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Add some extra plants to the porch or the entryway, paint the door. A few extra shelves in a blank space can make a big difference. While you’re selling, stash the majority of your specifically personal heirlooms to make the space feel a little more like a blank slate. Painting the interior frames and transoms will make the window look bigger and more modern. Ask your realtor what people are looking for, then do those things. They are a treasure trove of knowledge about what people are looking for at the same time you are selling, and they want to make the sale just as much as you do. This trick lets you cover up a thermostat or alarm with just a canvas portrait and some hinges. Go through all the things your pickiest buyer will have checked, and make sure there aren’t any surprises.

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Take advantage of unclaimed wall or corner space with open shelves to keep dishes, spices, and cookware within easy reach. If you frequently entertain, consider mounting a wine rack next to cabinetry. A wooden floor should be polished once a year, and every four to six months in high-traffic areas of the home. Before starting, thoroughly clean the fireplace to loosen grime. Choose a high-gloss paint to give your fireplace a beautiful look that lasts. Outfit your entryway with function and flair using a do-it-all storage system. This amazing solution fits in even the smallest of entryway spaces and provides phenomenal storage. Successfully light a room by creating layers of light with task, accent, and ambient lighting. Here, a whimsical chandelier makes a statement above the kitchen sink and provides a practical light source for prep and cleanup. Maximize your closet capacity and cut the clutter with easy, affordable ideas that work for your routine and your stuff. Before starting your project, make sure your undersink space is large enough to accommodate a water filter system. Boost your blank wall’s style and storage capacity with a modular shelving unit. A beaded-board backsplash keeps this white kitchen fresh and livable. Whether you’re replacing old trim or starting fresh, you can transform a room with trim in a weekend. For a classic, custom look, layer pieces of crown molding around entryways and ceilings. Store bottles and beverage glasses on open shelves for easy access while entertaining. Use drawers and cabinets below to store serving trays, utensils, and linens. A three-bag laundry sorter encourages organization as a daily routine. A new thermostat will be mercury-free and more energy-efficient than an old manual thermostat and can be purchased at local home improvement centers. Deck and outdoor lighting adds safety and beauty to alfresco spaces and allows you to enjoy time outside well past sunset. Embellish plain shelves with decorative brackets to add personality. Frame your front door surround with millwork, and paint it to coordinate it with your home exterior. Enlist the help of furniture to perform double duty as a bench and shoe caddy. Watch and learn how you can recreate the storage system at home. An interesting pendant, sconce, or chandelier instantly boosts a room’s sophistication. Before rushing off to the store for a new closet organizer, measure your closet space, take an inventor y of what’s being stored, and consider your current and future lifestyle. Even better, you can easily install a water filter without hiring a professional. Various books and display pieces add colorful interest to white shelves in this small-space living room. Entryway details can make a lasting impression on guests and give your exterior a distinct personality. If you have carpet in high-humidity areas of your home, carpet cleaning will also help prevent mold and mildew growth. Beaded-board backsplashes, as well as tile backsplashes, are easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional. Give your home a complete look for less with affordable, off-the-rack moldings from a local home improvement center. Create natural beauty and texture along your front walkway with an assortment of stout perennials. You can also free up shelf space by outfitting the underside of a shelf with hanging storage for wine glasses. Divided shelves and a combination of shallow baskets, bins, and photo organizers help the space stay organized. To learn how to install a bathroom vent fan, see our step-by-step guide.

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Paint the strips of molding between each panel of wallboard. Remember to paint the ceiling as well, which may have become dingy or water-stained. You can highlight your stove area with a neutral rug. When choosing upholstery, opt for plain colors over prints to make the area look spacious. You can either purchase blinds to match the color them or tint your windows to prevent excess light from coming in. Buy cabinets that are lightweight and suit your theme, such as honey-colored or light oak. Remove your cabinet doors and replace them with frosted or plain glass for a stylish look. You can even use faux marble contact paper to give it a stylish look. Whether you opt to position your mobile home in the woods or in a semi-permanent park, decorate it to fit your style and preferences. White works well in most homes, giving a crisp, spacious appearance. You can always remove the paneling, but doing so is time-consuming and might ruin the walls. Simple white paint on the ceiling will brighten the appearance of the room and make it look fresh and clean. Throw rugs enhance the appeal of tiny spaces, so keep a few around. Do not use drapes or heavy curtains on your windows; lighter materials are better. If you want to keep you current cabinets, apply several coats of simple white paint to give them a fresh look. Decorate walls with old pictures or mounted prints to create a warm, inviting look.


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