7 Ways To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

Eugenol has little or no residual activity [meaning it’s effectiveness fades quickly], although the scent of cloves will linger. You can also leave a citrus-infused cotton ball in cabinets and other areas as needed. If you’re spraying on a food surface, omit the tea tree oil and add 15 drops peppermint oil. It’s also odorless and non-staining, and can be used safely indoors.
My Favorite Cleaning Products! | Duration 8 Minutes 25 Seconds It is best used with another repellent, like essential oils. Do you have a tried-and-true trick for keeping ants away? I finally had to give up and have the exterminator spread stuff on the anthill and the ants are gone! I tried knocking them off with a just plain water sprayed from a spray bottle. But, for the last few days have seen one solitary ant, on different occasions. I had a ball jar of sugar open earlier today, maybe they smelled it, from far off. Anyway, there were none in the sugar jar, but am wondering if they were attracted by that. I put on gloves and went out and carefully pushed him away, he was stuck by his chest feathers. You helped him so that must have made you feel better and him too! You do need to scrub the mixture off hard surfaces as it tends to harden but it is soap, so your are leaning in the process. I need an ant repellent specific for ants but not effective on the bees for instance. They need to get the food back to the nest and to the queen and the small ones that are being grown. Secure the cling wrap in place with an elastic around the lip of the container. Fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar, and go in through the little holes but cannot get out. I use it as a disinfectant in homemade cleaners and a general antiseptic. You can also leave a tea tree-infused cotton ball in cabinets and other areas as needed.

How To Clean A Stone Grave Marker | Duration 5 Minutes 47 Seconds It is also used on some ornamental plant pests such as armyworms, thrips, aphids and mites. Repeat every few days until ants are completely gone, or see below for how to use it as a spray. When sprinkled on a bug that has an exoskeleton (such as bed bugs, ants or fleas) it compromises their waxy coating so that their innards turn into teeny tiny bug jerky. It is best used with another repellent, like citrus peels or essential oils. Add 30 drops of one of the essential oils listed above, if desired. Allow to steep overnight, then strain and pour the liquid in a spray bottle. I tried the baking soda/powdered sugar – all it did was attract more ants. I set the feeder on a table surrounded by a “moat” of water and they still swarmed to it, even though they couldn’t get beyond the water. Even the geckos and whiptail lizards weren’t making a dent in the ant population. There are usually some ants, but they don’t get a chance to really take over with this method. It seemed to work, but then they would come back and swarm again. I sprayed so much that it dripped a little on to the top of the feeder and repelled the hummingbirds some. I also read somewhere that they seek water and that so even a wet napkin on the counter can attract them. I am a big believer in essential oils and had already smeared some clove oil on the counters before coming here to this site. If you use olive oil or coconut oil on your skin it will keep you from getting bit by b itting insects. You hang it on your hook and hang the hummingbird feeder on the ant guard. I did call and schedule a pest service, used half vinegar, half water solution with orange oil. I was just wandering are these repellents, repellant also for other insects? Cleaned and washed the vacuum well and left it to air soaker tub. They eventually drown in the vinegar which then disintegrates them.

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Why did the people who lived here before me own loads of cats but, evidently, not a single vacuum cleaner? Because it would take an extra five seconds or so to unscrew a doorknob or even just tape around it, that step generally gets passed over in favor of just painting the whole door — including knobs, hinges and existing hooks. The good news is that stripping and cleaning old metal hardware is really easy and more or less free! There should be a small screw at the base of the knob holding it to a central rod that runs through the mortise mechanism inside the door.

