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We just dealt with it for a month, which was just an annoyance, but not that bad. Within 3 days and 5 uses, the new unit is having the same issue. That is is 4 units that have failed, soon to be 5 units, in a few months. Calibrated the power settings based on the fraction of the cycle time it is on. We use it several times a day using the cook-time and cook-power settings.I bought the trim kit because my microwave is built in and they won’t reimburse me for it because it is an “add on”. Yep, your board is bad but you have to call whirlpool to have it replaced. With the move and all going on, we did not get it replaced until 11/7. Even if my 3rd unit works fine for a few years, the headache and 1 full day off of work to get it them replaced is not worth it. The first the door was hard to open and zeroed out when shut.

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Resurface Your Old Tile Countertops With Metallic Epoxy Diy Kits | Duration 14 Minutes 31 Seconds Granite countertops are often considered the most durable for kitchens, whereas concrete countertops can be more aesthetically flexible. If you have children or simply lack the time to take proper care of the more high maintenance materials like marble, it may be best to look for a hardier option. This hardy choice can also handle high heat from pots and pans or even curling irons, plus it has anti-microbial qualities. Concrete countertops can be customized with a pigment of your choice, and different finishes can up the ante by revealing texture and veining. A pressed finish will reveal veining that resembles that of marble. Their porous quality also means they’ll be more susceptible to stains. Depending on what material you choose, you may have a few options when it comes to a decorative edge. A radius edge will round out those corners for a softer look, while an ogee edge expands on the beveled style with layers of deep beveling. Peruse the products below to discover new countertops for your home! Before you start weighing the pros and cons of a certain material, take a minute to analyze your family’s needs and how you plan to use your new bathroom or kitchen counters. Keep in mind you’ll need to ensure it’s properly sealed — and don’t forget to pick your finish! If the surface becomes scratched or scuffed, it can simply be buffed out with fine-grade sandpaper. A trowel finish leaves the concrete looking smooth and seamless, while a ground finish unveils the texture of sand aggregate. Keep in mind you’ll need to seal your concrete countertop up to four times a year and wax it every two to three months. If you choose laminate, be wary of placing any hot pans directly on the surface as it can scorch easily. Soapstone and similar natural stone materials like marble and limestone are softer than granite, which means they’ll require greater care to keep them in tiptop shape. Of course, the standard square edge can look elegant in a modern kitchen or bathroom, but don’t be afraid to add some flair with a beveled edge. Bullnose edges are similar to a radius edge but feature a flatter, softer top edge.
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