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Or perhaps you want to invest in sturdy, updated quality custom cabinets and settle for a tasteful but inexpensive laminate countertop. This digital scrapbooking lets you put together your ideas about colors and styles. Then, once you choose cabinet installation professionals, they can help you figure out what type and style of cabinet best suits your space, and then go from there. Because laminates are priced low and have constant updates to their patterns and colors, changing your countertop to match current trends might be simpler than you think.

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Laminate countertops also are quicker and easier to install. Installing ceramic tile on a countertop is not for the faint of heart. Ceramic tile material costs can be even lower than that of laminate. The sheer beauty, amazing selection and durability of stone makes it an excellent choice for your home. Be aware that natural stones like marble, quartz, & granite come at premium prices. Most stone sellers have a remnant yard, and you might just get lucky, finding a piece that can be cut to your cabinet dimensions.

Of course, they do come with the same grout problems mentioned above. Often an expensive option, the acrylics are nevertheless considered sound investments, and as part of more comprehensive kitchen or bath remodels, can increase your home value. Standard widths are the least standard, with sizes starting around 9″ and expanding in 3-inch increments to 60″. Drawer pulls and hinges, for instance, come in many, many styles. Maybe your kitchen cabinets or bathroom ones has an odd configuration, and the standard cabinets just won’t fit. Refacing is the process of replacing doors and drawer fronts, while veneering the cabinet boxes. The layout and structure of your cabinets stay the same; they’re just freshened up with a new, updated look – at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Re-coating or repainting a tired cabinet might make a surprising difference in the look of the room. If you really want to make a big splash with granite countertops, you might want to cut back on the cabinets, maybe just refacing or resurfacing instead of replacing them. Trade-offs can be important when trying to work within your budget.

Laminate also offers more edge choices than other materials and only laminate can be formed into a seamless cove backsplash to keep spills from seeping behind the cabinets. Laminate also is generally easy to clean, and spills like wine and spaghetti sauce come off with little effort. The grout lines in between the tile must constantly be sealed, and even then it’ll tend to attract crumbs and moisture.

Counters made of granite or marble steal the show every time. Another way to save is to go for stone tiles, which can create the rich stone look with half the cost. Recycled glass is a pretty and environmentally friendly option. These can simulate the look of stone and can shape to any surface, even creating sinks that are part of the same piece. Upper cabinets are 30″ high, with those over refrigerators shorter, usually 12-15″. Going with standards sizes may sound like you’re going generic. Chances are, you’ll find something unusual that fits your style.

One size does not fit all, and that also applies to styles and materials. The basic refacing project consists of installing new cabinet door and drawer fronts and covering the exposed face frames of the cabinets with a matching wood or plastic veneer.

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Cast iron also chips easily, and when it does, rust app ears under the glaze. My husband has been looking as well, trying to get ideas, so this is really going to help him out!

It was stained and rusty faucets and it needed bleach everyday to get it clean. I love the look of your farmhouse but we decided to go stainless again…. I have still heard that if you have a belt on — or even the buttons on pants or a shirt, can actually scratch the front of the apron sink. What do you think about the polished marble farmhouse sins?

It already has a couple of scratches because my husband washed some pots.

Not to drop heavy things into it and to use a wire grate on the bottom to help with stains and scratches. Since you wrote this article 3 years ago, are you still loving yours?

And that’s pretty impressive for a house full of boys!

Fireclay sinks are forged at extremely high temperatures, which cause the clay and glaze to unite. Ikea double one and it’s nice but we’ve chipped it in a couple of places – oops!

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I hope someday to have a farmhouse sink in my kitchen! When we moved into this home the light fixtures needed updating but it wasn’t in our budget so my husband spray painted all the main-floor ones… nobody can believe it when we tell them!

I just worry about the possibility of cracking or chipping if a pot bangs into it or something gets dropped into the sink. I have had it almost five years and it still looks brand new, not a single scratch or dent.