Cleaning Brick And Stone Outdoor Howto From Home Work With Hank | Duration 7 Minutes 4 Seconds Then use a manual screwdriver (screws on old hardware usually require a small flathead) to remove the screws. Apply pressure, take your time and the screw should come loose easily enough. This one was removed at some point and replaced upside down (and, consequently, the backplates were then reinstalled upside down!), so it was extra-important to remove this one and replace it correctly. Older layers of paint may be lead-based, so it’s not a good idea to leave pieces lying around where pets or children might decide to munch on them. Keep an eye on it while you occupy your time with something more exciting, like staring in the mirror and whispering self-affirming statements to your reflection. Then just move over to the sink and start removing your paint! Be careful, here — you don’t want to scratch the finish! And if it turns out that you totally hate the plain metal, or it just doesn’t look right with your house, you can always repaint it with a nice even coat of spray paint. So naturally the landlord painted everything in free-paint-beige, and right over the stripped cabinet hinges, etc. You can also find old painted hardware cheap to replace all those missing pieces around the house. Just bring it to a boil, throw in some baking soda and then see how many layers are left. I use a tooth brush (my husband’s of course) because metal on metal will leave scratches. I am guessing that it might have been a funny transition for the person trying to use the key the first few times. Its a beautiful place with wonderful built-ins and hardwood floors, unfortunately all of the old hardware had layers and layers of paint on them from previous tenants and lazy landlords. Even with all of the extra work, the beautiful result was worth it. What was most amazing to me was all the gross junk inside the knob and the lock part. I the one that’s just being picky here, how did these people before me live like this! A good portion of the hardware is original and most have been painted to some degree. Very glad to see an alternative to paint stripper–didn’t know about this. This doorknob problem was the least of our troubles in this house (with original boiler/radiator heating system). Bookmarked it and came back every week, whether a whole apartment or one piece of furniture. My brother told me about this 10 years ago when he restored our family’s antique building.

Best Way To Clean Tiles Grout 3 Experiments & Comparisons | How To Clean Tiles Grout | Duration 4 Minutes 15 Seconds The results were breathtaking and it serves the house well! You can remove paint from light fixtures the same way, just remove the sockets and wires first. If it is a really old light be careful about replacing the sockets – especially if the bulb hangs down. I know their lives are none of my business, but by leaving behind these relics for me to contend with, they have made it my business. One of the most common victims of sloppy tenants and sloppier landlords is old metal hardware. The same rule generally applies to window sash locks and — well, let’s be honest — anything in sight. All you need are a few basic supplies (that you might already have), and you’ll be on your way to beautiful hardware that nobody will ever know endured such a traumatic past. After the screw is removed, it should be easy to slide off the knob. Though it might seem like an electric screwdriver would be faster, electric screwdrivers have a tendency to strip old, stuck screws. If you think older layers of paint might be lead-based, this project is safer with a lidded crockpot on the middle setting overnight. You should be able to see the paint begin to bubble and separate from the hardware within a few hours, but it’s good to let it all marinate for about 6-8. This stuff is mega-powerful, though, so it’s a good idea to start with the back of a backplate or another area that won’t be exposed, just to make sure you actually like the restored finish. To protect the finish from tarnishing further — or rusting if it’s going in a bathroom — you may want to hit it with a coat of clear matte varnish. We completely painted the entire place from ceiling to floor and cleaned up the hardware. Everything is painted over white, even the (presumably pink or mint green) bathroom tiles. Just bought a place with beautiful door hardware but all the backplates have been painted. We just bought and moved into a 92 year old diamond in the rough. Even the leadstrips in between it are covered with paint stains. I just use naval jelly to remove the rust and rub in a light coating of walnut oil to give it sheen. However, many of them were not attached to the door properly and it was common to pull the knob right off the door, leaving you trapped inside. We quickly learned tricks to untrap us (involving butter knives), and then employed screwdrivers to the knobs to better attach them. I cleaned up all my old doorknobs this weekend and there was about 1/8″ of paint on everything! Next up, how to open a window that’s been painted shut? If the wiring is in good condition you can use the same wires again after the paint is stripped, or just replace the wires. They were made differently then and it’s better to use the original than a modern replacement. I have two kids with chicken pox and plenty of time to do odd jobs…….

