. To resell it, you would get a fraction of its worth, as it would have to be sold as cut up remnants.

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It is particularly ideal for kitchen and bathroom use because it is non-porous and heat resistant. You get the look and feel of granite without its drawbacks. Cambria prefers to deal with people who deal with clients on a personal basis. However, with professional installers on the job, the seams are much less noticeable than the typical seams of granite slabs are. No stone is proof against a sledgehammer, for instance, and edges and areas with no under support are especially vulnerable to cracking and chipping. Cambria is more heat-resistant than granite or marble, but it is still not a good idea to put a hot pot or pan directly on its surface. Cambria offers a limited lifetime warranty against these types of defects. Warm water and some mild soap is all one needs to clean it on a regular basis. Because it is nonporous, there is a lower risk of bacterial growth, and it will not stain. It is a compound of 93% natural quartz, with the remaining 7% composed of resins and dyes. Liquids and heat have little effect on it under reasonable use. With so many engineered quartz countertops in the market, it can be hard to choose the best one. Any requirements for larger or longer slabs than that require seams. It is able to withstand far more use and abuse than other stones, although it can still sustain damage. The thermal shock can lead to cracks, and may also cause discoloration. If the product has a manufacturing defect, it can lead to cracks and cups.

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This custom kitchen is no exception, with outstanding choices made by the homeowners. Like the kitchen, most family bathrooms take quite a daily beating. But remember, they have to be more than just beautiful—they have to stand up to the daily wear and tear of a busy home. Plus, granite’s durability just can’t be beat, making it perfect for countertops in indoor and outdoor kitchens, as well as busy bathrooms. Maybe you’re ready to jump into the reno frenzy, too, and are wondering if you can do the work yourself or hire it done. And when it comes to making these big choices, keep three essential guidelines in mind: 1. If you are an avid watcher of home buying shows on television, no doubt you’ve heard the dismay in homebuyers’ voices when they encounter something other than granite counters in a kitchen. They are resistant to heat, scratching, etching, and staining—making them perfect for even the hardest working kitchen. The countertop reads as a neutral in this space, but its hints of beige, grey, and bordeaux in a gorgeous pattern make it perfect for an extra-large island. Beauty products and appliances can damage laminate-type countertops, but rest assured that granite can stand the test of time in both style and in durability. In addition to boosting the value of your home, granite is a feast for the eyes, lasts a lifetime and has timeless appeal.

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An updated room can add a great amount of character and an inviting look that makes your family and friends want to spend time there. Customize your home by updating your countertop with our beautiful selection of stones to create a look that defines your own personal style. With over 10 years of experience, we specialize in residential and commercial installation and fabrication. We take great pride in hand selecting each of our products with the goal of providing the highest quality work possible within your price range. Let your beautiful countertops be the center of attention when people walk into a room. Creating inviting rooms not only adds visual appeal but also adds a great amount of value to your home, should you ever choose to sell or rent your house. Whether you want a pop of color, something rich, or something subtle, we can provide you with whatever it is that you like all at an affordable price.

What’S The Right Countertop Thickness? | Duration 3 Minutes 35 Seconds Although the lifespan of our stones vary, we can assure you that all of our products will last you many years. Start talking with fabricators about doing limestone countertops, and it quickly becomes apparent that some would just as soon keep it a secret from the buying public. However, there are certain trends in the market that are pointing to at least a few people in limestone’s direction. Looks are certainly important in any stone purchase, but a second selling point with the product is often its durability. Not so, for limestone, and that’s why many fabricators shy away from the product. It’s not uncommon for people to use different materials for the countertops and the backsplash. However, he describes the selection as, “very limited,” and the company relies on its suppliers to provide the right slab to till a customer’s request. However, for the most part, fabricators say the limestone slabs fabricate and install much like granite. And, despite its perceived drawbacks, for many, people the addition of limestone to their kitchen or bath ends happily. For those who want limestone, most go in with their eyes wide open. The main reason why many fabricators shy away from doing limestone for kitchens and baths has little to do with what happens in production and everything to do with clients’ expectations after the sale. For those who want the soft, often buttery look of the stone, it’s critical they know what they’re getting into ahead of time and how to keep their tops looking good. As with any lifestyle fashion item, the decision to go with limestone countertops — or bathroom vanities — is a matter of individual preference. Still others like the warmer honed finish that’s typical with limestone. Buyers like the idea of natural stone being something that has the potential to last for decades, even centuries, and granite has developed a reputation for keeping its looks even with low maintenance. And, even when you do have problems, there are ways of dealing with them, he adds. I say, it can be a little more delicate in the shop, whether you’re cutting it on the bridge saw edging it on one of the machines.

