6 Ways To Style Your Nightstand

I get a lot of questions about how to pull a bedside look together. This is probably my favorite look from the entire post! It’s a styling trick that helps to balance, brighten, and make the space appear larger. The modern wall sconce really brings the look into the century. I love the blond wood nightstand paired with a large white table lamp, seascape painting from my bestie, and palm leaves. You better believe it’s accompanied by matches for easy access and nice texture! If you’re not into color and prefer a more modern approach, this option is for you! I also enjoy nightstands that allow for a styling moment or books on the bottom. The best part about a “curated” aesthetic is mixing modern and traditional elements. Definitely think about function and make sure your bedside table is making your nightly routine easier or at the very least- more pleasant. I spent a lot of time moving things around and genuinely want to buy all six looks. I am happy to be back and hope all of you are having a great start to 2019. Question, is there a general rule on scale for night stands in ratio to height? There’s not a general rule or calculated formula, but you definitely want a nightstand to feel proportionate to the room and the other furniture in the space.

Why Marble Might Be Wrong For Your Bathroom by houzz.com.au

Marble tile can have an even or less uniform look, depending on the type and quality of marble you purchase. The look – like in this shower – is elegant, soft and uniform. This can be just as appealing, due to the unique shapes and details that the stone creates. This bathroom has full slabs of marble for walls, benchtops and flooring, and then smaller pieces for the cornices and door casing details. For example, if you dye your hair in a marble shower, the dye can stain your shower floor. Marble is easily etched by acidic materials, such as lemon and certain cleaning products. For this reason, marble isn’t the best choice for children’s bathrooms. A beautiful installation can be ruined when the iron buried deep in the marble discolours from humidity and moisture. Simply put the tile you’re considering into a bucket of water for two days, and then take it out and let it sit for two more days. Avoid using strong cleansers (nothing acid-based) to prevent etching or damage to the sealer. Many porcelain tiles look like marble and offer more durability in showers and steam showers. This can result in a poor bond between the grout and the tile’s edges. Although it was once a show of wealth and power, today marble tile is making its way more and more into everyday homes – bathrooms in particular – all over the world. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this beautiful material, and some things you should watch out for when you’re considering putting it in your bathroom. Each piece of marble is different – the variety in veining and colouring is often considered its best trait. Most high-end marble has a very even colour palette with soft veining. It is a softer stone that can be milled, machined and tumbled, which means it can have multiple uses. Many people choose a durable porcelain tile to complement marble (as in this photo) for this very reason. I suggest performing a soak test to make sure the marble you’re considering will work in your bath or shower. This adhesive is often installed with a notched trowel, and not all tiles – including ma ny marble sheet tiles – can reach 95 per cent coverage.

12 Ways To Put Marble In Your That You Can Buy Or DIY by homedit.com

While palm patterned wallpaper fades in and out of fashion, marble really is here to stay. Fortunately, while there are many beautiful ways to incorporate the natural rock into your home, not all of them require a fortune. Use it on a vase to create a marbled utensil crock that will look just as chic on the kitchen counter you already have. You are certainly allowed to ogle that marble fireplace. So if you’re building your own home or remodeling your living room, consider adding a marble fireplace like that. Which makes splurging on a tabletop like this in your dining room worth every single last penny. It will probably end up being the selling point for your house when you move. Whether your budget is big or small, check out these 12 ways to put marble into your home. But have you ever thought of making that gorgeous pale pattern your backsplash too? You can make these marble shelves in an afternoon and you’ll find that even just a small square of marble can give your powder room a whole new feel. There’s just something about having marble in your office that makes it feel expensive, chic and powerful.

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She loves vintage things in her house and it adds so much character. I have the book and it’s beautiful, with 12 months of floral arrangements and how to’s. It may have cost her to have it renovated, but what a peice of history she saved! It’s the perfect backdrop for the beautifully collected and artfully placed treasures. Victorian trim looks so great on the house after the paint job. She decorates her whole house in black, white, gray and gold with lots of texture.

