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Even more oil is used for fuel to haul bottled water to consumers all over the world. Some 40 billion bottles a year end up in landfills where they take about 1, 000 years to biodegrade. Experts say that dangerous chemicals from industrial waste stick to the plastics and enter the food chain as it is ingested by birds and marine life. The typical person has a body composition of 70% water, and maintaining adequate levels of hydration is essential for the efficient regulation of all physiological functions. They can actually become breeding ground for bacteria as the trapped organic material begins to decompose.Others are incinerated, releasing toxic by-products into the air. Described as the “biggest trash dump in the world,” much of it consists of old plastic bottles.

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You, too, can have a supply of fresh homemade distilled water no matter where you are. Using the solution they give to clean off the scale that builds up inside works well too. I use this in my garage in the summer because it really heats the house–a couple degrees at least.Also, if you need a lot of water, you might also want to buy two because these are not commercial grade if you run them more than a time or two a day you will burn them out more quickly. The steam distilled water tastes very clean, like the steam distilled water you can buy in plastic containers in a supermarket. I use this for myself, and for water for my doggies, and for some of my edible plants such as sprouts. Since it requires no installation or hookups, the 4000 is an everywhere solution. I have sulfur well water and there isn’t a hint of anything in this water, except water of course. This has a big gap in the lid where you pour which means that insects can get inside while it’s distilling. You have to take the lid off to pour anyway because the spout on this thing doesn’t work. No matter how slow or fast you poor it, the water just gets all over anyway. The handle is on the back which is far easier to use than this one where it’s on the top. I don’t bother rinsing the h2o2 out as there is book on using it for health – but only in minute/tiny quantities. I live in a pristine area, and the pipe infrastructure for the town may be very old. I prefer this as the water goes through stainless steel into a glass carafe, not a plastic container. It produces about a gallon of steam distilled water in four hours, and has an automatic shutoff. There is an interior fan at the top, and so one needs clearance on top of it.
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