16 Countertops | Lennar Cares | Duration 1 Minutes 56 Seconds While there are some limestones that are brought to a high polish, most are honed; fabricators just match the edges to the top. And, installation is the same, using mitered edges and a two-part epoxy system color-matched to the stone. An important part of the installation is sealing the stone, and while opinions vary on whether it’s best to use a silicon enhanced sealer, doing the work and then educating the buyer about it are what’s critical. I don’t think it would matter if you were putting down limestone or plywood for them.

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Imagine the new look of your home with beautiful natural stone. On average you will get at least 80% back if you decide to sell your home. Since your oven can only reach temperatures of 500 degrees, your granite countertops will be safe from anything your oven can dish out. It is resistant to scratching, but we still recommend that you use a cutting board to keep your countertop looking its best. We suggest bringing in a part of your cabinets, like one of the doors. Dark colors make things seem smaller, while light colors make areas appear larger. The extra light will add the space and the dark granite countertop in the sunshine will look amazing. We use precision measuring instruments to make certain we are getting the best fit during installation. We have a large variety of colors and patterns in large slabs of natural stone. Nothing will make your kitchen come alive better than new granite countertops. You get more bang for your buck with home improvements in your kitchen. In addition, homes with granite countertops usually sell faster than homes without. The coloring on your cellphone might not give you the picture you need. If you have a small kitchen, you can still have dark countertops if there is a lot of natural light. Not only is our fabrication process amazing, you get to look through our wide selection of different granite countertops.

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Natural and synthetic options are in fashion, but what really matters is function. In this article, we’ve simplified the most popular options for you, to make the choice easier. The wide range of color choices makes this a smart pick for individuals who like to keep color on the countertop – marble comes in blues, greens, grays, and many other shades. It can be made to look like almost anything – a key feature for many families who prefer high end looks, but have a low budget. If you choose this option, do so for the short term – until you can save up for something better. If you love granite countertops for example, but find them out of budget, granite tile is a great alternative. Just keep in mind that concrete is limited in color, and doesn’t appeal to everyone’s tastes. The difference is that granite is difficult to stain or scratch. If you want kitchen countertops that can handle the traffic and use of a family kitchen, this is an excellent pick. Kitchen countertop materials come in a range of prices and styles. Now that you know what some of the top choices are, you can make an informed decision. We’re in the granite countertop business because we believe in the material. Now that the process is underway, you’re looking for the perfect countertop material – but what is it? We’ve skipped the fads and focused on features to help you make a choice. It stains relatively easily due to its porous nature, so if you have kids or are prone to spills, skip it. It’s not the best pick for cooks who like to set hot pots or pans on counters – it can fracture, or for those who occasionally skip the cutting board – it scratches. Newer laminates outshine their predecessors, and are more durable. The glue eventually wears out, edges break off, and what’s left is obviously cheap particle board. It can be made to look like a solid countertop, or you can intentionally leave grouting visible, and choose from several color options for the grout itself, as well. Tintable, moldable, and durable, this material is rising in popularity – as it should be. If you ever intend on moving, this may not be the right choice. Would you like a material that won’t stain or scratch easily, stays cool, and is durable? Talk to a countertop specialist in your area, and visit showrooms to see what you like. Granite comes in multiple pricing formats, thicknesses, and styles – making it a great pick regardless of your budget.