House by dreamhawk.com

This becomes obvious if, having visited friend’s houses you judge their character by the condition of the house. Now inside the house, the same things showed themselves in the state of my house, depicting my inner health. It is so easy to get lost in the jungle of values and forget that. A cave without emotional warmth was deadly and even if it fitted the modern “values” was deadening. Without it there was no flowing radiating charge in us to transform the outer world into a place we could meet with courage. In a larger context, a house can represent a family tradition, the class the family is in the social hierarchy. So to really get from your dream house what it refers to you also need to ask yourself what type of house it is. What social strata does the house represent and what environment does it stand in? If we then go into the house, what is happening inside, and whereabouts in the house? The interaction between these facets are what make you who you are. In fact in the dream the building appears strong, solid and functional. It also has suggestions in a dream of things that have left memories. Sometimes there have been things done there that you are frightened of or regret. Disturbing thoughts, or something connected with what you have hidden or forgotten. The attic reminded him of the attic in a childhood house, where his mother never went because of the steep ladder. It can mean an attitude of looking down on people, maybe superiority but it could also be about not wanting to get involved or express who one really is. Veranda can be an outdoor place for enterta inment or socialising, so can suggest an ability to express yourself and be sociable. Often experienced as our emotional or feeling drive or zest for life. Bad smell : emotions which could cause depression or illness. In one of these recurring dreams the police actually investigate the disappearance of ‘the person’ and go into the cellar. No man’s land; limbo; in between state; the process of going from one thing to another. So it is both limiting and yet gives opportunity to traverse a building quickly. As such it is a channel for the energy of potential to flow through you, into the many departments or ‘rooms’ of you. Such a corridor can also depict a sense of not being able to get out of a dissatisfactory situation. In the first example it represents the experience of discovering a new feeling state. Going through the black door may therefore lead to a freedom from the limiting fears. Remember that great things have always developed from people’s great ideas that they then work at making real – for the real is only our vision of the future that we put our life energy into building. In ‘strangling’ our own life drive, we ourselves feel cut off from life. Or it could mean that you have a completely new beginning to be very creative with your life and direction. In clarifying this dream symbol, it needs to be defined as to what the state of feeling was in the home, and whether one shared the space with others, and what this was like. I do not bother to put any more clothes on but wander about the house secure in the comfort people are no longer looking at me. This depicts the home as absence of demands made on us by other people or social rules – so the ability to be oneself. It depicts the many different departments and areas of yourself you could explore, also your ancient past can be open to you if you enter your dream house. You need to explore that potential and develop it, for you are a miracle of life, and nobody fully understands what we are. Also in the cellar or basement one is near to the earth, the primordial forces of nature, what moves beneath ones ‘street level’ personality. If there are no walls to the cellar, or tunnels leading from it, it shows an openness or connection with influences beyond your own personality. If you live in a flat with people above you, the ceiling can mean the things other people do that enter your life, interfere with it, or even damage you in some way. If belching black smoke – the grim mechanised side of our culture centred on production instead of humanity. This suggests it is depicting the present situation or environment you are in. A house nearly always refers to you, depicting your body and aspects of your personality. The untidiness and absence of care were no longer hidden by veils. The door was me, and every scratch on its paint was a part of my life, reflecting my state. The door and garden had already shocked me with my lack of attention to outer details. As (primitive) humans, we may recognise what are the basic needs – food, shelter, and human and physical warmth. Love was a food that we all needed to face the outside world with outgoingness and pleasure. For instance how old is it and how does that refer to your age and what period of social attitudes your were born in and influenced by. Then, in what way are you influenced by or developed from that social background. As a person you have many facets and possibilities, and the various parts of the house depict these. Understanding them enables you to find your way through the things you face in yourself and the world. In general it depicts the past from which your present life has emerged, and the influences from which it arises. Therefore the questions need to be asked as to whether the dreamer lived/lives alone in the apartment? Finding an attic : pleasure at new ideas, discovering potential or wisdom from past experience, or you are dealing with things you previously thought were not important in your everyday life. So he could go there and be alone, free of other people’s presence and influence. A balcony in a theatre is also a special place for important people, and also a dangerous place for young children. Frequently it is the place we keep memories of traumatic events in our life. This connects us with awareness of our evolution as a person. The corridor, because of its shape directs ones progress along it. The example may refer to the experience of birth – the birth canal. It may refer to a direction in life produced by circumstances, or even the female genitals. But the image of a door has so many other ways of being expressed in dreams and is used very frequently. For instance if one had always been apologetic and now became affirmative, ‘new doors’ of experience could well open. Suggest that you are feeling empty of purpose and perhaps are slightly without purpose. Thus a sense of being oneself, or absence of concern over other peoples criticism. So a young woman going to the home of her lover and his wife, shows her facing the fact of her lover’s home situation and commitment in marriage. He held his girlfriend in his arms and displayed her in front of us. My mum tensed up, tightened her lips, and tried to look away. But being alive is a miraculous and amazing thing – probably the most amazing thing in the universe. Also may still have associations to do with ‘below stairs’ referring to what is beneath one or a lower class. The attitudes or beliefs you use to protect your identity, the height or range of your imagination, or your mental limit or boundary. The floor often appears without much emphasis in many dreams. For instance first floor or second floor would suggest a different situation in which the events of the dream are taking place.

