Beautiful Traditional Kitchen Designs

Some cabinets were duco varnished in aged walnut, while some are in matte white finish. The countertop material of choice is marble, paired with glossy white ceramic tiles for the backsplash. The space has an open layout, with the kitchen directly connect to the formal dining area. The combination of colors and finishes creates an over-all bright and light feel to the space. This traditional style kitchen has white paneled kitchen main cabinets and a slightly distressed black paint finish for the base of the kitchen island. This uses paneled kitchen cabinet doors placed on modular units, in white matte finish for that clean classic look. Additionally, there is also a bar counter space with 2 white barstools and a modern pendant lamp hanging above it. The kitchen is fairly large, with light yellow cream walls and matching polished ceramic floor tiles. To add more variety, the barstools are in mahogany finish, adding a subtle contrasting element to the space. The overhead and base cabinets are in solid white with simple panels and a round knob for the handle. The countertops, walls, and the ceiling add a very subtle light oatmeal color, adding a good touch on dimension and depth. Paired with the white cabinets were white ceramic tiles for the back splash and white granite, creating a clean and light look which helps balance out the heavy look of the dark wood floors. In contrast to the white cabinetry by the wall, the kitchen island’s base is solid gray and holds a stainless steel sink. The flooring is covered with wengue stained wood in a matte finish. These cabinets have panel detailing and maximizes the ceiling height to create more storage space. The very dark ebony wood floors brings out the white finish of the cabinets well, while the stone counters add a touch of warm color to the space. The kitchen island is a contrast against the white main cabinets as it has a natural teak wood finish and a more crisp, neo-classic inspired cabinet base. The brick divider wall adds both texture and personality to this kitchen space. The kitchen itself is a simple traditional style kitchen – it uses light beech wood kitchen cabinets and black granite counter top, has a rectangular kitchen island at the center with two lamps, and walls painted in a light oatmeal color. The wooden floors were painted in black, helping bring out the color of the kitchen cabinets. All counter tops and back splash uses white marble, while metal elements are in gold or brushed bronze to complete that retro modern look. The main counter uses black solid surface, while the kitchen island uses a thick slab of polished sandstone. The wide oak plank flooring, plank ceiling, rustic sliding barn door and farm house sink give this space a more country style. It uses traditional-inspired kitchen cabinets and combines it with more modern details/materials/finishes. To add variety, the kitchen island base was finished in a gunmetal gray color, combined with pine wood and solid dark mahogany butcher’s block counter top. The use of traditional-style cabinets gives a classic touch to any modern space, giving it more dimension and depth compared to using plain-faced cabinets. Placed in a modern space with an open floor plan, white-painted traditional-style kitchen cabinets were used. The backsplash is given additional texture with the gray slate stone tiles, while the solid mahogany floors effectively adds a warm glow to the space. This is placed in a transitional style interior with an open floor plan to make it look bigger. This is paired with white marble counter top and beige granite counter top or the kitchen island. The brown leather-upholstered bar stools also adds to the over-all elegant appeal of the space. The plain white beveled subway tiles used on the backsplash helps add depth, pattern and texture to the space, while the ebony wooden floors gives the space an excellent contrast. The kitchen cabinets are all in solid dark mahogany, giving it a really nice dark red tone. Despite the dark color choice for its finishes, it is all balanced as the space has good natural lighting, and uses light cream on the walls and on the floors, making the space look big and bright. The kitchen featured in this photo is fairly small, but is placed in a open layout, making it look big and lighter. The kitchen island, on the other hand, uses white base with brown granite counter, which is also used on the both of the main counters. Walls were painted in a golden yellow color, while the granite used also has a golden yellow color to match. The use of warm colored lights also help emphasize the golds used in the space. The overall environment of the kitchen has warm mood due to the yellow tone of the wall painy and the wood floors. High ceilings and large windows enhance the overall appeal and grandeur of this traditional kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are of traditional style in a light beige color which is a great match with the oatmeal painted walls. A gorgeous hand crafted copper oven hood highlights the high-end six burner stainless steel stove. Floral motifs and sinewy lines give this kitchen that art noveau look. A baroque style kitchen which uses dark colors and wood finish to create a dark yet elegant look, typical of baroque style interiors. You will also notice the ceiling which has various carvings and molding details, contributing to the overall