6 Natural Materials Used In Modern Restaurant Design

That’s why restaurateurs put so much energy into making sure the aesthetic and ambiance of their space not only aligns with their culinary concept, but also elevates the dining experience. Your food might be cooked to perfection, but if the restaurant is too dark or the décor is outdated, you might still leave your experience with a bad taste in your mouth. Because of recent trends toward sustainability and environmental responsibility, the demand for more eco-friendly, natural materials for a space has grown even more. They can be applied to casework, wall treatments, or even countertops.
How To Make Epoxy Countertops | Duration 32 Minutes 32 Seconds Stone is commonly used as countertops or wall treatments, but restaurants have also used marble as a complement to other natural floor materials like wood or tile. Steel can be installed as panels for walls or tables, and also used for specific accents like light fixtures or cabinet hardware. An exposed concrete slab provides a distinct natural durability, perfect for the abuse a restaurant floor takes over its lifetime. Getting wood for floors, walls, or tabletops from one of these salvage distributors not only adds unique visual flair, they come with a story. People love a good story, and will come back for seconds if they feel a connection to the experience, even if it comes in the form of a creative accent wall. Check out our different natural products to find the right one for your space. Think about the last time you read an online review for a restaurant—the environment and ambiance of an establishment make a huge difference in how favorably we perceive the experience. Marble slabs for walls and bathroom counters can help tie the natural feel of the interior throughout the customer experience. Black steel provides the perfect natural contrast to softer wood materials, and make a strong statement about the overarching concept for the space. It can be formed to create the countertop for a bar or the seat of a bench. Reclaimed wood is sustainable, and where it comes from is almost as interesting as what it looks like in your restaurant.

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Whether you’re serving up cocktails or just utilizing it for hors d’oeuvres, creating the right vibe and energy for your bar is what’s going to make it a desired hangout area for friends or clientele. This is a fairly inexpensive process that truly allows the stone to exhibit its pure beauty and makes it the focal point of any room. In a retail setting, we recommend it to be used merely as an artistic accessory. It has a low water absorption rate, which makes it ideal for high-traffic bars.

Stone Pro How To Polish Granite Countertops | Duration 7 Minutes 32 Seconds Marble has a classic look and brings increases the equity of any home or business. It is best suited for a relaxed environment that won’t be subject to extensive wear and tear. Quartz is highly resistant to stains as well as wear-and-tear. Quartz is non-porous, meaning it will stand up to even the busiest areas and will never require sealing. Selecting the right material for your bar top is important for achieving the style and functionality that you have in mind. Onyx is an exotic stone that’s sure to make a breathtaking impression when used for a bar top. Onyx is best used in low trafficked areas, such as home bars. Marble’s subtle veins and calm appearance adds luxury to your bar. For extremely high traffic areas, an engineered stone may be best.