The RV Remodel by thefitrv.com

Replaced dining table with one covered in 430 stainless (again, it’s magnetic) and trimmed in wood. Added a waste bin to the galley where the black mounting thing was behind drivers seat. Thanks! …and thanks for all your info and pictures! Besides the toilet that you see inside, there is a hole cut in the floor to allow the piping to pass, and also a black tank underneath with a hole in just the right place. Hard to believe the prices a sprinter camper went for, and you having to re-do crappy work. About the interior shot of the cabinets, and one latch being open, why not use the picture with a caption stating that latch is open on purpose to illustrate how they work, or some such. Mine is a 1997 26 foot travel trailer in very good shape, but that won’t stop me from doing my thing to it. Seeing the frame work, the way you did things, and the end result has inspired me. That was challenging getting the sheet metal to line up inside and out. You may have to squish the sofa cushions towards the middle a bit to see them. I also liked how you stored the bikes inside where the’re safe being a cyclist myself i just dont like having them out back. You can jump to about 6:50 if you want to skip ahead. Replaced sagging vinyl headliner with anodized aluminum ceiling. Also, we did add a trim kit to the dash, but that went fine as well. Can you tell me where to find the material for the curtains & pillows? The shower drain would be similarly difficult, though there’s a little more flexibility there – but you’ll still have holes in the floor, holes in the tank, and you need to allow for the trap and proper slope of piping. Through-bolting would be more stable than, say, simply screwing into a thin plywood floor. Picture becomes “as planned”, and the wife does not feel so bad- win win. I have step-by-step tutorials and lots of very unique ideas. How the heck do you remove that fixed sofa base and “flipping” back? Do you have pics of what the bikes look like mounted on the fork mounts both inside and outside? They were easy enough to install, and they worked without issue in a pretty harsh environment.

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Loving our mysterious blue planet, we resolve riddles and dissolve all enigmas in contingent bliss. Remember that time slurs over everything, let all deeds fade, blurs all writings and kills all memories. Beauty grows in you to the extent that love grows, because charity itself is the soul’s beauty. Thus you will ever burn with fraternal love, both for him who is already your brother and for your enemy, that he may by loving become your brother . That light is both the light of reason and the light of faith, through which the intellect attains to the natural and supernatural truth of charity: it grasps its meaning as gift, acceptance, and communion. Love becomes an empty shell, to be filled in an arbitrary way. So learn to love and give, and not to expect anything from others. It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection—”the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”. Indeed, the more we find to love, the more we add to the measure of our hearts. Exempt are only those which dig into the hearts of men by love. Quantum in te crescit amor, tantum crescit pulchritudo; quia ipsa charitas est animae pulchritudo.

