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If your bathroom is small or cramped, that’s another hurdle to overcome. They might be a little more creative than the ones typically displayed in home and garden magazines, but that just means your space will be unique. Here are just a few ways to re-organize your towels and toiletries during your next round of spring cleaning. They’re pretty, come in different sizes and shapes, and most are pretty sturdy. Choose like baskets for a unified look or use baskets in varying sizes and shapes for a more whimsical approach.Each little section provides a way to group items for better organization. A wine rack mounted on the wall becomes a stylish towel rack, perfect for displaying beautiful towels. Not only do they provide extra storage in a small bathroom, these functional box shelves also give an artistic quality to the area. The hanger can be held up with suction cups or suspended from a hook. The wood it’s made from adds a rustic elegance to a bathroom vanity. For an added touch, paint the back of the shelves a contrasting color.This caddie has all the bells and whistles such as adjustable baskets, a soap dish that can be removed for cleaning, suction cups at the bottom for stability, and hooks to hold everything from loofahs to razors. Made from a repurposed picture frame and a metal sheet (cut to fit frame) that was covered with fabric, this board adds a touch of shabby chic charm. The black and white color scheme makes it all the more striking. It is not just practical but gives a cute look to your bathroom. There is just enough space on each shelf to hold a rolled towel securely in place. It’s also pretty enough to leave out on your counter if you’d prefer. Having everything on display also encourages you to keep things tidy. You have to worry about space, hygiene and placement in a way that suits your family’s style but is also functional for everyday use. There are a few things to consider when thinking about organization in a tiny bathroom. We’ve already done the work for you when it comes to finding and curating small bathroom storage ideas. Attach a few of the same size and color to a couple of curtain rods and you have a stylish storage system. Lined wire baskets keep it all clean and safe while also adding a modern rustic charm. Bowls can be added to hold smaller pieces such as bracelets. This set in chrome also lends a clean, modern, yet classic look to a small bathroom. It even has a little handle to make it totable in case you want to move it around to find that perfect location. You can arrange them into any configuration that works for you.

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Next, never place hot pans straight from the hob or the oven directly on the surface. Store saucepans and casseroles in cupboards under the worktop or away from it, or use a saucepan stand; this way, if you should drop anything it will only hit the floor. In a hard water area even leaving water on the surface can cause a film to develop and make the surface appear dull and blotchy. Corian worktop is an investment, so it is worth looking after it. The best chopping boards to use are wooden ones; you can buy chopping boards made of other materials such as toughened glass, for instance, but these will wear out your knife blade far more quickly. Always use a trivet, preferably one with rubber feet, or a heat pad. These can be extremely heavy and for this reason it is best not to store them in cupboards over the worktop in case one should slip out of your hand.Wipe up any water spills with kitchen paper and dry the surface with a tea towel or more paper. Avoid using products such as paint thinners, oven cleaner or other harsh chemicals on or near the worktop.
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