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It hasn’t always been easy, but the ability to determine your financial fate through operating your own business can be an absolute game-changer for you and your family. It hasn’t always been easy but it definitely has allowed us for tons of opportunity, tons of experiences. Mainly around problems we’re having, and we hope maybe one of you go out there and create one of these businesses so we can use it. We did this last episode for the first time, just as a little snapshot of what we’re doing right now, what’s in our head. Something we’re going to be talking a lot about is addiction, whether it’s alcohol or something else. So it’s kind of tricking your mind with the scent of something sweet, the aroma. Basically people write, it’s a little more high brown though. Logistically it’s an insane thought of what airlines do on an annual basis, even on a daily basis. So that was really my one and only entrepreneurial endeavor so far. Owning and operating businesses has been one of the most impactful things that they have ever done in their lives.

How To Clean Concrete | Part 1 – Sealing Concrete – Diy Cleaning & Sealing | Duration 7 Minutes 31 Seconds Toda y we’re going to talk about what we’ve done, the lessons we’ve learned, and then we have a fun section towards the end of businesses we’d actually want to start today. But you can go there and you can see the whole list of all the episodes we’ve done of what we are reading, listening, eating, and loving. She was being interviewed, talking about how she entered into sobriety and then a lot of the science behind it. A lot of scholars and actually other publications repost on there. And one blown window, and one person sucked out of an airplane, and the whole reputation goes out the door. As we shared in the intro, business is near and dear to our hearts. He has an awesome community, an awesome way to start businesses, podcasts. Now they’re like almost at 40 markets, in 40 different cities. When we could talk about business topics, which before you were really tuned out of because it didn’t matter. I didn’t even know you could organize professional and get paid. So, rather than starting from scratch we reached out to them.

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So it can be hard to tell if it’s allergies or just a new food? If your dog has a reaction, which usually takes a few days to a few weeks, then you know he has an allergy to that food. Furthermore, many vets agree that dehydrated dog food is also better for digestibility. Little to no loss of vitamins and minerals during the cooking process. We send your puppy home with a 3 lb-bag of food that should last them at least a week. Not to mention switching your dogs foods all the time that alone can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. Better alternatives to lamb are ‘cooling’ or ‘neutral’ meats like duck, turkey or beef. Once the dog has improved, then you start reintroducing the old foods one at a time that you think caused the problems in the first place. This can be a frustrating, time consuming and an expensive process and not everyone is super great at it… so the test is also an amazing option and a great place to maybe start!

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They have been successful in creating an entire category of premium green cleaning products that really do clean. They worked to develop a product derived from natural plant sources that worked as well as, or better than existing cleaners. Method’s brand purpose is to be a catalyst in a happy healthy home revolution that improves human health. Method’s entire line of home care and personal products are non-toxic and made with naturally derived bio-degradable ingredients that are tough on dirt and easy on the planet. When you consider the health benefits of getting rid of dust and dirt, the mental benefits of de-cluttering and the positive effect of cleaning to the environment around you it can be considered an all round “do good” task, not to mention the calories you burn when you undertake the cleaning! Method has been successful in persuading a segment of consumers to embrace environmentally friendly products as genuine alternatives. Many innovations are born when the existing alternatives do not provide an adequate solution to the job that consumers are trying to get done. This gave birth to an idea to create effective cleaning products that weren’t poisonous. They wanted to create a movement that employees and consumers could rally around. They have created an internal culture and external communication program that supports their brand purpose.

