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This is problematic, however, as white marble has a tendency to stain and show etch marks. Therefore, the best way to achieve the look and style of a white kitchen is to use white quartz countertops instead. Traditionally, many people chose to use white marble for their kitchens.

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36 Inspiring Kitchens With White Cabinets And Dark Granite | Duration 2 Minutes 1 Seconds The two are also combined in these kitchens in marble islands, making a bold statement right in the middle of the kitchen. Some intentionally create a cool industrial style and others present in a warm and welcoming fashion. The natural lighting, coupled with the light pine wood floors keeps the look light and airy. The minimalist look combines slate grey cabinets and island with a chrome finish base. Taupe, white, and grey color the cabinets and the amazing built in surrounding the appliances has a textured appearance. The look is completed with a marble backsplash and smoked oak flooring. Window front cabinets are featured on top and can be used to display china. The home makes good use of the combined space and little touches like gold metal chairs and a striped rug over the grey floors give the room character. Touches of orange were added on the shelves to warm up the look. A white island sits atop maple wood bases and houses the cooktop. Unusual pendant lightnig and yellow chairs add interest in the room. Slate grey counters and island shelves provide a spot for displaying accessories, books, or dishware. The grey cabinets are coupled with white ceramin countertops and a white and grey brick look backsplash. Slate gray cabinets and countertops work well against the light flooring and diagonal windows. Combined with the light pine floors and pedestal table, the look is less industrial and more modern sleek. Commercial type grey cabinets and drawers are used and the island features a butcher block bar.

White Granite Kitchen Countertops Ideas | Duration 5 Minutes 53 Seconds White tile, skylights, and sliding glass doors add natural light. The stainless steel in the hardward extends to the legs of the table and chairs. A brick look grey tile backsplash accent the white cabinets with pewter hardware. The look is picked up in the backsplash and works well with the white cabinets. Do check out our post on marble kitchens if you like this kind of look. The hues can cover walls, countertops, floors, and cabinets. Blend the two together for a look of understated sophistication. The hardware, textiles, and lighting complete these looks with perfection. The low backsplash gave this homeowner a place for accessories, leaving more countertop workspace. The off-white cabinets provide ample storage space and seem to conceal the refrigerator to the right. Even the wall has joined the act, with dark grey paint and a grey ringed kitchen clock. Sliding glass doors give the room natural light and stand opposite a grey and creme brick wall. The utility handle on the white tile backsplash offers functionality. Tucked under the bar are round seat contemporary counter stools. The high gloss backdrop carries on the grey look as does the speckled tile. The locker style grey and white cabinets to the right serve as a large pantry. A white wall with black backsplash and counter serve as a backdrop to this white and grey kitchen. Touches of wood appear in the cabinet under the island and the warm pine wall apron above the cooktop. While you expect the normal bit of greenery in the kitchen to come from small individual indoor herb planters, this kitchen eschews that for a dramatically huge one. The white countertops really help this room to not get too heavy. The half moon seats on the barstools add a touch of wood in the room.

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I noticed that the faucets, draw pulls, and fixtures weren’t matchy-matchy. Would having a slightly darker gray cabinets in kitchen be too much gray? Un hermoso contraste con la isla de cocina en madera sólida y encimera de mármol.

White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 6 Seconds Buying all new cabinets… not sure wheather to buy plain white or get the grey glaze? It sounds like you have some beautiful materials picked out! My personal feeling, though, is that white cabinets will have greater longevity than glazed, but that’s just my opinion. I guess people are changing this up now by intermixing the brown and the brushed nickel? The good part is that you can adjust style with small tweaks like paintings or colored plates.

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I wonder whether the black appliances break up the lines in this small space? The appliance on the left (perhaps a trash compactor) is an odd size and the handle to the side, so either switch the handle to the top, like the other appliance, or make it look like another white cabinet. Any idea what type of marble is used in this kitchen? A black fridge would be a a big black hole and a choppy nightmare. In the photo the floor seems to be the wrong color (should be gray and white) but it might just be the photo. The space has a bit of a commercial / industrial feel to it w/ the pendants, stove, and faucet. The black gives it an edge and weighs down the rest of the room. Too big a leap perhaps and would have worked better with black elsewhere as well. The flooring in this kitchen doesn’t fit into this space in any manner. I wish they had scaled back on the glass door fronts so that this one door could have been more concealed amongst other full door front and not seem so out of place! I could see the black appliances working with a tile that had some black in it somewhere to tie it all in, but this just looks odd to me. The black and white with gray accents from the marble all flows so well. I would have gone with stainless minor appliances and then kept the range black to make it really pop! If this photo were more staged there would probably be darker items behind the glass but overall, it works. Back balcony is looking good thanks to partner @cementtileshop! I also thought tiling the balcony floor would make a fun trend moment in the house. So happy with the way this little bit of personalization makes this outdoor space work. I would probably not have used the black ovenhood b/c its the only bit of black floating above eye level but its hardly a deal killer for me. The second distraction to a beautiful kitchen is the hood, it really stands out, being the only black thing up there, definitely give it a cover up with white double trim and plywood painted white. Being relatively evenly set apart (the black blocks) doesn’t help, especially with everything so busy. The refrigerator and stove alone create a better percentage of accent color without chopping up the room. The black appliances dress it up a bit and add some drama; while also providing balance and adding weight. I would have added some stainless panels to the hood making it blend better with the range. I like the concept of matching appliances, but my home was built in 1964 and everything is an odd size. This is fine however the black of the appliances isn’t brought into a happy marriage with the other components. The cabinet over the sink could have been the same size as the remaining cabinets and a different faucet shuld have been installed. The backsplash does not work in this space and the floor should have been a black and white tile to complete the impact of the cabinets to appliances. I love glass fronts, but because of the bump out in the corner, an odd full door piece has to nestle its way into the corner. Perhaps if the backsplash weren’t grey and white (which seems to beg for stainless steel appliances. I usually prefer stainless steel but in this case, the black is a nice contrast! We built this massive arch between the dining and kitchen where there used to be a tiny door only! Did the two toned cabinetry thing and the farmhouse sink from @kohler. Will share details about this room and the whole house over the coming weeks!

