10+ Beautiful Kitchens With Laminate Countertops

With so many new options, colors, and possibilities like under mount sinks a kitchen with laminate countertops can be just as pretty as a kitchen with stone or solid surface countertops. I have to laugh at the premise of a house being worthy of granite and think the question should be is granite worthy of the house? Which kitchen or countertop option above is your favorite? I have those same handles in my kitchen and my cabinets under the sink look just like yours. I hope you’ll share how you handle it when you get to that part. It hasn’t been easy to select one from all of the beautiful choices.

Replace Countertops Or Paint Cabinets? by thisoldhouse.com

We are going to be selling our home in the next year due to expanding family and not enough room. I am tempted to leave the countertops that goes up the wall and paint the cabinets. My other option is to just revarnish the cabinets and do countertops and backsplash. When selling a home, you have to forget “what you like” and focus on what most people like, or can live with for the time being. Once you know your goal, you’ll see that you don’t us to tell you what to do. If you do it yourself it will cost next to nothing and it will give a fresh and more modern look to the room. Are the cabinets in good shape or would they need to be replaced at some point in the near future? If the counters are in tough shape though you could go with a cheep new laminate top just to make things look better. The countertop finishes you get with this look like granite. Ask a realtor in your area what the comps are, be realistic, if other houses similar have granite then maybe you could go with granite-look tile. Our kitchen has black appliances, wood laminate countertop, and 1980’s standard wood cabinets (the wood color on the laminate and cabinets are very different and clash together). I repainted the whole house with a bright white trim and thought the cabinets would be nice this color, but don’t know if that works with black appliances. I just don’t want to drop a lot of money and not get it in resale. What’s accepltable to you may not be acceptable to the next person. I would skip changing the counter top though since most people who buy a house will want to change things anyway to add their own likes and personality to the house. If you can find the right price, granite countertops are great for people who are busy bees in the kitchen. Although, my only question is how bad do the cabinets look? You can choose black or pink marble or granite countertop which will really look beautiful and classy with your ultra white painted cabinets. Good advice up above and when selling, always put the least amount into it which definetly rules out granite counter tops. We did this to my mothers old tired kitchen and bathrooms right before they put their house up for sale.


What kind of grocery bags does she mean – cement! I honestly cannot remember what color grout we used but it will be in the posts about the kitchen. Our eldest was a first grader in 2004 -and we now have two kids in college (gulp) and a high schooler (the baby) is still at home – but making college visits. Wow, why make such a great product if they don’t make it accessible? I would steer you toward any edge that wraps around the bottom a bit because straight down edges can get water underneath by the sink. Our lives have changed dramatically in those 14 years. Each day is a gift and we are so grateful to share it with you!

Simple Details: Formica Calacatta Marble Review by simpledetailsblog.blogspot.com

We are in the process of countertop shopping and talk about sticker shock. Mine will keep me super happy until we finally get to our kitchen reno in a few years. Thanks for sharing beautiful and more affordable options in our décor. When we moved to a new housing area and everyone was getting granite counter tops, a friend of mine chose laminate. Or if he doesn’t feel comfortable with the installation they could direct you to other local installers. I love this countertop and am planning to put it in my kitchen. Looks beautiful, is this the glossy or matte calacatta? With our 9′ island how much of the pattern would repeat, etc. I really get aggravated at all the “put downs” laminate counters receive – only a temporary solution, cheapens your home, not durable, etc. One home was 35 years old when purchased with the original white matte laminate counters that were pristine and looked the same when sold 10 years later. The house was 24 years old when purchased, sold 11 years later and again the counters were like new. Only dont’s – never cut on them directly and never put hot pans on them. Love real marble, honed black granite and slate but price is way out of my budget and real marble is a pain to keep up. I love the look of marble and each time the salesperson steers me away from it because of staining and chipping issues. It is a great alternative to a long term look commitment, like one of your commentors said above. Yup, my island is not in it’s best shape already only after a year, water stains it even! I am going to have to investigate this product further as an option for our kitchen. So good to know that you don’t have to go ‘without’ if you don’t have the budget for real marble! We were in that house 13 years and the counters looked like new when we sold it. Used a smaller marble/granite pattern that is white with tan and greys in a photo realistic patternin in my new kitchen. I love sharing the details of creating a stylish, yet comfortable home for our family.

Has Anyone Painted Their Formica Countertops With Success? How Long Has The New Finish Lasted? by answers.yahoo.com

Has anyone painted their formica countertops with success? Now if you excersize a little care and common sense, the finish will give you years of satisfactory service. Painting bathtubs, toilets and appliances is best let to a professional. First, wash the surface to with a 50/50 solution of household ammonia and water to remove soap films from bathroom surfaces or grease from kitchen walls. In moisture-prone areas alkyd (oil base)finishes are preferred, as they provide a harder finish than water-base paints and are more washable and durable. If you want to paint the grout a contrasting color, you can go back over it with an artist’s brush. Then they accented kitchen with navy and bright green and stainless. The next day, the 2 of them used electric sanders (the hand-held round ones) and sanded it all down really good. Even if it only lasts a year, it’s cheap enough, and easy enough, to re-do until you can afford to replace. Your house wouldn’t by chance have wheels underneath it? You will not get five years you will be lucky for one or two with many scratches in it. Replace the top with new foemica if you have the tools and know how. Before we get into this you need to understand that adhesion is not the problem, you have to keep in mind that the finished product is only as durable as the paint film itself. Expect the same results from the paint on your countertop or ceramic tile. Use your cutting board, avoid harsh cleansers, soft scrub works great, a coat of paste wax once a year or so will do wonders for protecting your finish. I also recommend you wash with a mild acid solution which is used to clean ceramic tile of excessive grout. There are also several epoxy coatings that are excellent for durability, check with your local paint store for availability. Your finished project will be fully cured in appx 2-3 weeks and you should avoid harsh abrasive cleaning agents, soft scrub is a good general cleaner for painted surfaces. A cement-looking contemporary counter top that had that “industrial look” to it! Marble countertop and painted cabinets, or new cabinets w formica?


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