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Caesarstone is a trendy countertop option that is not only beautiful, but also easy to maintain. The material is almost indestructible and is more impact-resistant than natural stone. Given that you’re dealing with an expensive and heavy piece of stone, most homeowners want to ensure that beautiful countertop makes it into the kitchen or bathroom in one, solid piece. Fortunately, like any countertop material, there are ways to ensure your countertop installation cost falls on the lighter end. These often cost more because of their odd shape and are more difficult to install.If there are corners, stairs or other obstacles in the way, you might pay a little more for the hassle of getting it inside, especially if the countertop has to be modified just to get it into your kitchen. You can choose from polished – the glossy option, honed – which is a matte option, and textured. Therefore, choose a surface that makes sense with your décor. As said in the intro, this counter contains approximately 93% quartz, with the other 7% composed of resins and pigments to give it unique colors. Since they’re practically indestructible, you will certainly avoid costly countertop repairs down the line. Given their hardiness and variety of colors, there’s no limit as to where you can install these beautiful surfaces.Countertops in kitchens, bathrooms and other work areas get exposed to numerous hazards. Caesarstone is also chosen because of the durable, non-penetrable surface that is easy to clean. Finally, installing such a high-end counter will certainly increase the value of your home. Finally, engineered quartz tends to generate air pollution (not a green counter) and does not offer the depth of color and appearance that 100% natural stone provides. Additionally, the manufactured stone countertops can be created to a precise standard, unlike the natural variations that occur in granite. Installing tile or laminate counters is not a difficult project. Beyond the dilemma of getting the large stone slab into your kitchen or bathroom, you have to ensure your cabinets or base can hold the weight. Not only will you have the piece of mind that comes with a pro handling your expensive countertop, but should anything happen, the replacement cost is on them. Caesarstone countertops are created from engineered quartz stone and typically have about 93% natural quartz. Caesarstone thicknesses are typically 20mm and 30mm or between ¾” and 1 ¼”. A flat edge with a rounded corner is standard and will save you money, but you can also choose between bullnose, ogee, bevel and square. In some cases, the cost of installation can be affected by how difficult it is to get the counter into the room. Caesarstone prices do not fluctuate much based on surface finish. Unlike other counters, the resins are poured into a mold and subjected to 100 tons of pressure. Hot dishes, sharp knives, hair products, tools and heavy items can all scratch or stain a lesser counter. This reduces much of the care that other high-end counters often require. Usually soap, water and a mild cleanser are the only things necessary to maintain the original luster and appearance of the quartz. While you shouldn’t worry about damage, given its strength, a written guarantee is always nice to have. Despite being very durable, the surface is not impervious to damage. Therefore, don’t leave hot dishes on the counter for too long. Both countertop options are on trend and are huge upgrades to the likes of tile or laminate. If you don’t seal granite counters, it can absorb spills and won’t look as good as the day you installed. Both counters come in a wide range of colors, but there are decorators and homeowners who prefer to use only natural ingredients. In fact, if you scratch and edge or add an inch off the side, it won’t cost much to repair or replace. If not, you may not only ruin your brand new counter, but your base cabinets as well.

Choosing Quartz Countertops: A Review and Options by dahliasanddimes.com

I pictured a clean white countertop with light gray veining. As of the last few years, the quartz industry has seen a massive boom. Since quartz is man-made, the manufacturers can set the prices competitively. This is great if you’re looking for more of a solid, simple color choice. Though marble is very high-end and sought after, it’s extremely porous, non-flexible, and not in many people’s budget. It is also non-porous, which makes it incredibly hypoallergenic. All you need to do to care for quartz is simply wipe it off with a gentle cleaning agent and rag or sponge. I bet prices will go down within the next couple of years! It can be a little pricey, depending on ones budget, but it really is beautiful on countertops! As you said, quartz is a great option due to its durability and scorch and scratch resistance. On the other hand, it would be nice to close a door to hide the mess at the end of the day. It’s not necessarily something you want to skimp on if you can. It takes the most wear of any other surface in your kitchen, so you also need it to incredibly durable. That was a good place for me to start because it really limited my choices. I knew very little about quartz because granite has been king for years. It’s durable, hypoallergenic, and uniform in color, which are all huge selling points for today’s consumer. That’s why new quartz colors or popular styles are often much more expensive than basic options. The ever so popular white styles will range on the higher end of that average since it is so popular right now. Each slab is engineered with the same pattern, so you’re two slabs will pretty much be identical. So, if you’re going for the marble look but have a young family or limited budget, quartz might be your best option. Though this is a highly-desired feature, one of the most popular one is its flexibility. This feature renders this stone as one of the best long-term options. We want to find the right color and texture that will be both functional and stylish for our home. It was well worth the splurge due to its style and durability. I personally find it more pointless than any other social media. These simple additions now gives this long narrow hallway character and somehow makes it feel so much larger. I love most about our home is having a space for my daughter to use her imagination, explore her creativity, and run in circles in an area that’s open to our family room. For those of you who missed it, here’s a sneak peek until my tutorial post comes out next week.Day to me is not just a single day of love, it’s a reminder to show people love every day of the year. You all really have the best suggestions and ideas! Though that doesn’t mean desiring something different while we wait makes us ungrateful. It’s not in our budget right now to pull up all the flooring and lay down beautiful hardwoods, but one day we will. It takes times, savings, and being thankful for what we have in the meantime.
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