The Meaning Of New Rooms In The House Dream The Dream Well by thedreamwell.com

While dreaming of particular rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom can each have their on symbolic meaning, this post is specifically about the dream where we discover a new room in the house, one we did not know was there before. New rooms in a house in a dream can relate to areas in our lives where we are discovering new skills, abilities or strengths within ourselves. Volunteer work is great for this, as people will be grateful for things that matter, such as your kindness, and far less likely to judge you for superficial things. The hidden living areas are most often dark, spider webby, old, and filled with boxes or abandoned stuff. I find the symbolism for “new rooms” interesting, but would old, dark living areas have additional meanings? In my dreams the rooms aren’t hidden in any way they are simply unused for no apparent reason. My dreams, although anxious and mysterious, are also accompanied by a sense of loss, as in the end of an absorbing adventure and back to reality. I find it truly astounding that “separate” humans can share almost “identical” dreams. Finally, a bedroom on a second floor looking out through a triangular window over a field. The rooms are unfurnished and look like they haven’t been used in years. I think that for me, this dream represents a kick in the pants to go out and do something great. I discovered that my house had a large basement but the basement kept going, there were additional doors to new rooms and stairs to other floors. The rooms were not opulent or cozy but rather in unfinished condition. At the end of a dream a woman with an accent appeared saying she wanted to live in the basement room so badly that she moved in without asking and insisted that she clean the house as rent, since she didn’t have money to afford it. Little holes in the walls or gaps between closets with tiny doors that the child me could barely fit through. I always wake feeling like there is a reason to me having these dreams and remember them all. It is quite common to dream of finding new rooms in a house. In dreams of new rooms in the house, our feelings and reactions to this new room, or the series of new rooms will give us important clues as to how this relates to our lives. How the room is decorated, who is in there with us, and what other furniture and items we see there can give us clues as to what area of our life we are expanding. Like fresh air coming into the house, so too can a fresh and revitalising energy flow though our lives. It is not unusual to feel a little nervous as we first discover these new rooms. Dreams of new rooms can be exciting dreams of emerging new potential and the promise of growth and experience. Usually the rooms are living areas which include bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., and fill either an unknown attic or basement. My initial feelings are ones of wanting to explore a potential increase in living space, but then my feelings turn to anxiousness and fright. As usual, it was old and looked like it hadn’t been used for years. It was quite surprising to find that someone with my last name has had a very similar dream. They are fully furnished and usually quite luxurious large open spaces with large windows and often a fireplace. Actually waking up after these dreams is always a little disappointing as it is accompanied by a sense of loss. Unbelievable that someone else has this exact same recurring dream. The dreams have included a tall-ceilinged, shiny wood, unfurnished library/office in a secret wing, located in the middle of a beautiful prairie/garden. I have had this recurring dream of finding hidden living areas in my house and other houses for so long. In a way the rooms draw me into them in a creepy kind of way. I began to have the dream nightly or even several times in one night. They are always so exciting but disappointing to wake up from. I was excited about the rooms and showed them off to a group of friends. Perhaps you still feel controlled by her on some level, and you are still giving to her. There were people coming over in the dream or rather they were at the house discovering it with me at some point. Not really finding new rooms, but areas of the house like hiding spots. I posted before about how my hidden rooms are always old, dark, and spider webby, cluttered with stacks of boxes or old dusty furniture. The doors usually open up to huge, organized and very clean rooms with beautiful and unique things in them and are usually very bright white rooms.

