48 Marble Kitchens That Are BEYOND Gorgeous!

They’re especially beautiful as a kitchen countertop or backsplash. What’s wonderful about marble is that it’s incredibly versatile. Some of the marble continues upwards as backsplash, while other kitchens preferred herringbone or subway tiling. Check out our favorite 48 marble kitchens that master the use of marble!
Marble Granite Kitchen Design | Duration 2 Minutes 56 Seconds There’s something about marble kitchens that make any home so much more luxurious. The weaving black lines against a soft white surface are intriguing to the eye. It can be paired with brass, silver, black or gold finishings. White cabinets are the most popular choice, but there are some beautiful deep browns and even a pale green which also look fabulous. Marble also makes a stunning backdrop for some bright pink flowers! The blush pink color looks so fresh against the black bar stools, white cabinets, and silver lights that hang above.

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Here, the countertops are made of white marble and there is a grey and white combination in the marble backsplash. The pendant lights in the ceiling look contrasting with the elegant hanging lights with sheds. With stainless steel utensils in the kitchen, the theme looks brilliant. The marble flooring complements the white ceiling with small pendant lights in this setting. With beige walls and marble floors in the room, the white cabinets look great on the walls. Opt for the same combination for the ceiling; the brownish hue along the lines of the ceiling looks awesome. Kitchens with a glass-tile backsplash look sophisticated when you have marble countertops over dark brown cabinets. It enjoys a good compatibility with the marble countertop used on the table. This stone is rich in look and delivers a royal look to any given kitchen. It lies on the medium toned wood cabinets and look compatible with the polished light-coloured floors in the room. The polished countertop made of black marble goes well with the black leather sofas in the room. Overall, the black attire brings a great ambience to the kitchen. Here, you can incorporate the white marble idea in the floors and countertops. Flat-panel cabinets and wooden ceiling complement the beauty of the interior. Spacious kitchen rooms can be incorporated with the white marble idea and you will like the kitchen island made of smooth white marble. The low cabinets too, are white in colour and this delivers the perfect traditional ambience to the eat-in kitchen. It is a unique combination of brown spots over a white theme. With wooden shades and bright lights, it bears a fitting look for outdoor kitchens. You can cherish a vintage look in the eat-in kitchen when you have grey marble tiles on the floor. White cabinets in the walls are ideal for the room and you can use hanging lights as well as pendant lights for the right mix.

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That is why we recommend you to visit our factory, and we will provide the perfect landing service. About 24% of these are countertops, vanity tops & table tops, 3% are quartz stone, and 1% are display racks. You can also choose from natural stone, artificial stone, and laminate. And whether decorating kitchen countertop is artificial quartz, artificial granite, or solid surface. The quartz stone can be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, bench top, tabl e tops etc.

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This is especially valid for the kitchen – a premise where usually one spends a lot of time of its domestic life. The seamless transition from the dark countertops (decided in granite, marble or metal) into the light wooden cabinetry and structures possesses intriguing aesthetics. Hot pots can be placed directly on the countertop, you can cut right on the surface without damage, and spills wipe away easily. It is functional and stable material, has a great aesthetical and color selection, it responds well to temperature and mechanical damage; only with stains, one should be careful. Here we can also observe the presence of wooden elements, but in those cases, they are used more as additions and artistic details not as a leading material selection. Artistic custom made knobs and details add to the vintage charm of the assembly. People who like to cook but rarely do so may enjoy taking the challenge of improvising in small kitchens. Nature influence and reflections in coloring may be expected to have a strong stand next season – from the terracotta colored soil up to the green hues of the wilderness. The fresh green accents add to the unique and charming composition of materials, textures, and colors. It’s well known that using wood, unlike natural stones such as marble and granite, is an environmentally more sustainable resource because wood is renewable and using reclaimed wood is even more so, because of is double use. The tall cabinets are reminiscent of ice-boxes from the early decades of the 1900-s, and the warm reddish highlights introduce cozy nuance to the premises. Minà features a pewter-plated steel worktop combined with a breakfast bar tiled in lava stone. Here are some examples of small kitchen settings that do not lack style, trendiness or aesthetic appearance.