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They have all the top characteristics homeowners look for in kitchen and bathroom countertops for remodeling or new construction. If you don’t see the type of material you were looking for listed below, let us know so we can get it added as quick as possible. It is important to note the stone industry has made huge strides in recent years to adopt responsible quarrying and production practices. They are one of the most heat-resistant countertops on the market. Experts do recommend the use of a trivet when using appliances that emit heat for long periods of time, such as crockpots. Undermount sinks are common in granite countertop installations. You can consider using several types of sinks including cast iron, stainless steel or solid surface. Typically, a separate 4” piece of the stone slab will be adhered on top of your countertop surface. It is rare to get a crack or chip in your countertops, but if you do, contact the fabricator who installed your countertops to schedule a service call. The edge of these cutouts is the most common place to get chips. Most fabricators will apply a sealer to granite countertops before they are installed which will protect them from absorbing liquids too quickly. If liquids are left on the surface for long periods of time, they will eventually absorb. Depending on what the substance is that needs to be removed, you can apply different poultices to speed the process along. Other countertop materials such as solid surface and quartz surfacing are non-porous. The likelihood of needing to be repaired or resurfaced is low. When they do need to be reapplied, it is something that most homeowners can do on their own as the process is similar to cleaning. It is a good idea to ask your installer which sealer was initially applied and use the same kind to reapply. Lower-range granites will cost less than high-range laminate. Do be careful when comparing pricing between different companies. Your final quote should include material, fabrication and installation. If you are looking for something truly unique, consider an exotic granite. Some quarries are not easily accessible and/or only able to be quarried for short periods of time throughout the year. With all natural stones, including granite, we are limited to the colors and patterns mother nature produces. Also, watch for a large range of color and pattern within the same color of stone. Another factor is that many exotic types of granite have huge flowing waves, and a small sample will not be an accurate representation of the whole slab. You will find a wider range of options with laminate, solid surface and quartz. In general, darker granites are very dense and sometimes don’t even require a sealer. Either way, if properly treated, granite is a stain-resistant countertop surface. They are quarried from the ground and their natural state, and sliced into slabs for use in your kitchens. If you compare performance characteristics in a kitchen environment, granite is the better choice. Its beauty and translucence make it appealing, but still not practical. Many homeowners are choosing to use a combination of wood and granite, or another hard surface, in their kitchens. If granite has made it to the top of your list, read through the article below to determine if its advantages and disadvantages make it a good choice for your family. However, since it takes thousands of years to create, many industry professionals do not consider granite a true green product. Since granite countertops can last a lifetime, contain no harmful chemicals and do not emit harmful radiation or gasses, they have a place in the green building movement. Granite countertops will not melt or blister when exposed to heat. If you take a hot pan out of the oven, you can place it directly on your countertop surface without any harm. Since the material is so dense, there is a small possibility heating one area of the top and not the entire thing, could cause the countertop to crack. You can cut on it, but it isn’t recommended since this will dull your knives and possibly leave a metal residue behind that can be difficult to remove. Depending on the color of granite you choose, average slab size will vary. The good news is that many fabricators will mix custom color epoxy to adhere the seams together which does a great job at disguising them. This allows crumbs and spills to be wiped directly into the sink without being caught on the lip of a surface mount sink. Fabricators will cut and polish the sink hole to match the shape of your chosen sink. Most of the time, a color-matched epoxy can be used to fill the void and it will be virtually invisible. If you use heavy cast iron pans, be careful when placing them into your under-mounted sink. A more likely scenario, though, is to experience an increased number of broken dishes. However, many will evaporate on their own without the use of chemicals or cleaning products. There are things that can stain them though, such as permanent marker which can be removed from granite. Granite countertops are considered to be alow maintenance countertop surface. Technology for sealers has come a long way over the years, and many will last more than 10 years before needing to be reapplied. Some sealers don’t play nicely with each other and when mixed, can create a sticky mess. Don’t be fooled by the stereotype that all granite is expensive. As with most things in life, price is determined by supply and demand. If these circumstances exist in a quarry with gorgeous stone, the price will be driven upward. How To Remove Granite Countertops Without Breaking The Granite. | Duration 8 Minutes 27 Seconds You won’t find a lot of solid patterns or bright colors, but both do exist. It’s always a good idea to view the exact slab(s) that will be fabricated for your kitchen to make sure they are what you expected to see from the sample. Granite is not considered one of the countertop surface options with a wide range of colors. Lighter granites are more porous and may require multiple coats of sealer to be considered stain resistant. Though quartz surface materials claim they are also natural stone, the reality is they are mostly resin, with a small percentage of crushed natural quartz. Do be careful of repeated use, though, as some chemicals will wash away the sealer over time, causing the need for re-sealing before the recommended time. Quartzite is generally harder and denser and the pattern is more like marble which is appealing to many homeowners. In fact, many slate quarries are limited to tile production because of the sizes of usable material that exist. They are quite porous and even with sealer, can easily be stained.

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There are a few things you can do to hide those unsightly laminate or tile counters. Take a look and see which one might work for your rental kitchen. Just make sure you have the wood grain all going in the same direction. Usually a fridge that’s too small, floors that have seen better days, cabinets that don’t measure up, or countertops that hail from a bygone decade. A few will require landlord approval, and some can be installed and removed easily, making them ideal for stealth situations. Using a quick-setting concrete over tile is a perfect solution. In that case, just invest in a beautiful cutting board to cover that ugly laminate.

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The downside is the fact that it’s porous, which means a yearly sealing is required.< /p> The countertop shown is distressed black walnut with a tung oil finish. Plus, it can take the heat: 800 degrees of it, in fact (although we don’t recommend you actually test its limitations).

San Diego Countertops Get More Countertop For Your Money | Duration 2 Minutes 31 Seconds It comes standard with a wooden core; you can install it yourself just as you would a laminate countertop. Manhattan, where resale value is most important, engineered stone has almost no drawbacks. Applying mineral oil occasionally will also darken the surface if that’s the look you prefer, but it isn’t necessary to protect the stone. Typically, the thicker the glass, the more expensive the countertop. However, they do show fingerprints and can be susceptible to scratches and cracking. Here are some pointers about the most popular countertop materials. The beautiful, strong surface of granite has a natural grain, which gives each installation a unique look. Pricing reflects the range between a thinner unfinished wood countertop you can install yourself and a thick finished custom wood countertop, which is more difficult to source. Note that light-gray soapstone weathers over time and develops a darker — and occasionally uneven — patina, which may or may not suit your color scheme. You can create almost any effect or color you want, although custom looks can be pricey. Fabricating and installing them properly also requires considerable time and attention to detail, so although the materials themselves are inexpensive, you should be prepared to do it yourself or pay handsomely for labor. Our experts explain the 8 most popular types to help you choose.