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Along with storing stemware, shelves serve as display space for the homeowner’s collections of art and objects. Leather barstools with chrome bases fit snuggly underneath the waterfall edge countertop, making the space look like it belongs in a supremely stylish, high-end downtown bar. The textured backsplash coordinates with the backsplash in a nearby powder room, giving the home a sense of cohesion and flow. A pair of leather chairs is a cozy spot to enjoy conversation and drinks from the rustic bar. Wine storage and a mini refrigerator keep the party going strong. The focal point of the space is the show-stopping black, white and metal backsplash. Along the back wall, copper shelves are suspended from the ceiling. A marble tile backsplash is arranged in a herringbone pattern to create texture. Wood lower cabinets contrast with the white walls and upper cabinets. The latter includes a small island, with two stools for a date night-in or a small gathering with friends. Three white stools with chrome bases further the minimalistic aesthetic, while an orange sofa offers a striking pop of color. Two wine refrigerators and a table seem ready-made for wine tastings. Black walls make the space feel utterly masculine, while leather stools at the in-home bar serve as comfortable seating after a round of pool. White barstools, marble counter and pendant lighting add to the streamlined luxury. A stained oak bar cabinet is built to feel like a separate piece of furniture but features plenty of storage space for all the boozy necessities. The barstools lends a rustic, wild-west feel while a sleek black bar adds modernness to the vintage-inspired space. You have the option to keep the shade rolled up or down, depending on how much sunlight you’re craving. A mini fridge and ample cabinet space ensure there’s plenty of room for food and drink storage while a herringbone backdrop adds a stylish flare. Floating shelves showcase favorite shakers, as well as keep the counters free of clutter. A thick, black marble counter with black barstools complements the modern aesthetic. Here, a chic bar tucks in neatly next to a glass-enclosed wine storage room and a bank of wood cabinets. Industrial style pendant lights and bar stools complete the look of the area, while a nearby pool table provides an additional space for entertaining guests. Using a tufted bar bench instead of stools adds to the feeling of unassuming complexity and sophistication. The bar itself boasts cabinetry for storage and barstools for seating. Open shelving provides storage for all the bar essentials, and contemporary barstools are a great spot to gather and entertain. The retro stacked stone wall contrasts with the sleek walnut accents and polished concrete floors. The jet black walls and black and white photographs help separate the bar area from the rest of the living room, giving it a unique feel. In addition to the concealed wine rack, the wet bar boasts a fully-integrated dishwasher and garbage disposal. A curved soffit mirrors the lines of the curved, quartz-topped bar. It has truly thought of everything with a lounge, and wet bar, what more could you need? To the right, shelves, storage and an artwork display provide further function to the unit. Blue cabinets and a yellow leather bench vie for attention, and the sheen of the concrete floor reflects the sparkle of the imaginative lighting fixtures. The cabinetry matches that of the kitchen for a cohesive look between rooms. This well-stocked wet bar holds a variety of adult beverages and glassware on its glass shelves. The stark-white shade brightens the bar area while the decor pieces and stools modernize the space. Behind this bar, shelving is up lit for a contemporary and striking effect. The dark wood tones help ground the ethereal space, which is bathed in natural light from the long wall of steel-encased windows. Behind the counter, a gray backsplash adds to the visual drama. Furnished with saloon-style bar and stools, it looks like the real deal. The colorful cabinetry and high-gloss backsplash energize the space. A porthole window and stainless steel pendant lights add to the nautical charm of the entertaining space. The terrazzo countertop adds visual interest, while open shelves keep bar essentials handy. A wooden bar with matching stools all ows for quiet outdoor relaxation.

CHRIS RICE COOPER BLOG Is ART and HUMANITY Framed In The PhotoFeature Story : Celebrating by chrisricecooper.blogspot.com

My sacred space is filled with light, even though it is a ¾ basement, cozy in winter, cool in summer. Fortunately for me, my dining table is too long for the space and instead acts as my phone/answering machine/drop the mail table. My space is in my living room, a giant bag made of foam propped against the wall. I think this space is sacred for me largely because it is both pleasant and uncomfortable. My depth perception is thrown off by the resonating drum of traffic, my muscles ache and tighten trying to not to get hit on a busy road or a car passes too close and the muck of engine fluids and mud speckle my face. With that in mind, it does not smell like cats in my bedroom. It happens at the confluence of passion and fear and trembling. The official workspace is the vintage school desk pictured here, with a window opening toward a view of the woods. And there’s a wooden bench my wife is making as a memorial for her mother, three-quarters finished, waiting for the rain to let up so she can work on it again. I wanted to begin to take my own work seriously, and it’s harder to do that when your work has no address. I see my garden make and unmake itself, month by month by month. Even now, it’s hard to be this close to so clear an answer, to the sound the spanned air makes. Most of my poems begin as a stray lyric from the car radio settles in me and won’t let go. I can hear the soft rumble of traffic on the highway outside muffled by bamboo forest. It’s what would normally be the breakfast nook of a one-bedroom apartment. I put the hot water bottle on my lap under a blanket; the aroma and flavor of coffee gently perk up my senses to focus on the words on the page. Your police batons are a firebrand, and only our bones will obey by breaking. It’s a distilled reflection of life’s experiences, some good, some bad: all of them our transformative. Writing is maddeningly difficult and just for that reason totally engages one’s attention. When autumn leaves are down you see a ridge line in the distance. On quiet days, when the doors are open, we can hear the sea. I can relax or fall to sleep on after a long day of work, after a good workout and shower, a couch that accepted my body and wanted me there.