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If you are looking for something truly one of a kind, granite is likely what you will gravitate toward. Depending on how high use the countertop is will determine the frequency in which you should seal it. With fully integrated sinks and coving options you can eliminate the maintenance of silicone. With hundreds of patterns, textures and colors there is no doubt you can find the perfect laminate for your project. Laminate is durable, easy to care for and requires no long-term maintenance. Our management come from different backgrounds but all have extensive countertop experience. Starting from the sales process, our staff would love to help you select the perfect countertop for your home. Visit our showroom and speak to a sales professional today to start your countertop journey!

They have actually done 2 jobs for me now, (kitchen and bathroom) and both were done without any issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for new counters.

Granite is a porous material so you will want to seal it to ensure stains do not penetrate the stone. Find your dream countertops in colours and textures that work for your home. This also makes the material easy to maintain and incredibly stain resistant. They have impeccable integration and points of transition – ever wanted to get rid of the silicone around your sink and meeting your backsplash?

With the ability to transfer real digital images onto the decorative paper the capability to mimic natural wood grains or stone patterns is unlike ever before. It is also the most cost effective option for countertop replacements.

Give us your measurements and we will cut it to size and you can do the install.

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Working together as a team, we strive to provide the best countertop experience possible. Our manufacturing team will ensure that the a flawless countertop is made and installed in a timely fashion in your home.

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There are some very expensive stones where you have to buy the slabs and then pay a fabricati on charge. These rumors are circulated by the solid surface industry in an attempt to compete against the stone industry since granite countertops have no disadvantages. A few colors may absorb some moisture after prolonged contact. On light colors if for example, you were to leave a spilled glass of red wine over night, there is a possibility for staining. We recommend you apply an impregnator which closes the microscopic pores making your countertops even more durable. Slicing things on top of the granite will not scratch the granite, however it will dull your knives. Like any solid surface a very high impact hit with something very hard could harm the surface or edge. You do not see them on large pieces because of the mirror like finish. These fissures are not structural defects but are naturally occuring as a result of the immense heat and pressure by which it was formed. All natural stones are a product of nature and would look manmade if they did not have the natural characteristic.

The same color will change from one bundle of slabs to the next. Due to size limitations of the slab, seams are necessary and sometimes unavoidable. We do not want to have more seams than needed, as we spend a lot more time in the fabrication process cleaning up the seams. However we spend a lot of time on our seams and feel we have the best in the insdustry.

The visiblity of the seams depends a lot on the granularity, color and pattern of the stone. The best way to clean granite is to use a natural stone cleaner which we can provide for you. Strong cleaners will not hurt the granite but may break down the impregnator which will result in less durability against staining. You should be more careful using anything other than soapy water or stone cleaners on natural stones other than granite. If it is damaged it can be repaired with a mixture of epoxy and ground up chips. After installation the granite is supported by shims and caulk which hardens and supplies a sold base to set.

Granite is the most durable countertop product on the market. When comparing these to something other than granite, which is so characteristically durable, they are not so bad.

A chemical reaction which removes the polish or roughens the surface occurs. Natural stone that is honed has a matte or satin finish instead of a glossy polish. Honed material has the same characteristics as most matte finishes such as finger prints, or more noticeable glass rings. However, we do not recommend this as it is susceptible to surface changes from kitchen acids. Granite is an igneous rock composed primarily of feldspar, quartz and mica. First you should contact a sales representative who will advise you in selecting a color that is right for your project. On most countertop jobs you pay a square foot price only for the amount used.

When laying out the stone, the layout man will always try to minimize the amount of waste and match veins as close as possible.

There are a lot of rumors that granite countertops are unsafe, harbor harmful bacteria, etc. You must do something out of the ordinary to stain most granite. Usually after it is wiped up, you will see no evidence of the moisture. Some stones are more porous than others, but most are very stain resistant in their natural state.

How To Clean Granite, Marble & Other Natural Stones | Marble.Com | Duration 1 Minutes 49 Seconds

We suggest that you use a cutting board when using electric knives. Again, you must do something very out of the ordinary to damage your granite. We have never had anyone damage the surface of their stone. Granite is crystalline in structure and always has tiny pits or spaces between the various mineral crystals. Granite and marble are a product of nature and have natural color and vein variations. Samples only give you a general idea of the color and vein pattern.