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Determine what cleaner you use on the most surfaces or most times per week, or the one you spend the most money on. For tougher dirt, vinegar and water in a spray bottle(or in a bucket for outside windows) always does the trick.
Use old newspapers to wipe clean if no microfiber around. Spray with straight vinegar as an after-shower spray that you just leave on. Some people add a few drops of essential oils for a nicer scent. The orange bottle of all-purpose cleaner looks better though! Baking soda and lemon juice make a paste for nasty stains. Important note: always keep hydrogen peroxide in an opaque bottle (so no clear glass obviously!). I use baking soda on stainless steel and ceramic sinks on a regular basis. Try an old toothbrush to really get stains out of grout and around sinks and faucets! I actually like the smell of tea tree oil, but not everyone does. Use salt to clean out cast iron if it gets food caked on, or to freshen up wooden cutting boards. When your dishwasher gets gunky, get back to normal with this natural dishwasher cleaning method. Booooooo to them for their yucky ingredient in the all-purpose spray – who can trust the laundry soap? Maggie’s brand on accident, and they have two problems: they stick together and can stain clothes if they sit wet against them. I use the powder for hot or warm loads, because it wasn’t dissolving well after we got a new washer that wouldn’t allow water to run in while the lid was open. No vinegar if you have hardwood floors – vinegar can strip the finish and water really isn’t the best idea either. You can even commit to changing after your current bottle/bag/box runs out if getting rid of something you purchased makes you squeamish. By the end of the year, you’ll realize that you’ve switched up your whole house and you can breathe easier! No more than 1/4 cup vinegar to a quart of water should be needed, usually much less. Scrub with baking soda when you get scum that needs some extra elbow grease. Commercial green cleaner s feel like a nice option to have on hand here – but it’s very hard to find them without questionable ingredients. I like the 50/50 hydrogen peroxide solution to clean and sanitize the outside. Nothing makes them shine like baking soda and just a little elbow grease! To sanitize after raw meat or the like in the kitchen, you’ll need two bottles: one with vinegar and one with hydrogen peroxide. Mix 10-20 drops oil in a half cup witch hazel, vodka or vinegar. Add water to fill at least a 2-cup bottle, up to a quart (32 oz.)). You’ll find all-purpose counter cleaners from most commercial green companies, too – but watch those ingredients. Pour some baking soda in – jam it down there if you have to. If you have a spill inside the oven, the best line of defense is to sprinkle salt on while it’s still hot, then tackle it as soon as you can touch it while it’s still warm. Use straight baking soda to scrub gunk off ceramic mugs, slow cookers, etc. Biokleen was the winner but has since been trounced mightily. Better on your dishwasher, gentler on your dishes, better for your budget. It go t most stains out before the clothes even hit the washer (scrub them well). Pour the soak water right into the washing machine for a boost after soaking. Your best line of defense is your strongest dishsoap, undiluted, directly on the stain with a tiny bit of hot water. I like wool dryer balls instead of fabric softener or dryer sheets. The scented detergent smells nice but it has some questionable fragrance ingredients. Find out what’s really non-toxic and worth your time and money! Your mop bucket is another place for warm water and a glug of vinegar. If you feel the need to disinfect a bit (crawling baby, perhaps?) you can use quick sprays of 5 0/50 hydrogen peroxide and water. But if you’re just starting your real food and natural living journey, sifting through all that we’ve shared here over the years can be totally overwhelming.

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I have been blown away by all the products they offer, especially all the eco-friendly products. They are really flexible so you only get products when you need them! I already use a few of those brands and needed to stock up anyway! Method products already but am anxious to try other brands and continue to replace all my cleaners with natural cleaners. Products that make cleaning more fun and are delivered to my door step at great prices? I can’t think of one reason why someone wouldn’t want to join! I have had to contact their customer service once and they took care of me immediately. Thanks for another blog post about them and for hooking me up with a great company. They send out an e-mail reminder so that you can adjust your cart each month and get what you want when you want. And thank you so much for your sweet words about my blog!