authenticity of this baroque kitchen. Iron chandliers were also used, providing a nice warm glow to the space. Ample lighting is allowed inside the kitchen from the windows that surround it. French provincial-inspired kitchen cabinets were combined with modern details to create this look. The counter top used is light cream granite with white ceramic tile backsplash tiles. You will also see a floral wall installation on one side of the wall, giving the space a modern update using modern accessories. All of these were topped with black granite to make it more uniform, while the backsplash is gray nosaic tiles all over the walls giving it a nice pattern and texture. Floors are solid walnut, while walls is a combination of light gray and light yellow. The main kitchen cabinets are white with horizontal louvers, while the kitchen island is painted in warm sage green. This kitchen creatively plays with varying shades and textures of brown to add personality to this kitchen. The countertop on the wide rectangular kitchen island is a glossy red brown stone with a functional base that is covered with cabinets. The only odd color in this space are the purple ovens with stainless steel accents. The backsplash is an offset white square tile with a rectangular inlay. The kitchen itself features three types of wood for it cabinetry. The wood plank floors and rustic cabinetry give this traditional kitchen a warm feel. The natural finish of the kitchen cabinets gives it a sort of rustic appeal which goes very well with the yellow wall color and the maple wood floors. The walls are heavily covered with a big white cabinet on the left side and overhead and base cabinets on the wider side, parallel to the kitchen island. Four chairs in a wooden frame and leather upholstery are aligned to allow sitting by the kitchen island. The flooring is lined with a warm and deep mahogany laminate with a glossy finish. The cabinets were painted in an antique yellow color, giving it a slight yellowish green tinge. This provides a neutral background for the combination of kitchen cabinets. Aside from that there is a separate bar counter which accommodates 4 bar stools. Other classic elements includes the wrought iron pot rack and some wooden candle-holders. The lines and clean smooth in the mahogany paneled cabinets used and has no visible door pulls/knobs for a cleaner look. This modern kitchen has a unique shape and layout as it doesn’t have the standard rectangular or square shape. So despite the use of dark mahogany floors, this kitchen still looks bright. The backsplash tiles used are white glass subway tiles for that modern retro feel, and there’s also an overhead pot rack in gold finish. The slight differences in color and the alignment gives it a really good texture. The walls were painted in a light oatmeal color with white moldings and white paneled ceiling. The backsplash uses light cream mosaic tiles giving the surface a light but elegant finish, and you will also see a lower counter attached to the kitchen island with solid wood butcher’s block top. The use of a combination of black and white kitchen cabinets create a very simple yet elegant look. The counter top material used contrasts with the base – black marble was used with the white base and white marble for the black base. The cooking area has a more rustic feel to it as it has an exposed wooden beam on its ceiling area, and is in between two columns clad in stone masonry. This dominantly white kitchen exhibits a divine and attractive feel with its choice of color, lighting, and space. The backsplash and classic kitchen island base that is supported by four pillars are also in white. The floor, on the other hand, is lined with glossy deep mahogany laminates; adding contrast and strength to the mostly light feel of the room. It also manages to place a bar counter with enough space to accommodate 3 bar stools. Two pendant lights that hang by solid gold chains and an inverted bell shaped metal frame that holds a glass lie directly above it. This kitchen is a bit smaller but manages to maintain a light feel as it uses off-white kitchen cabinets. The upper part of the overhead cabinets were converted into a display cabinet, using wood-framed glass doors. Big doors & windows definitely contribute a lot to the over-all feel of any indoor environment. This kitchen has a more old-world feel to it due to the choice of finishes. The yellow tone of the cabinet paint somehow give it an aged appearance, even more enhanced by the use of iron chandelier with warm white lights, emphasizing the yellow/orange tones. This brick archway divides the kitchen from the dining areas, but the large opening allows the natural lighting from the dining area to seep through the kitchen. Another traditional inspired kitchen, but with a more modern retro look. The main kitchen cabinets have white paint finish, while the kitchen island favors a mint green paint, giving it a unique and sweet look. Walls were painted in a light gray color, while the kitchen cabinets are all in white. The kitchen island also accommodates 3 industrial-style metal bar stools with wooden seats. Beautiful pendant lights give this room a more contemporary feel, especially paired with the chevron pattern ceramic wall tiles. Typical of transitional style spaces, the walls were painted in a light gray color, helping highlight the white main kitchen cabinets. The mosaic tiles adds