Specifying a placement for a seam could result in an up-charge. Granite can be cleaned with glass cleaners that do not contain ammonia. Clean granite the same as you would glass since it has a glossy finish. It is recommended to impregnate your granite when you notice absorption. The only reason you would develop crack is if the cabinet or structure beneath moved due to settling or improper installation.

Cook-top and sink areas are the weakest places and should not be stood on to change light bulbs, etc. All other natural stones are more susceptible to scratching and staining. If you keep the impregnators on them, they are also very stain resistant. Etching happens when acid in some form, comes in contact with a polished marble or limestone surface. Honed material still has a closed finish but is one step below a polished finish.

Unsealed, some of the more porous stones can be subject to stains.

Quartzite Vs Granite by

You may have also heard reports about quartz counters (quartzite and quartz are often confused) and how well they compare to granite countertops. It’s the latest hot kitchen work surface you may want to consider. It’s simply a metamorphic rock that has been formed from sandstone. Marble, for instance, is also a rock of this type but it has been formed from limestone. In its’ purest form it’s white like marble, but can have impurities in it that lead to some incredible patterns and colors.

The problem is that a lot of people are finding that their countertops are etching when they shouldn’t be. A lot of marble slabs are being mislabeled as quartzite at stone yards.

Quartzite stone countertops can be an incredible addition to your home, but only if they are labeled properly. True quarzite can be hard to find so you’ll need to test some samples with acidic liquids to make sure that what you’re considering is actually what you’re expecting, no matter how convincing the salesperson seems to be. If it’s quartzite it will scratch the glass a very noticeable amount. Unless you are absolutely in love with the look of quartzite, most of us are probably better off purchasing granite. If you’re convinced that quartzite is the right work surface for your kitchen then check out our buyers guide to get the lowest price. Some people have decided that they don’t need to seal their stone but they are simply gambling.

I have a sample of the leathered and polished from a local yard and have run tests on both. I would love to see an actual slab “in person,” not a photo… stone varies so much.

We had it honed and they sealed it when they installed it. Don’t know what you have, but seal it yourself a few times over a few weeks. Not saying you bought lower product, but counter tops are fairly permanent. Anyone have any idea of a product that will help remove these small dots?

I have never, in 30 years, heard of a quartzite named ‘white”. I did a vinegar test and it did clean off even without a seal. You can see runs of quartz in some marble and granite products. They’ll usually be happy to knock a piece off the corner for you. If they aren’t in your area look for someone like them that distributes to the dealers. Again, dealers and fabricators change names to prevent price shopping.

We were looking at a sueded quartz and a leathered quartzite and he was very clear that we would not be happy in time so now we’ll go with a full polish and make sealing it a quarterly job. I can go do the glass test but was just wondering if anyone knew. We have all heard about granite and how gorgeous and durable it is. A metamorphic rock is one that has been altered by pressure deep within the earths crust. Granite, on the other hand, is an igneous rock, which means that it has crystallized and solidified from molten lava. For some people, it’s the on ly surface that they would ever consider due to its incredible beauty and strength. This could be considered as a bullet proof type of worktop that can withstand more wear and tear than most other options. This is happening because they can both share the traditional look of marble but only only one can hold up to damage from acid and other common kitchen hazards. Every day someone buys a slab that they are told can’t be etched only to find out after it’s too late they were duped. You should also do a scratch test with a piece of glass.

You can quickly test the slab by scratching your glass tile against the corner.

It’s more common, the price is usually lower and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. Then you’ll definitely want to take a hard look at it because no other natural stone even comes close. If you’re looking for a beautiful alternative to granite than check out this comparison of granite to quartz. Can anyone give me names of white versions of these two? Coffee left a faint discoloration on the leathered, left on about 30 mins, but not the polished. Afraid of making the wrong choice since this is a big investment. If you have narrow areas behind the sink or cooktop, the product is usually delivered glued on a plywood backing. My husband got some bacon grease in the countertop and it left a mark and it also is leaving water spots although they do dry out after some time. Many granite yards change the name of products so that you cannot “shop”.