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Then you take a couple of teaspoons of the hydrated mix and dilute it with more water until it’s like a runny shampoo. I don’t do this as my hair is very fine and the oil makes it lank. You can use it to cleanse your skin or leave it on for a face pack. What about you; have you used natural alternatives to shampoo to wash your hair? I hope that you manage to reach your goal of washing your hair once a week. We can all be greener, and it helps a lot to have the great resources and the humour your site provides. The clay can be used on all hair and scalp types, although it does make the hair thicker looking, so if you have really thick hair you will need to experiment a bit more. Morocco is a poor country that is improving in many ways under their new king (more women’s rights for instance–slowly but surely) and it has so much to offer the rest of the world. You really need to experiment, but yes, it takes much more rinsing than shampoo if you don’t get it right! Every journalist managed to make their 100g bag last for a week and some for ten days. So, why not not skip the whole “hydrating” thing….and just put. 1oz of clay into your bottle of water in the first place? Ignore it for 10 minutes, it hydrates itself and then it is ready to use. For washing longer hair, it is easier if the clay is in a more running consistency. She would have added more water making it into a kind of milk shake consistency. For rinsing long hair, pour water (or stand under the shower in the upright position), then tip the head downwards to assure complete removal – once the clay has done its job it is rinsed completely from the hair. I also had issues with my hair (used it to wash my hair also). Don’t mix of stir it, -put the clay in a breakfast bowl and just cover it in water, leave it for a few minutes and it give you the standard yogurt like consistency for face washing. For washing the hair, make it runnier, a milkshake consistency. I really want to make the no-poo method work, but i havent had any luck with the baking soda/apple cider vinegar method and also no luck with the castile soap recipes. I decant my clay and keep it in an old jam jar and you can make up enough for a weeks supply if you want to. You take a few teaspoons of the clay and hydrate it with warm water. It might sound a bit of a faff, but you can hydrate it in advance and store it for a week. You can add some oil such as jojoba if you like to get a shampoo and conditioner in one. You can also use it for other things, so you only need one cleansing product in the bathroom. If you’re looking to go the infamously ‘no poo’ route; then this is worth considering. There is now a lot more room in the bathroom cabinet! You got the hang of it very quickly, and your tips on which essential oils to add are great. You hair looks shinier, full of body and thicker after using the clay. My hair is quite similar to yours, and it was by washing my hair in clay last year that made me want to use it all the time – now for my face and body too. The clay is known to reduce the need for frequent hair washing, so let’s hope it gets you there. It works everytime, there is no build-up and the hair is always in perfect condition. Besides it making a really effective replacement for chemical-plastic-packed shampoos, it is also made by nature, fully biodegradable and even the packaging is paper. So we have set a guidance value of an average use of 10g per day, but of course people are free to use as much or as little as they like! She has long hair and it must get pretty swampy and she needs to shower and wash her long hair every day! Initially it is tempting to use too much, but gradually you will find that you can get very good results with very modest amounts. If you take, say, 1 oz of clay, and “hydrate” it into a solution of 10 oz of water…….then you have. 1 oz clay per each 1 oz of water. The clay comes as a powder (saves a lot on transport costs and it keeps very well in the powdered form as it is more or less inert in this state). Just put the clay powder in a non-metallic bowl, and pour the water on top. For washing short hair with this mix, wet the hair, and rub between a teaspoon to a soup spoon of clay mix into the scalp, massaging it for a while. Again starting with wet hair, she can pour what amounts to about 1/4 of a mug of runnier clay mix onto her scalp, do the massage to clean the scalp and the oil follicles, and then comb it easily down the length of the hair before rinsing. It is much easier to use in practice than it sounds, because there are only two consistencies, and the yogurt form can easily be diluted into the long hair shampoo form. I used it the other day for my face and was dismayed to find my skin felt very dried out. I am on a mission to cut out ad many chemicals ad possible from my daily beauty regime. It is composed of minerals and trace elements and they are very stable in their dried condition. Pour it onto the wet hair, spend your time rubbing the scalp, then comb round the head, down the shaft of the hair. Just wondering if this cleans hair on the first try, or if there is a detox period where the hair could be really dry or greasy or flaky etc. It got harder for me to run my fingers through my hair (my hair is very fine so that wasn’t really a problem). Terressentials is basically this stuff made up for you, so yes, better to save the budget and make your own. Two companies in 417-land are doing their part to keep cleaning as organic—or “green”—as possible. Bob says it was important to him to offer a natural cleaning method for the health and safety of his clients as well as his employees. He was inspired by his mother, who made her own natural cleaning solutions and implemented green cleaning practices in her home. His company specializes in move-in/move-out cleaning but offers home and office cleaning services, too. Or, spray the oven down with water and shake the baking powder over the soiled area. For instance, you can add lemon juice to your dishwashing detergent to help cut grease on dirty dishes, or you can use it to clean soap scum in your bathtub, or mix it with baking powder to clean countertops. But take heart; cleaning your home, whether you do it yourself or hire it out, doesn’t have to mean harsh chemicals and toxic fumes.