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The marble countertops, white subway tiles, and cast-brass bin pulls all contribute to her “farm-chic” aesthetic. Although you might not be able to find an exact replica of their lights, you can draw inspiration by hanging up your own statement piece. This grainy type of wood is known for its long pocketing and striations. Exposed shelving and hanging pots are classic features of a country kitchen. The couple made the kitchen table by hand, and instead of a dishwasher, they wash their dishes by hand and hang them from metal draining cups. The metal pig (and former weather vane) adds all kinds of character on its own.

Granite Kitchen Countertop Design Ideas | Duration 3 Minutes 21 Seconds Her antique stoneware crocks, wooden rolling pins, and silverware drawer pulls give a rustic look. Combined with the straw baskets and shadowboxes, all the interesting items add a little charm to the neutral color palette. Honey-hued wooden accents like the barstools and cutting boards add some warmth to the space. Orb lights also help soften a kitchen with lots of straight lines and sharp edges. Other sm all touches, like the faded checkered rug and storage baskets under the sink, add to the rustic style.

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The round wood cutting board has convenient handles and stacks perfectly behind, but what you can’t see, is that this particular board covers a big electrical outlet!

Marble Granite Kitchen Bath Room Tiles Design Ideas | Duration 4 Minutes One of my biggest goals is to keep fresh flowers throughout the kitchen. These natural wood cutting boards have so many purposes in our kitchen!

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An unnecessary hallway was removed to create additional space and a new traffic pattern. To the naked eye this base cabinet looks like a typical three-drawer configuration. New doorways were created for access from the garage and to the laundry. Contemporary organic pendants add another unique texture to this beautiful, welcoming, one of a kind kitchen! But when you pull the top drawer open you find this great way to organize utensils without storing them on the countertop (and creating visual clutter).

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Fake a snug nook in the middle of the room by pulling up a plush island-height bench. Select unexpected knobs, like these quartz sparklers, for glamor at your fingertips. The homeowners added iron legs to bring this butcher block piece to the right height. Tuck stools under an island that can handle prep work and dinner parties. Use it as a serving and storage area by installing slim upper cabinets as a console. The window between the living room and dining room divides the space while maintaining the home’s airy feel. It creates a kitchen-worthy focal point and eliminates cabinet clutter. In a family-friendly bungalow, brass drawer pulls echo the breakfast nook’s pendant light, pulling everything together.

Interior Design Ideas For Kitchens Marble.Com Tv Channel Design Concepts | Duration 2 Minutes 29 Seconds Connecticut cottage’s homemade pot rack looks surprisingly professional despite the low price tag. They’re less bulky than cabinets but they’ll provide extra storage for your cutest glassware. Mix sculptural details, like archway cutouts and pretty pottery, to amp up basic shelving. When prep time’s over, grab a stool for a casual lunch break. An ocean blue groun ds the bottom cabinets while white storage up top fakes higher ceilings.

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Cleaners manufactured specifically for marble can be purchased; however, a couple tablespoons of baking soda per quart of water or dishwashing liquid works well also. An inexpensive alternative to manufactured polishes is chalk, which should be ground into a powder before applying. If using a chemical polish, place a dime-sized amount onto the middle of the floor to start with. If you are cleaning a large room, work this way in small sections. If using chalk, after several hours of air drying, wipe the marble down with a damp, clean cloth. After removing any chalk residue, the marble should be clean, clear and sparkling. After cleaning, polishing will remove any residue and restore the marble to mint condition. Polishers specifically made for marble can also be obtained; avoid polishes with acrylic or polyurethane finishes. Read the labels carefully before purchasing a manufactured polish. If using chalk, dampen a micro-fiber cloth then dip into the powdered chalk.

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We get so many compliments on our timeliness that we made it part of our motto. Angel, who came by and did the tiling, was not only very creative, but thought carefully and measured carefully before placing his first tile. The quality of work, excellence in service and superior professionalism: they are our hallmarks of what we call a job done right.


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