I have tried numerous sealers to get this little white dots off and even tried buffing the area but nothing works. One explanation we got is that the stone is actually porous and the sealer that is applied to the surface does not actually seal the cut edges. Just tell them you want to take it home to experiment with color options. Some won’t talk to you without proper credentials — they are not retailers, but they will answer questions if you call and can direct you to the dealers in your area.

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We are very proud of the work we have done in the past and hope that these images will help show the beauty and precision of our stonework. We will help you choose what granite, quartz, soapstone, or marble countertop will look the most beautiful in your home. Our granite experts will bring you the fireplace you always wanted. Here are a few images of bathroom sinks with natural stone countertops. We will work with you to find the appropriate granite slab for your home.

Read more about the beautiful natural stone bathroom work we can do for you . Imagine how exquisite your living room, den, or bedroom could look with the appropriate marble or granite fireplace surround. We understand that having the right sink is important to make a home look good. You can bring your own sink or choose from one of our sink options.

We encourage all of our customers to send us pictures of our work so we can proudly display them in our showroom.

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What are the best products for cleaning and polishing quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops can be permanently stained by some cleaners and household chemicals, so product choice is an important decision. Using granite and marble cleaners on quartz kitchen countertops will guarantee that you’ll never discolor or damage your quartz (well from cleaners anyway). With marble, you have to be much more particular about avoiding acidic foods and drinks than on granite or quartz which won’t readily etch.

It’s mainly cleaners and other household products that you have to be careful with. The main repair difference is that natural stone kitchen co untertops can almost always be repaired or restored by repolishing, but damage to a quartz countertop is often permanent. Granite, on the other hand, is too hard and professional re-polishing is best. Also, severe damage to marble is best repaired by a marble cleaning and maintenance pro. There is no damage or discoloring of dyes or resins with marble, which is the case with quartz countertops. Matching the original factory finish when repolishing quartz kitchen countertops is a challenge. It will keep all normal shower soap film buildup off the quartz tiles so they don’t ever look dull. Makes sense since quartz is manufactured from natural stone.

The main reason is that many common cleaners and household chemicals can permanently stain quartz by discoloring or bleaching the resins. Quartz kitchen countertops can also be refinished or repolished like granite or marble but the process is trickier requiring specific quartz polishing compounds used with diamond polishing pads in sequence.

It is only visible in certain light and has not damaged the shine at all. However, white quartz countertops are the most sensitive and difficult to deal with of all quartz colors. They should have come ready to install with all surfaces polished smooth. If you can locate a pro in your area with a lot of quartz experience you may be able to polish the edges a bit smoother, but generally trying to re-polish quartz doesn’t work. There is no product you can use to restore this type of physical damage to the surface. I have only now read that vinegar shouldn’t be used on quartz. So, if the vinegar happened to remain in contact with the quartz surface long enough, then yes, it may damage and the result would likely be a washed out dullness.

Unfortunately, chemical damage to quartz countertops and tile is usually not repairable. No problem using dish soap around the sink, but using dish soap as your regular cleaner will eventually create a dull soap scum build up. I have read that you said it is in most cases permanent, but is there any product i can use to try to restore the color in any way? The acidic solution likely discolored the resin used to bind the quartz into a countertop. It’s a gamble and not really recommended, but may be worth a test in your case. Typically, this is not at all a problem when installed indoors. The resins in the quartz countertop can be affected by some household products. It does not keep its shiny surface and always looks somewhat smudgy. I really appreciate your expertise on this matter and being so honest that the etch remover will not work on quartz. Quartz countertops are 90% natural stone after, so the best performing and safest products to clean and polish quartz are those made for use on granite and marble. Quartz countertop stains can also occur from some foods like tea or coffee. The topical polish will not repair discoloration, dullness, or any other damage. A different kind of “polishing” discussed below under “repairing quartz countertops”.