COTE DE TEXAS: Cote De Texas by cotedetexas.blogspot.com

It smelled so fresh and still today – not much beats the scent of fresh, green seagrass. Their look is basically casual yet it is still quite elegant, a careful blend of rough textures with fine lined antiques. To me, seagrass is an exceptional material, far superior to sisal – and yes, there is a world of difference between the two. Since it is grown in water, the product is basically non-absorbent and is a strong, sturdy fiber. If something is spilled on it – coffee or coke – it can easily be cleaned with a damp towel – and it will eventually dry without leaving a spot or watermark. Spill something on light colored sisal and you might as well throw it out. The only way to prevent the watermark on sisal is to wet the entire rug – not a viable solution. They are durable, yet very inexpensive – much less than sisal – another selling point. Additionally, this variegated appearance helps to make it appear cleaner, as opposed to sisal’s more even color appearance. Though the maintenance is high with sisal, it does have a place in a dressier room. A customer not familiar with seagrass will go to a carpet store that is even less familiar with seagrass and the employee will say they can’t guarantee the seaming – that it will be visible – and will try to dissuade the purchase. Seaming is a non–issue, though many shops try to make it one. While seagrass stays relatively clean looking throughout its life (can you say the same for carpet?) the bindings can show wear and tear. I prefer the binding to match the natural color of the seagrass. Again, with wall to wall seagrass, there will be seaming, but the installer should properly place the seams where you will get the most use of the entire roll without much scrap left over. Laine, my too-adorable great-niece, was over and had a great time crawling around on the seagrass without any complaints at all! But, this is a cute idea if you are concerned about your baby’s tender knees. That is, have an installer come to your house and make a template of the room where the rug is to be placed. The amount of wood you want showing is a personal preference. When cutting the seagrass around a fireplace hearth – the rug should fit snug up to the hearth – no more than one inch away from it. If a custom cut seagrass is not in your budget, then get the largest sized area rug your room will hold. In this showcase house, a standar d seagrass was used instead of a custom cut one. Yet, the large space to the left and right of the fireplace is left bare! Of course, this was done in the show house for budgetary reasons, but if you can avoid this in your own home, do. It seems the perfect floor covering, easy to keep clean, and it maintains its appearance with little or no wear or tear. Avoid sisal and jute when water might be an issue, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Notice how the natural color of the seagrass adds another element to the palette. I adore the lantern over the wine tasting table – charming! Though pretty, the rods really are not necessary when using seagrass on stairs. Notice how closely the seagrass was cut around the fireplace hearth. The beauty of all that newly laid seagrass made an lasting impression on me. The absorbency aspect is very important: seagrass is not easily stained. If you try to get a coffee or coke spill out with a damp towel, you will get a lasting watermark stain. Other favorable seagrass qualities are they are great for a low dust and allergy free environment. Seagrass, when fresh will be decidedly green, yet as time goes on, it mellows to a more khaki color. It is a more elegant looking rug than seagrass and it comes in many colors. I can guarantee you that you will not notice the seaming in a seagrass rug. If the seams do come apart, which is a possibility – the installer can return to glue them back together. If you come across this attitude – find another installer, one who knows about seams. After a few years, if your binding gets high traffic, the installer can return to your house and rebind it for a small fee, leaving you with a fresh looking rug. Notice though how the red binding becomes a focal point here. It’s not mandatory though and indeed in some applications, molding is not an option. Wall to wall seagrass is much cheaper than many carpets and this is a great selling point. It truly is bearable and not really so unappealing that a youngster won’t crawl on it. Sisal, and especially coir, are far more uncomfortable than seagrass, in most people’s opinions. A custom cut rug is just much finer looking and should be the chosen option if at all possible. A properly cut seagrass that actually fits the room would be so much more appealing. I have lived with seagrass for over 15 years now and can’t sing its praises enough. It’s perfect for a casual decor or a fancier room and since it’s flat you can layer a dressier area rug over it. The seams have all held and pet stains are easily removed as opposed to sisal or coir. When choosing a natural fiber rug, while seagrass is the most well rounded rug, others may be better suited for a specific interior, just choose wisely. I love going into a shop where seagrass is laid wall to wall. He continue the seagrass through the living area – also bound in nail heads.

