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Porcelain tile flooring and a barn door accent completes the project. Peaceful views from the balcony overlooking pool and golf course, built-in wet bar area plus additional bookshelves and cabinetry for storing all your fun stuff. Spacious open family and dining rooms enjoy amazing views of backyard and pool. Plus a gameroom that will be your favorite place to hang out.

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I would like to leave this blog up as so many people seem to have enjoyed it. I want to thank each and every visitor, both to my blog and those who made their way to visit us to see it in person. Not a real problem, unless the power is off for more than a few hours. Exceed this and the pump protection system shuts the pump down for a half-hour to allow it to cool off. So armed with these reasons and a couple thousand dollars, we went to work. We settled on the area where we were going to build the hydroponic greenhouse (before we decided to sell).It is common practice here to lay blocks, but don’t connect them at the corners. We stripped the corner forms and made forms for a beam that went around all four sides of the structure. The guys mixed the concrete, and we set up a relay to get the concrete to the roof. They have a wonderful time darting in and out of the plants on their way to and from the bananas. Soon, bees will arrive to take the nectar that the hummingbirds leave behind; their buzzing is very loud and reaches a crescendo in the heat of mid-afternoons. Many of the local workers here may not have a lot of book learning, but they know the wildlife and the subtle rhythms of the seasons. She has been taking care of the home of someone who had recently died, and she lost the keys! I climbed through the window, removed the screws from the two deadbolt locks, and opened the door. Our car needed new wiper blades anyway, and a few bucks bought a handful of saw blades. Locks are his hobby and he enjoys figuring out the puzzle of each lock he touches. I spread the shoot over a couple days to get the sun at its best advantage. To save you from me imposing my music choice on you, there is no sound. I am happy to report that not one single bird has even come close to colliding with the glass! Perhaps it will be like a book up on the shelf, ready to be pulled down and perused by someone who stumbles across it. A few weeks ago, a neighbor set a small fire of yard debris, then left for his house in the city. We didn’t have enough water pressure so it was slow going. Had we not acted, lots of pine and palm trees would have burned, plus all our properties were in danger. And with no power to the water pump, there is no water at our house. By having a reserve tank, we can use two-or-three hoses or sprinklers at once. We formed a welded rebar armature that fit in the form work and made a good strong base for the tank. At the end of today, day ten of the project, we have all four walls plastered. Left yet to do is to form and pour the roof and then plaster the walls outside of the tank. This has been a lot of work, but the results are handmade pieces of art that will be a reminder of memories from years ago. Then each of those rounded pre-fired pieces were glue tacked onto a plain piece of glass, then fired in the kiln to fuse the pieces together. We’ve covered this stump in bromeliads and orchids, and nesting birds have made the tree a bird condominium. Small reddish-brown doves peck in the freshly-tilled garden and finish off the banana peels that fall to the ground. Because we are in a micro-climate zone, our mango schedule is quite different from down in town or just down the mountain road a few kilometers. Oropendula birds live in the tree and will pelt you with these pods when you walk under the tree. I did a survey of the exterior of the house and decided to remove the security bars on a small bathroom window (the window was small, and so was the bathroom, come to think about it). They can be had for twenty-bucks, or a high-quality set for under a hundred. By the way, if you are the least bit interested in how insecure most of the locks that most of us use, here is a video by a man named bosnianbill. Bosnianbill is part of an international group of people who consider lock picking a grand sport. I have completed a seven-minute video of the exterior of the house! Until recently, gimbals were only used in big movie productions and cost many thousands of dollars. A handheld gimbal allows a video photographer to walk over rough ground, climb stairs, and even run, and the gyros in the gimbal keep the camera stable.

Panama City Granicrete Co. | Duration 51 Seconds I use it this way as our car dashcam because the power cable fits better on the right. I still have a couple small tasks to do — install an electrical plug, tie some wires up under the house, install a plumbing vent — but everything is all but done.

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Their installers called ahead, were on time, and came with extra help to haul the nearly 4′ x 8′ island and all of our new countertops into our home, and they did not even bump the door. They are a small business, so they rely on word of mouth business, and customer service. But the seam between the stones is unsatisfactory and should be repaired. I will gladly pay someone else to fix whatever may be wrong with my countertops. Everything was cut correctly, fit correctly, and it was all done in two hours.

Emerald Coast Fabrication Robotic Countertop Fabrication Panama City Beach, Florida Granite | Duration 1 Minutes 5 Seconds I paid this firm for a custom granite counter top install over two weeks ago. I understand unexpected problems and delays, but will not tolerate being lied to. Apparently the sub had told the business owner to communicate this to me, which of course he did not. During that conversation, the owner was extremely rude and insulting, to say the very least. They eventually showed up, hours (and days) late for no articulable reason. The owner was aggressive and not apologetic on the telephone.

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Many professionals use our collections for various applications. We proudly collect a considerable high volume of jobs and frequent clients that continuously return to us in addition to be always putting our name out there. Vinegar and lemon all contain more acid than is safe for granite. Therefore, our company is enable to always offer our clients the best and most beautiful natural stones in the world. Our serious and hard work, capacity and competence make us stand out in the competitive market. He is a man of character and integrity and treats his customers with honesty and respect. Spray the solution onto the granite, allow it to sit for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Although granite is an extremely tough surface, it is susceptible to acidic formulas, which eat away its surface.

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Whether you have quartz, granite or marble in mind for your countertops, you will get the finest collection of both domestic and imported stones from us.Our business and work are dedicated to the total satisfaction of our customers. We make sure every detail of our work is of the highest quality. When you are ready to select the countertops for your kitchen or bath, call us for an estimate. We look forward to working with and with you! This ensures that our work will enhance the beauty of your project. Our goal is to enhance and increase the value of your home. Our countertops are not just for show, they will always offer the highest level of efficiency as well! We offer competitive prices, and we will always be punctual and respectful of your home or work area. That is why you can be sure to find a wide variety of materials with fine finishes. Aside from our quality products, it is our dedication to personalized service that separates us from our competitors.

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