36 Housekeeper Interview Questions

Let your the maid who is interviewing for the role know that they can take time to think on an answer, or ask you to repeat yourself if they didn’t hear the question the first time. I would open up the interview with a brief overview of the job description for your house cleaning. Spend some time at the start of your interview getting to know your candidate. What are the most important qualities for you in a job?
Cleaning A Natural Stone Tile Floor | Duration 5 Minutes 47 Seconds Make sure to choose the questions you feel are most relevant to your own house! Can you and would you be willing to use power washing equipment for windows, etc. What are your expectations regarding the condition of the house when you arrive? Do you keep records of necessary tasks done daily, weekly, and monthly in each client’s house. It means that if you need them to do something they’ve never worked on before, they could teach themselves. Do you have any professional experience cleaning clothing? Are you comfortable cleaning every part of the bathroom? Is there any skill you’re working on improving right now? Do you consider yourself a physically strong person able to cope with the challenges of heavy cleaning? Do you have experience caring for or training a pets? Considering asking your housekeeper to share details from previous cleaning jobs, and look to understand what they plan to do in the near future. Describe your favourite housekeeping job, what made the experience positive? Are you willing to learn new skills to work this job? At this point, if all the boxes have been checked, consider talking about salary and availability. Can you provide two current references with phone numbers? What hours do you expect to work each week or bi-weekly? Ask these questions to see how they would respond under pressure. You notice that the dog is missing when you enter the house. While cleaning the house, you hear the smoke alarm go off, and notice one of the kids left an oven element on. Tell me about a time you made a mistake, how did you handle it? Is there anything you feel you didn’t get to mention earlier that you would like to share? Over 36 questions that you’ll need to find the perfect house cleaner for you! If you’re taking notes, which you likely should, let them know you might not make eye contact, because you are writing. Make every effort to be welcoming and positive as your potential housekeeper walks in. Select a few of these interview questions to get closer with your housekeeper candidate. The next section is dedicated to evaluating house cleaning skills and assessing housekeeping potential. What qualities do you have that make you a good housekeeper? How many years of experience do you have with house cleaning? Do you believe in the value of using green products? What do you find the most challenging/interesting part of house cleaning? Are you willing to work in a home with a dog and/or cat? Do you move furniture and objects when vacuuming and dusting? Having prior experience with these skill is very valuable! Are there any parts of the kitchen you are unable to clean? How do you feel about a trial period; how long should this be? What would you like to say about yourself and this position to conclude this interview?

Bed Bug Bully 1 Gallon by mycleaningproducts.com

Our primary mission is to help you get rid of this painful bed bug infestation once and for all. To infuse wellness into our customers lives and help get rid of these bed bugs and any other pests entirely. We went on a tear, vacuuming and spraying everything. We turned everything upside down, and flinched at the look of a dark spot, or an itch.

Universal Stone How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Sink! | Duration 5 Minutes 4 Seconds I also liked that it had no harsh odor and that it was safe for pets to be around. I didn’t deserve to be handed the mess and my dogs certainly didn’t either. Look forward to using your product and putting an end to my current delicate and annoying matter 🐜🕷[mine is “other”]! Like maybe someone with monetary interest is sitting down to write them all? Sometimes the infestation is a bit larger then expected and you may not be getting rid of the source of the problem, thus causing another re-infestation. So its most likely about doing a full inspection in your home. This is why our product is so popular with pest management professionals. Your product worked pretty good we did the treatment in one of the rooms and it’s doing it’s job so far. We also saw the videos there were very helpful thanks for educating us on how to use this product. We will strive to help you achieve this the best we can. The guide was developed with collaboration of our pest management professionals to ensure you properly manage your pest infestation. This allows you to re-treat as needed until the infestation is gone entirely. We are truly happy your bed bug issue is gone! This makes us truly happy to know we are successfully achieving our mission in helping you get rid of your bed bug infestation and infusing wellness into your life. I am now working on the rest of the bedroom and my sofa bed. I notified the hotel manager, then waiting impatiently for your product to arrive. But not going to return our handmade bedspread to the bed yet, or custom pillows that match. You have a terrific product, and it takes a strong back and diligence to keep vacuuming every day and spraying twice a day, to make sure those god-awful critters didn’t leave eggs behind. They have little videos that break down the science behind it! I appreciate the attention to detail, as well as the outstanding customer service. The formulation was engineered so bed bugs will not become immune to it, unlike others on the market. And then treating the areas every 7 days until the infestation subsides. We call this the “waterfall effect” and you will notice they may try to bite more. The formulation will cause the little buggers to come out of their nesting locations and bite more. I received the blue print and distributed to my maintenance people in the facility. It’s a little expensive on my budget, but so glad things are taken care of! Our ministry has several men’s and women’s homes, and there are times when this product comes in real handy to combat them little, biting critters.


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