interesting texture to the walls, while the iron pendant lamps adds an nice antique touch to the space. Satin finish black marble looks sleek and simple when paired with the white base and helps it balance the look. This kitchen definitely looks elegant and classy with its use of different dark wood finishes. For this kitchen, dark solid mahogany was the material of choice of the kitchen cabinet. On the back splash, marble finish beveled subway tiles were used, matching the counter top and giving it a very elegant look. This kitchen features a more modern take on traditional style kitchen cabinets. Main cabinets and in white, while the kitchen island uses light slate gray base, but both uses white marble counters. This is a truly traditional kitchen space with detailed carvings and classic motifs. For the counter top and the back splash, a thick slab of dark olive granite was used, giving it a hea vy yet elegant appeal. This space blends a modern architecture with traditional-inspired interior elements and furniture pieces. The white walls and light gray floor tiles give a nice neutral background to help the kitchen itself take the center-stage. This is mixed with retro-inspired elements like the ceramic kitchen sink and matte gold faucet. The main kitchen cabinet and the kitchen island uses white paneled cabinets, while the other wall uses dark oak wood cabinets, adding variety of finishes to the space. Golden hues are very much celebrated in this transitional style kitchen. The counter top used is cream toned marble to match the light yellow walls while the the back splash is white marble, providing a neutral transition between the counter and the walls. This was topped with beige granite slab for the counter top and light cream ceramic tiles for the backsplash. Dark cherry wood floors provide texture and a dark base, which helps bring out the color of the kitchen cabinets. These kitchen cabinets are in an antiqued white finish and paited with dark cherry wood counter top (kitchen island) & black granite (main counters). All cabinets are in dark walnut paired with cream marble and light cherry butcher’s block. This beautiful kitchen has a glossy white ceiling with exposed trusses. The base cabinets by the wall are wide with metal handles, while the are overhead cabinets on one side with glass panels have stainless steel knobs. Walls were painted in a dark yellow beige color, providing a nice contrast against the white cabinets. Above the kitchen island is a modern drum light in gold with pierced details. This kitchen has a more relaxed tropical feel due to the exposed slope ceiling with wood slats and trusses, as well as rattan finish furniture pieces. Large windows and doors provide this kitchen lots of natural light. The kitchen also has an open layout and is directly connected with the living area. Another transitional style kitchen with an open layout which connects the kitchen with the dining area. All counters uses beige granite counter top for a more uniform look, while the wrought iron chandelier adds to the authentic traditional look of the kitchen. The cabinets are textured and matte, overing most of the kitchen walls except for the walls surrounding the arch for the entrance. Brown diagonal tiles in varying shades of warm brown cover the flooring. The open layout of the kitchen looks on to the living room with its beautiful stone fireplace. The center island is topped with a light brown granite with an under-mount sink. This kitchen plays with varying finishes, colors, and style to achieve a classic and elegant kitchen that is also equally modern feeling. The outer overhead cabinets are vertically longer and is covered by a glass window panel instead of solid white wood. A beautifully blotched brown solid stone in a glossy finish clads the backsplash, the same color to the kitchen island’s countertop that lies above a solid black base that is also a good match to the four pendant lights above it. The backsplash is well illuminated and is covered with brown marble stone of a lighter shade compare to the kitchen island’s countertop. Vertical wood slat details used on the kitchen cabinet doors give this kitchen a country kitchen look. Counter tops are in black granite, while thr backsplash tiles are matte white painted bricks, giving it a more modern look. Walls were painted in a light mocha color and paired with sandstone floors in satin finish. The main cabinets are in white, while the kitchen island is in dark wengue finish. Its counters are in white, while the built-up bar counter has black slate stone cladding and uses beige granite counter top all throughout the kitchen for a more uniform look. For the counter top, gray salt & pepper was used, while the back splash uses diagonally-arranged matte ceramic tiles which almost blends in with the off-white walls. It also has a excellent natural light due to the presence of large openings and skylight. The over-all planning of the space provides an efficient workflow and enough working space for food preparation. The stove’s stainless steel finish adds class to the solid brown marble countertop, as led lights under the overhead cabinets amply illuminate the diagonally line matte square tiles in an oatmeal color that clad the backsplash. This kitchen goes for a more uniform look as it uses the same wood tone for both the floors and the kitchen cabinets.

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