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We’ll discuss how to clean granite countertops in more depth, but the best strategy is to clean up messes when they happen, then come back for a deep cleaning session on a regular basis to sanitize the entire area. Natural stone countertops, such as marble, granite, and travertine need special care. We will discuss cleaning these types of countertops later in the article. Additionally, we will explain how to make natural countertop cleaners and disinfectants from ingredients you probably already have. Saturate a microfiber cloth in the soapy water and wring it out. A sealed countertop will repel moisture and stains, while unsealed stone will soak it up. For best results, reseal your granite countertop every couple of years to prevent stains. Spray the area down with a good cleanser and allow it a few minutes to clean and disinfect the area. It doesn’t take much bleach to do the job; the solution needs to be made and used the same day for maximum effectiveness. Shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients, and begin cleaning. Both vinegar and citrus peel have natural cleaning and anti-microbial properties. Allow the vinegar and peels to sit in a cool, dark place for one to two weeks. Dilute the orange vinegar with an equal amount of water and shake. The surface can be sealed or unsealed and prone to staining. Unsealed countertops require more aggressive scrubbing to prevent or remove stains. Cleaning up spills immediately and regularly scrubbing the countertops will keep them in good shape. Clean your tile countertops with any household cleaner or tile cleaner, then give the grout a little extra attention. With a detailed recipe for a homemade granite cleaner and granite sealer. The countertops serve as a preparation area for food, so they need to be kept spotlessly clean and sanitized, preferably without leaving behind a lot of chemical residues. How you clean your countertop depends on the kind of material you have. We will cover how to clean kitchen countertops, how to disinfect them, and when necessary, how to seal countertops using all natural homemade granite cleaner and polish recipes. Add a mild dish soap to your sink, or a bucket of warm water. Microfiber is the preferred type of cloth because it won’t fall apart the way paper towels will, but it’s still soft enough to clean surfaces without scratching or damaging them. If you have a stain that does not yield to soapy water, you can try gently remove it with a little hydrogen peroxide applied directly to the stain. Your stone countertop was probably sealed when installed, but over time the sealant wears thin and needs to be re-coated. One way to check your seal is to splash a little water on the surface. That way, you’re minimizing the likelihood of letting a stain develop. Then, use a clean paper towel or kitchen cloth to wipe the surface dry. For a fantastic antibacterial kitchen cleanser, add distilled water, tea tree oil, and lavender to a 16-ounce spray bottle. Cover the citrus peels with white vinegar and cover the jar with a tight-fitting lid. Strain the vinegar through a fine sieve or cheesecloth and pour it into a spray bottle. Unlike when you remove oil stains from a concrete garage floor, a sealed concrete countertop resists stains well, but abrasive cleaners and sharp objects tend to damage it. Dirt and stains tend to seep into the grout lines and give them a dingy, dirty look.

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Guests will be invited to the official opening of both exhibitions at 10am and exhibitors will also have the opportunity to invite and entertain key clients during this exclusive morning. We had eight teams playing in a round robin style play off and boy, the competition was stiff. We have to admire our members dedication to the sport and their teams. This is a perfect opportunity to do some bonding with your staff or team up with an industry colleague. It has been proven internationally that you cannot be both a consumer show as well as a trade expo, due to an entirely different mix of exhibitors. Our strength lies in the fact that we are focused and relevant. The expo has already been noticed by some very large industry players both locally and internationally that want to collaborate and partner with us. Most businesses that try to be everything to everyone fail within a short period of time. We appreciate that this is a very hectic time of year but a few hours away from the rat race to network with your industry colleagues may be just what you need. It is the perfect opportunity to develop your business platform or to see if the company running the platform on your behalf is doing a good job. The printed copies have recently arrived at all of the estates and to all clients. It was super to see members from diverse companies all pulling together to make the evening such a success. Shawn covered some very important facts about selling stone as a surfacing option. This makes for a more interesting & fresh show for exhibitors & visitors alike – especially as they have now been able to position their feature areas and restaurants in such a way that most stands have an equal opportunity of being situated close to an attraction! Launching a brand new expo is extremely difficult under current economic conditions as first time exhibitors want to see proof that an event is worth investing in. We are not governed by large corporate structures, meaning we can adapt business and manipulate our models as we see fit, without trying to convince an entire board of shareholders. Decorex has always enjoyed a unique visitor mix of both trade and consumers. The audience was treated to a behind-the-scenes video of the judging process, where the full judging panel was interviewed for feedback on the entries and a deeper understanding of how the finalists were selected. Stand a chance to win a different small appliance every day of the show.


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