But it can still etch when exposed to very strong chemicals or from repeated use, so stone-specific cleaners should still be used. General care, do’s and don’ts do vary a bit between marble, granite and quartz. Acidic foods, drinks, and most chemicals etch marble, which is why marble is not the best choice for a kitchen countertop. Products (including brand-name cleaners) like oven cleaners, lime scale removers, bleach, and acetone can damage quartz by discoloring or bleaching out the resin binding the quartz materials together into a slab. Marble repair can be somewhat different than granite repair and quartz repair can be a lot different. You can do-it-yourself with the correct tools and knowledge. When marble is etched it’s simply a matter of re-polishing the rougher surface back to a smooth, glossy surface. Polishing quartz countertops to repair damage is possible and is basically done in the same fashion as granite using diamond polishing pads on a power tool. It depends on how deep into the resin the chemical damage is. So, when it comes to cleaning and polishing quartz it also makes sense to use products made for quartz & natural stone.

Using granite and marble products to clean and polish quartz countertops will eliminate the risk of cleaner damage.

Pits and chips in quartz can also be repaired just like granite pits by filling with a clear acrylic. Possibly the powder is abrasive enough to dull the finish some. It can be done in some cases, but you need the correct tools specific for repolishing quartz countertops. You may be able to do this on quartz too, but you need someone who has repolished quartz countertops many times before. If you noticed this immediately after cleaning with the vinegar, then this is what happened. It may be permanent, but you could have an experienced quartz fabricator or stone repair pro take a look and see if anything can be done. Any suggestions that really work would be greatly appreciated. Of course, fingers will leave oily smudges as will cooking oils and just food and drinks in general.

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Undermount sinks continue to rise in popularity as they create a sleek, modern appearance that is highly sought after in modern homes. Overmount/drop-in sinks are dropped into a hole in the countertop and sealed along the seam. Spills, food, and other kitchen debris can easily be wiped directly into the sink. They are also deeper than overmount sinks which can make washing dishes easier, especially if you use large cookware. Undermount sinks require a heavier countertop such as granite, marble, soapstone, and concrete to support their weight. A small kitchen should have a small sink so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Large farm sinks have been the rage for years but are now beginning to decline while stone sinks have begun to rise in popularity. Stainless steel is still the most durable and affordable sink material and will remain so for the foreseeable future. This type of sink is installed underneath the countertop and stays in place using a strong adhesive or caulking. Because they don’t have a lip to hold them to the countertop, undermounts take up less counter space.

They cannot be used with laminate or tile as there are too many weak spots for proper support. There is the danger of water leakage should the seal between sink and countertop fail. The edges of the sink protect delicate countertops like marble or quartz from chipping.

If your sink will be installed underneath a window, size it to the window. Heavy stone sinks need to be sealed and treated regularly to maintain their appearance.

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There’s a misconception that repainting or refinishing your cabinets is a poor option. We eliminate the stress of having to vet, locate, and source individual contractors. We don’t just move to the next stage of the project until it has been certified satisfactory by our in-house satisfactory team. Aside from the obvious green or eco-friendly advantage, there is also an advantage of cost.

Asheville and nearby areas has been a service we’ve been rendering for a very long time now. We believe you should enjoy high-quality services and at very affordable prices too. They pay attention to all the instructions you give so as to achieve the desired result in the first attempt. Our professionals know what to do to help you achieve the desired result.

Our approach makes it possible that we only leave when our clients are satisfied. When you decide to refinish, you have less plumbing work to do in the kitchen. Sometimes, the customers may even use their kitchen even while it is been refaced. We don’t consider the job done until you are satisfied, we mean 100% satisfied. Such a place of high importance must look just as you dream it to be. Over the years, we have been working for clients with little to no supervision.

You may be surprised that despite the level of quality our team provides, we still provide such amazing service at the cheapest of prices on the market, it is so because we believe quality services shouldn’t come as a pain in the neck. We are very time conscious and sticking to time isn’t a big deal with us. During the consultation, our main focus is to help guide our clients to the best options that meets both their budget, and aesthetic desires. The demolition process alone can get pricy quick, especially when plumbing and electrical connections are involved. Once the project starts, m ost projects are fully completed within a one week schedule. Elevation has a stellar team of expert craftsman, each one of our team members has been formerly trained and has a minimum of 5 years field experience.