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This is especially noticeable when comparing man-made stone to granite and marble countertops, which have natural veining and lots of movement or changes in the pattern and color. Although, granite has thousands of different colors you could argue that quartz countertops present a wider range of colors. If you’re undertaking a complete kitchen remodel, there’s a perfect quartz countertop color out there. Or simply install the same quartz you choose as a backsplash. Every kitchen is different, but the wide variety of quartz countertop colors and patterns provide homeowners with virtually limitless options. Quartz is basically impossible to scratch, rare to chip, resistant to stains and heat, and doesn’t require sealing. Just be sure to use natural stone cleaners since quartz is mostly natural stone these cleaners are optimum for cleaning quartz as well. Quartz counters are non-toxic, antimicrobial, and non-porous. If you’re a homeowner looking to remodel your kitchen on a budget (and, really, who isn’t?), you need to consider every dollar spent. Some varieties of expensive quartz kitchen countertops will cost more than granite. Our recommendation: unless you’re looking to just prepare your house for sale, go with what you like even if not the cheapest quartz color option. Quartz countertops are a high-quality stylish surface considered to be more valuable than most other types of kitchen countertops. This is especially true if you currently have laminate materials in your kitchen. The end result is a more affordable and resilient countertop than marble while still giving your kitchen or bathroom the distinctive style that you crave. It is just more troublesome to maintain than quartz or granite. Now mining is not environmentally-friendly but quartz countertops are made using quartz that is already being mined. Quartz countertops are made by binding crushed quartz with resins and pigments. However, they tend to have little-to-no impact on indoor air quality, which should help you keep your peace of mind where health matters are concerned. The point is that quartz countertops have less impact than the other most popular surface granite. Let’s face it: children can be rough on a home, and your kitchen countertops need to stand up to frequent spills and messes. That alone makes them an excellent match for seniors, who are looking for a countertop that will last but does not require resealing or overtaxing upkeep. Now that you know the benefits of quartz countertops, it’s time to find out if they’re right for your home. If you are especially keen on the environmental side of your new countertops, be sure to ask where the engineered stone is being produced. Embrace those options, and you will find the countertops—and kitchen—of your dreams ahead. If cohesive style is what you love, then you’ll appreciate the fact that quartz typically has a consistent appearance and color which is controlled during the manufacturing process of quartz (a man-made surface also known as “engineered stone”). This predictable pattern can be matched up between two quartz slabs to hide seams very well and let the color and pattern flow. For instance, arctic white quartz might fit in a country farmhouse style kitchen while dark slate counters are perfect for a sleek, modern setup. Note that some cleaners and chemicals can discolor the pigments within the resin leaving a quartz stain but this is rare. This non-porous attribute is why quartz countertops don’t need sealing and are safe from most stains. Note that with recent tariffs imposed on imports some brands of quartz countertops may see a price increase. When the time to sell does come, you may be surprised to find that these countertops look as stunning as the day they were installed. You can find several patterns of quartz that look like marble but without the cost (marble can be expensive) and maintenance drawbacks of the real deal. The hard truth is that marble isn’t a great fit for kitchens, where many food products will etch the surface and cause dull spots. If you do want to add marble to your home, consider making it a decorative piece in a lesser-used space where it’ll still make an impression, such as your guest bathroom. Countertops made of quartz have few carbon emissions during construction, making them a “greener” choice for you and your family. Of course, mining, manufacturing, and transportation all have a negative impact on the environment. The expert you’re working with can also help you find trusted fabricators and installers in your area.

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There are a few different types of companies that sell and install granite countertops. They may not be able to answer all your questions or offer unique solutions for complex custom kitchen countertops. This lets them make a bit more money while offering their clients an extra service. Quality standards and scheduling all get taken care of by the contractor. By buying your granite from a local company who focuses on just that service, you’ll be able to discuss all the details of the job including seam areas and project layout with the people who will actually be doing the work. In other words, you don’t have to worry about their legitimacy. They may also offer financing on the countertops purchase, so that you can get your countertops now and pay later. If you buy your granite from the folks who are installing your cabinets, you get the advantage of one stop shopping. But again these companies all get their countertops fabricated and installed by a subcontracted fabrication shop. It relieves the home owner having to find a reputable fabricator themselves. But cutting out the middle-men, your bottom-line price will be less than all the other options, and you can directly contact the stone fabricator if any issues or concerns arise.

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Therefore, having a beautiful kitchen with stunning kitchen countertops to draw attention to the space is a dream for many. Their sheer, creamy hues are luxurious in the home, often depicted as a more regal color selection in today’s modern setting. The natural opulence of granite countertops can be a great addition to any home. If a home kitchen renovation project is a possibility, why not look into the resounding force that is the granite stone as a countertop option? Lovers of modern, neutral tones will adore the various grays and silvers to be seen in many forms of granite. These granite countertops are mostly white and airy, presenting a brighter hue for opening up smaller kitchen spaces. Looking ever clean and polished, whites and light greys mix well together to form enticing patterns. Anyone hoping to renovate their kitchen space should consider this beautiful, natural material on their quest for new and improved kitchen countertops.


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