The 9 Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Grays Including Undertones by kylieminteriors.ca

Of course you always have to pay close attention to undertones when picking a paint colour, however, they are far sneakier when they are tucked into grays and charcoals. With photo gallery wall of kids and dark wood and metal stair railing. I don’t see it posted anymore….wondering if you got it! So, so was my take on this color but it does picks up the carpet color. Gray is a neutral, this means that it is just as versatile as beige and given the current trends it’s actually quite easy to find furnishings to accommodate it. So, you would like really quite a light gray colour – but still enough colour to give some contrast with white. For that reason you’ll want stick with the neutral and warmer grays (as you noted somewhere in your comments), so you are right on track! It’s this white that really offers the cleanest and freshest contrast to a soft gray colour. If you would like a subtly tinted white, we’ll want to make sure that the undertone in your white jives nicely with the undertone in your gray. You will see immediately the difference between a warm gray and a cool gray. Which gray would you suggest for a big south facing living room/dinning room with large windows? It ‘acts’ like white, without being as stark – but isn’t even close to being an off-white. Not ‘exceptionally’ fresh and bright colours, but they’ll still do the trick! Rockport is like the perfect mix of gray, and mocha with just a weeee drop of green in there that is so passive you just might never see it. I do not have a common wall however one wall doesn’t have any windows. The carpet would be a medium gray for the living/dining area (do not want it to be too light to show wear and tear) and the hallway to be laminate wood. My thoughts are going toward a medium – cherry, or a honey that has a tone of that of the gray carpet. I have to give my priority to a) my clients in town here and b) my online consulting clients. Not that they don’t have a good decorative sense, but sometimes it can be misguided by personal taste. Light gray looks great with a non orangey chocolate brown as well as charcoal, black and so on and so on. Painters just get used to the texture and consistency of a certain paint and are often hesitant to branch out. I looked it up on line and compared it a few other grays to give myself a comparison. And which dark gray would you suggest for a south facing bedroom? The funny thing is that once in a while it reflects a funny green undertone, which means that it could actually work really well in your case as the undertones will be coordinated! Your house sounds lovely, feel free to send photos when it’s done! So, we wouldn’t want to go too yellow/orange as it would really contrast with the green.

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Now attached to the main house, the cozy quarters accommodate a queen-size bed and headboard flanked by custom floating bedside tables. The tiny table— just big enough to accommodate a bud vase, cell phone, or coffee cup— was a gift from the owner’s aunt. Wallpaper with a wood grain pattern, a fresh way to achieve a similar effect as unpainted, wood-paneled walls, creates a warm backdrop for the crisp bed. In a smaller scale and lighter hue, the comforter’s subtle checks look cohesive, not clashing. The laser-cut lanterns casts soft shadows on the walls at night, adding to the effect. Made of bark cloth, the pillow’s material is aptly named for its environment. It overlooks the scenic backyard filled with birch and spruce trees. Bold textiles pop against neutral wood paneling, and unexpected accents like a vintage hat mold on the table make a space feel truly personal. Brass sconces cast a warm light while keeping tabletops clear. Here, the headboard’s large-scale print serves as the jumping-off point for the room’s bold mix of motifs. Ornately patterned pillows provide a visual counter to the bed’s double dose of gingham. Accessories (a book, the basket, and a blanket) in slightly brighter shades of pink finish the look with a little extra oomph. For a fresh, not fussy, approach, stick to one color scheme and balance large-scale prints (like the floral and gingham) with small ones (like the plaid and block print).

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I am currently using the left over paint to refinish a dresser. It is a weird color that sometimes looks fleshy and sometimes looks grey. I don’t mind red rooms in other people’s houses, but the thought of my bedroom red makes me cringe. Browns, golds, yellows, tans and pink are left in the comforters. Which still leaves about a million shades, hues and undertones, but only in one color family! I would be afraid to try that color in my living room- but it works for you. I too, went with light shades and ended up with white-ish walls. Your white furniture will look really great against your new walls. I usually like neutrals and earthtones for but wanted a splash of color for this historic house. Many people may seem these are trivial, but a tree is a life, and showing concern for the planet and natural resources is a duty of any responsible human being. I am going to do a post soon about the the pros and cons of flat vs. I want a basic tan…not too pink, not too yellow, not too green. Think are shaping up, can’t wait to see what changes you’ll be making. I changed my bedroom to adobe white on the walls and bone on the ceiling. No pink – too girly, no brown – my personal preference, no yellow – kitchen is yellow, so that leaves golds (but not too yellowy or orange-y) or tans. I can realy see where you are going with this… lovin the white seat! It is from one of their really old collections and you have to ask them to dig out the sample for you. Shutter color really changed the whole effect too, and it’s great! The pale yellow in my master bedroom takes on this weird, nauseating greenish color in the evenings and at night. It goes with so many different color schemes, since the green undertone is so wonderfully complementary to the entire stinking color wheel! I hope that’s helpful for others looking for good colors! They worked with out stopping until the floor was refinished.