Do you have builders grade, light oak or maple cabinets?

Our network of industry professionals excel in all facets of kitchen & bath remodels. From concept to completion we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Elevation took my very average kitchen and made it extraordinary.

We entertained multiple samples but couldn’t seem to find the right fit. David created the perfect cabinet finish to compliment the granite counters he installed. Our goal was to do something original, something different yet classy at the same time. We work hand in hand with a number of local granite & marble importers, where you can personally select the perfect slab for your kitchen or bath. Our counters are cut to precision, polished to perfection, and professionally installed. We virtually know all finishing materials that suits all the known types of cabinet models. This is a group of perfectionists who will stop at nothing in achieving the perfect result. We are experts in the field and know just what to do, not only to save cost, but also to deliver the best of services. We are out to satisfy you and help make your kitchen look the way you love it. It is almost impossible to beat our very competitive prices in the market today with the quality of work we deliver.

When (or if) you are not satisfied, which almost never happens, we stay back to revise the project to make sure it reaches the level, standard or quality expected of it. We don’t believe people should part with their hard earned money and not get value for their money, so if you are not satisfied with our job, we’d stay back, till its right. Bringing the best out of every situation even when under pressure. We do not leave your home until you are completely satisfied with our services. This consultation is mission critical as it sets the tone to the overall success of the project. Each project presents it’s own set of challenges, measurements, etc., and each project is quoted on an individual basis. Once the proposal is accepted, a 50% deposit will secure your position in our schedule que.

In some cases we may be able to accelerate you’re project depending upon the current work load. What hurts is completing a project to the end and finding out that’s really not what you wanted to begin with.

Descriptions such as “rustic”, “contemporary” or “old world” can leave a lot of room for interpretation.

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This natural “wonder stone” is finally getting the attention its’ long deserved. The better educated one is on all surface possibilities, the more likely the chance they will choose soapstone countertops. It has a very warm – soft feeling to the touch, but is denser than granite. If you are looking for a pleasing, quiet, and beautiful countertop, soapstone is your best choice. As we always watch and see changes and trends in the stone industry, we’re very glad to see the upcoming popularity and revitalization of soapstone. When it comes to choosing an adequate surface for a countertop, soapstone certainly meets and exceeds many good attributes that should be addressed in making the choice. For toughness against permanent stains of “any kind” and heat, nothing beats soapstone. The talc in the stone gives the soft feeling but the stone itself is impervious to being saturated with any type of chemical, food, juice, wine etc. If the surface becomes discolored, it’s only on the surface and can be removed with steel wool or sandpaper.

Drilax™ 5 Pcs Diamond Drill Bit Set 3 4″ 1″ 1 1 4″ 1 1 by

You can drill through thicker materials with our tools. All you need is to keep the drill bit in place until it makes the initial marks. You can manually guide the drill bit with wet sponge. Roll a half-inch thick “snake” and press it firmly to the surface to be drilled. As the angled bit began creating a groove in the surface, he was able to straighten the drill back up. The heavy foam sleeve the drill bits come in is actually a perfect template – just clamp the sleeve down over the spot you wish to drill, and you’re good to go!

Be advised the water clouds with powder from the glass and you can’t see how the drilling is going. I used advice of some other reviewer and cut a same size hole in a 2×4 with a spade bit. Anyways these worked and should keep working for several more projects as they don’t get used in my arsenal every day.

These bits cut through plastic as easily as a knife cuts through butter. Only after you have mastered this procedure should you proceed with your actual project.

Took just a little time to go through the granite completely. I don’t know how many times it would go through a granite countertop but my guess would be at least several more before it wears out. Clamped that to the tile to stabilize the bit and filled hole with water. I added water twice while drilling tile that is 10 mm thick. You can use it as a guide to keep the hole saw in position. Shank sizes vary, maximum shank is 3/8″ – suitable for all common electric drillers. Shank sizes vary but the largest shank is 3/8″ – common electric or rechargable drillers can be used. Electroplated diamond coating will wear off if the tool gets too hot.

