3 Tier Magazine Holder

Holds a ream and a half of both legal or letter sized literature. These three-tier magazine racks are sturdily constructed of smoke-tinted polycarbonate with black steel frames to withstand the bumps of travel. Best of all, each countertop magazine display folds up to the perfect angle for viewing, then folds back down into a compact shape for easy packing.

Countertop Digital Sign Display With Magazine Holder by displays2go.com

Use this digital display with magazine holder to inform customers in a bus terminal and hold schedule brochures, or to educate visitors at a museum and offer maps and guidebooks.If no background is used, screen brackets will be visible through the clear acrylic. Instructions for submitting your artwork/graphics are provided within the guides.

Countertop Magazine Holder by brochureholdersnow.com

The front of the literature display has a notch to make it easier for clients or customers to grab what’s inside. The acrylic business fixture is compact and won’t take up much room anywhere it is placed. They can be placed anywhere easily given they stand straight up and have a slot for the papers.
Veggietales Rack Shack & Benny Countertop Scene 2 Feb 25 2010 | Duration 3 Minutes 7 Seconds The holder for businesses is great for holding important leaflets or other reading materials in waiting rooms or reception areas.

Retail Card and Literature Stands by ebay.com

Pockets are horizontal (7×5″ cards), 36 pockets are vertical (5×7″ cards). Use for contests, raffles, elections, employee suggestion box. Quantities displayed depends on the thickness of the publications. This newspaper rack, newspaper stand has wire steel and is sturdy enough to hold many newspapers without bending. Are you looking to keep pamphlet or literature material safe from harsh weather? Then, use a premium micro-fiber cloth with soapy water to clean the entire surface area. Clear, unbreakable unit mounts on wall (screws not included) or stand on flat surfaces. The pockets on this counter brochure holder are 25″w x 2-1/2″d x 5-1/2″h to display copious amounts of promotions.

Wood Countertop Magazine Holders by displays2go.ca

Our wood countertop magazine holders are no exception. Small enough to be placed on counters or tables, they keep waiting rooms and other public areas neat and organized. Many people like to bring magazine/catalog pockets with them to trade shows, job fairs, and other traveling events. These styles can be easily assembled and disassembled to fit inside a carry-on bag. Thanks to their larger size, they can be used for many other applications. Many customers have reviewed our wooden literature holders and state what a difference real wood adds to the overall presentation. In these cases, displaying reading materials in pockets built to resemble furniture sounds only natural. A well-known hardwood, this abundant species is the most widely used material for furnishings and flooring. What can these wooden tabletop literature displays do for you and your business? Clear acrylic stops help keep your reading materials in place while providing a clear view of the literature displayed. Rotating models display the most amount of magazines with 8 individual pockets. For more every-day applications, tabletop literature holders made from steel wire offer practical function over form — at low, low prices! 3 Tier Magazine Holder

Plastic Countertop Magazine Holders by displays2go.ca

The letter size booklet stands feature promotional materials on reception desks, trade show booths, and fundraiser tables. Ideal for church tabletops, office desktops, or event counters, the catalog stands are easy for patrons to see. Why just feature promotional literature when a company’s logo can go alongside it? Browse more of our custom printed acrylic literature displays for more personalized literature racks. Countertop magazine holders with adjustable pocket dividers can also feature tri-fold brochures. Smaller magazine holders will fit on crowded front desks and small trade show booths. Simply disassemble the four or five pieces into a flat stack and pack it up into a bag. Browse plastic countertop magazine holders with additional options to meet your organization’s marketing needs. Plastic countertop magazine holders with custom printing build brand presence. These countertop magazine holders are made for common booklet sizes.

Veggietales Rack,Shack And Benny Opening Countertop Remake | Duration 2 Minutes 3 Seconds Choose adjustable tabletop booklet racks for marketing with a mix of promotional materials. Freestanding shelving takes up valuable floor space while wall mounts require installation. Some models are made from interlocking panels for easy transportation. Bring your print media to events without having to lug around a large floor stand that has more pockets than you need!

Magazine Holders by staples.com

With plenty of open slots for items such as puzzle books, sewing patterns, and sheet music, a rotating display lets customers quickly find and purchase items and be on their way. Beauty books, medical journals, and annual reports can be archived and accessed more easily in a clearly-labeled filing system. An enclosed antique-look magazine holder can discreetly stash favorite books while company visits. Whether you want to display travel brochures, product catalogs or student readers, there’s a wall-mounted, desktop or freestanding rack to suit every need. Most are ready to use out of the box or require minimal assembly with basic hardware. Conveniently set out tourist maps, service catalogs, and picture books on a rotating display that saves valuable shelf space. Keep classroom workbooks sorted by grade level, or store answer keys together in one central location. A desktop presentation display is fantastic for protecting frequently-accessed multi-page documents like bakery catalogs, bike assembly instructions, paint color charts and favorite recipes. A leather magazine holder adds a sophisticated touch to an office, while a rustic style display basket brings country flair to a living room or entryway. For those who enjoy spending time in the bathroom, a well-organized selection of reading materials can make long soaks in the tub more relaxing.

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