Kitchen Designs White Cabinets Black Countertops | Decorating Picture Solutions For Modern | Duration 3 Minutes 50 Seconds You should see the balcony now with a little seating and some plants added in. I picked this quatrefoil tile pattern because it compliments the home’s architectural style and colors. The lights and the art look so good now that the house is furnished.

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A stainless steel pharmacist’s cabinet fashioned into an island is topped with honed blue limestone. You can never go wrong decorating with what you love! Two oak corbels with burl inlays support each of the four corners. This handsome kitchen opens to a great room and an adjoining breakfast room. The raised island also shields the great room’s views of dirty dishes. White woodwork, cabinetry, and backsplash tiles provide classically neutral good looks. The elegant refrigerator cabinet is character butternut with a burnished bronze finish, while the island is crafted from hand-scraped walnut with a granite countertop. Bar stools with cream-colored backs and seats offer comfortable perches for homework or casual dining. Plus, the maple cabinets, concrete countertops, and stainless-steel appliances command attention without detracting from the lush landscape outside the wall of windows. A rugged marble-topped island with old wood legs comfortably shares space with modern stainless-steel cabinets and appliances. And we love looking down at the magnificent “rug” on the floor that’s actually an ornate tile mosaic. And the massive pot rack hovering over the island is an architectural marvel. Custom cabinets are built with certified sustainable lumber. Whether your style is sophisticated or rustic—or your color preference is for earthy neutrals, cheery brights, or gleaming white—you’ll find not only loads of inspiration but also practical ideas here from some of our favorite kitchens. Cabinets and trim painted a deep charcoal contrast with the marble countertops and backsplash. Windows on each side of the range and transoms above the hood invite sunlight. Vintage church light fixtures and hand-forged iron straps were combined to make a distinctive and functional pot rack and light source. A two-level island allows for seating at one end , so guests and family members can chat with the cook. Plus, we love the transparency of the open shelves flanking the vent hood and the contrast between the stools’ luscious tan upholstery against the cool gray island. A decorative painter layered custom-mixed gold-toned paints on the walls, then combed the damp paint to create a subtle crosshatch pattern. Weathered nickel hardware and champagne-silver painted accents on the cabinets give the room a touch of glitz. Warm white accents make a creamy backdrop for all of the rich wood tones throughout the space. And the vaulted ceiling and gargantuan chimney hood take our breath away. The range hood is made from a plasterlike material that was finished to look like concrete (but without the corresponding weight). We love looking up at the plaster-relief medallions and deep crown moldings that add detail to the ceiling. And we admire the mirrored doors in a central shelving unit because they look like muntined glass, but actually conceal a dumbwaiter and stairs to the basement. Reclaimed hickory floors are accented with colorful antique rugs. Premium natural materials such as marble, pewter, and oiled wood were added to the mix.

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However, with just a little bit of planning and effort you can make your favorite laundry room ideas come to life. If you still have room to spare, consider what else the area can be used for, and set aside corners, cabinets or shelves for other purposes. Making it a one-stop shop will ensure that all your chores get done at once — no excuses! If you have a smaller home, using your utility room for multiple purposes is a great space-saving technique. It also easily transitions into a mudroom, where you can store extra shoes, sports equipment and winter clothing. With plenty of laundry room decorating ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you. There is even an area to relax for your pet under the counter in the padded cabinet. The addition of storage, a sink or even some simple decor can turn an utility room into an enjoyable multipurpose space. After you purchase your washer and dryer, think about installing some built-ins for your cleaning necessities. Once all the functional aspects are out of the way, you can finally incorporate those unique laundry room decorating ideas to complete the makeover and liven up those mundane chores. To ensure that you deal with clothes right away, give yourself a table nearby the washer for folding, a pull-out drying rack for hanging and a hidden ironing board for crisply ironed clothes. Because it often has an utility sink, it naturally is a great place to feed and bathe your furry friends. One of the best laundry room ideas for larger spaces is to use it as a small office — it can be a drop station for mail, cell phones and keys and even function as a craft or wrapping station. Because there isn’t typically a lot of counter space to spare, take advantage of your walls when decorating. Think of your storage containers as laundry room decor too; find bins, baskets and hangers with fun patterns and colorful fabrics to bring life to the space.


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