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Here, she talks about collecting ceramics, sharing a bathroom and the wonders of a king bed. We’ll also rotate days where each person gets to choose their favorite meal. He watches his big brother and he wants to do all of the stuff. We did that, and the bed no longer fit in our bedroom, so we put the boys in our room and moved into the other bedroom in the middle of the house. We have the final portrait in our living room, and this color study in our hallway. I ask where the brass kitchen faucet is from and the towel/toiletries rack in the bathroom are from? Everything looks soooo fabulous, and glad to see you finished the kitchen, great job! I would also love to know where the kitchen faucet came from as well as the knobs. What a fun surprise seeing your home featured on one of my favorite blogs – kitchen is especially beautiful! Their family is lovely and inspiring to manage with one bathroom and 4 people! Awwwwww, our most wonderful (former) neighbors – best couple ever! Gorgeous house and heart warming to see such a lovely couple. Such a lovely home, can’t wait for the “slam-dunk” cookbook. I do so if it doesn’t result in immediate gratification of a delicious item or spoon to lick, he’s not interested. I desperately wish we had gotten a kin g size bed this past spring. I was testing the recipes at home, and so many of those recipes contained fish sauce. This will be my collection of slam-dunk recipes you can cook over and over again. We felt bad, but we returned it to him and he re-did it. So we brought it to a wood shop here to get them planed and re-stained. I thought he was in there behaving himself, but he was in there eating candy! We both like darkness when we sleep, so we bought blackout shades. We saw couples who had been together for 20, 30, 40 years finally getting married. I know this is a past post but have been coming back to this one, their home is so inspiring! Purchasing a satin gold faucet – wondering where yours in from. Love seeing the custom cabinets we built for your living room library :). It was expensive but the only mattress we could find that was made with natural materials and not treated with toxic flame retardants. Super simple: there are many spots online that just sell the fronts–you can choose a style you like and send measurements for each front you want to replace (the company we used provided good info on how to measure). Makes me excited about owning a house with my fiancée! I would love more info on the cookbook she’s writing! It really brightens up a smaller space; and the open shelves are excellent! My son was a preemie and was turning purple in the nicu trying to get out of the swaddling – he still hates blankets and being constrained. I love that tradition of your neice—that painted picture is lovely! I would love to see a feature of that cookbook when it comes out!

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The history of the herbarium is wonderful and they really make a statement on the wall. The boards were stained off site, but were sealed after install. Thank you so much for opening your heart and home and inviting all of us in. Thanks so much for finally sharing it with everyone! Every part of it looks like it’s all been together as one room forever. It is a fascinating, informative, delightful and inspiring read! The attention to detail just delights me and thank you for being so generous with your thoughts, photos and sources. The fireplace is especially nice and you made the right choice to go with stucco. Your rugs are wonderful, the leather chair with the pillow that picks up the colors of the rug. Someone out there in the publishing world should be knocking down your door to get the rights to the book about your house! I just love looking and studying the pictures of your rooms. I love reading the stories associated with your wonderful finds! Were you born with a gift to decorate (that term sounds trite for your level of artistry) or is your ability the result of study? I started with a collection of fish floats and little marble bird bath statues! I love that your husband just had a feeling that you were going to find something that day. Love those little bronze birds, and the idea that they have just flown off the canvas; so darling. The little birds on the mantle, the moose antler, the iron martini table with its pitting and patina. I am grateful to have even one person interested in the stories! I truly believe that those untrained can actually be the best decorators because they decorate with their hearts and not by the so called rules. I want to ask, have you ever stubbed your toe on the shell?


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