This drill bit guide will secure on the surface and position the diamond drill bit. My husband started with the drill at a slight angle because when he tried to drill straight down, the blade danced a bit. Be sure to pull out the hole saw and flush the cut with water. Worked like a charm, and barely wore any drill material off after drilling through 1 inch stone!

Second, it’s best to use a template when starting your hole. Third and finally, go slow, let the tool do the work, and you’ll be through your stone or glass in no time. I think having a helper either poor more water to clear the cloud or have continuous water flow would ensure a more exact cut. Begin the test cut with the bit at a slight obtuse angle to the hole you wish to generate and hold onto your drill strongly, because if you don’t the bit will jerk away from its initial position and begin to cut holes in the wrong places. For the price you get several bits and it is less than some of the other single bits offered. Note, the water runs out of the holes quickly but you only need a little to minimize the chipping.

Amazon: Tenax Ager Color Enhancing Granite Sealer Marble Sealer and Stone Sealer by

Once it dries it will give your stone total protection against stains!

Made sure the countertop and edges were evenly coated (you can tell because if it isn’t coated evenly there will be lighter spots and darker spots). We were apprehensive at first because we did not want to damage the factory polish – we really just needed to seal it. We had noticed and read about how the granite edges typically show lighter shades from the top.

Let it sit on the stone for 5-15 minutes before taking paper towels and just wiping it once (do not scrub/buff it off yet)3. The odor only lasts a few minutes, just be sure to ventilate. Drying time is longer than stated but now my countertops look like new. I purchased special furniture style vanities that came with undermount sinks installed in black absolute granite. It had been around a year and the counter needed to be sealed anyway.

This product really made the granite colors pop and evened out the color on the sides. The darker colors started to turn a bit grey which didn’t look bad but we preferred the original brownish colors. I was not prepared for the amount of finger prints and random spots it showed.

Corian Vs Marble Vs Granite by

You must be careful with hot pots and pans, for sure. Funny, my grandmother’s house was originally built with wood kitchen floors and marble countertops (old farmhouse). They were in her opinion too old fashioned, in lieu of “easy care” laminate countertop and linoleum. I installed granite counters and almost considered keeping the wood flooring!

It’s very serviceable and inexpensive enough that if you do damage it or get tired of the color, it’s reasonable to make a change every few years if you care to. But it seems so wasteful to put so many thousands of dollars into something that provides minimal benefit over formica.

The only thing about the stone counter that tempts me is that it might improve the resale value of the house. I think it was associated with some kind of remodeling contractors association. But she also said that something high value like granite can be a turn off if it is a particularly “striking” pattern because people are hesitant to rip it out and replace it.

You have to reseal it every couple of years, but you can cut on it, put hot pans on it and more. She explained why she chose it, how she got it done and how to care for it. It looks like one of those things that will acquire a distinctive “patina” with age and use. I was thinking of switching to, and hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction. Corian countertops and an integrated sink that is bullnosed.

Black soapstone would work, too, and even if the sink couldn’t be integrated as well, it could still be undermounted. After using my (black) formica countertop for 20 years, it is just now beginning to show a trace of wear in the space between the sink and stove where it gets the most use.

The only maintenance appears to be wiping down occasionally with food grade mineral oil. The jetties that stick out into the gulf at inlets to bays is made of big chunks of it. I can’t think of a “sealer” that would add anything to granite but goop. However, aside from the ugly-assed floor, the kitchen looks great and is very functional. The counters are currently a very nice dark grey concrete w/ little flecks of colored stone in them; the same concrete was used for the fireplaces in my dining and living rooms. I saw it in a showroom and thought the idea of having a no seam at all into the sink was amazing. Subway tiles or nice handcrafted tiles on the backslash would also fit. I pour something on, spread it around, and let it dry for a half-hour. But the soapstone idea sure seems to be a fit with your architecture.


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