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I switched to green cleaners about 3 years ago, and my headaches disappeared along with the smelly cleaners. The best thing to do is ask the people who installed the counters. My friends son does kitchen counters and cabinets for a living and he said it is the safest thing to use. Be sure to wipe dry with dry rag or paper towel and it shines beautifully. I kinda like the nose-burn of vinegar cause it gives me some added assurance that it must be working! The all-purpose cleaning spray recipe is good for toilets, especially the parts where water is not sitting. My husband is tentative about switching to homeade cleaners, but he’s slowly getting on board. Hopefully having some simple recipes will help him be willing to give it a go! Just wanted to throw out another brand that’s working to give better options than the typical harsh chemicals we find everywhere. When you use newspaper to clean glass using natural cleaners, are they still recyclable? You will be able tell if they are still fresh or if they smell like they need to be washed. I can turn my kids loose and not worry about them inhaling or spraying each other with toxic cleaners (they are crazy boys). Contrary to what the cleaning aisle at the supermarket might say, you don’t need a lot of different specialty products to get your home clean. White vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda are about to become your new best friend. Vinegar is a disinfectant, but for raw chicken juice and other clean-ups involving bacteria, you will want something more powerful, like hydrogen peroxide. You can buy this, or make it yourself by squeezing some lemons ahead of time. Use 100% cotton microfiber cloths for your cleaning – they will not leave lint behind, and you can throw them in the wash afterward and re-use them. They will also save you money and most importantly, they are safe and non-toxic, so you and your family can rest easy. And when you look up homemade cleaners online, a lot of recipes call for many different ingredients for different types of cleaners. Here are a few recipes that will help you do most of your everyday cleaning. For really stubborn grime, allow to sit 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Spray on mirror or glass, and wipe clean with old newspaper. You can use this on any floor, unless the manufacturer has specified to avoid all detergents. If you’re concerned about the smell of vinegar, you can always add a few drops of essential oil to your mix, but know that the odor of vinegar disappears as it evaporates. If you don’t want to cut up fresh lemons, keep a squeeze bottle of lemon juice in your fridge. If you buy it, make sure it only contains 100% lemon juice, with no added oils or essences. Don’t buy anything that contains petroleum distillates or phosphates. These basic recipes should take care of 95% of your basic housecleaning needs. My windows, mirrors and chrome faucets really sparkle! Maybe we can work on developing a natural substitute! It’s great for cabinets and unfinished wood but not so good on anything else. I also put a bowl of water with lemon in the microwave (that hopefully we won’t have much longer, but if you have one…) let it sit a while and then it wipes clean so nicely! Not only did it clean super, it was a great air freshner for the pet odors. Fill saved pump dispenser bottle 3/4 with water, pour in few drops of castile soap and you have foam hand soap. Some say yes, some no, some say it depends whether your granite counters are sealed or not. If you can’t do that, then the consensus seems to be that the best thing for granite is just plain hot water. All the clothes felt as though they had some sort of residue on them. I also use white vinegar in my downy ball for fabric “softener” and love it! Is there any simple spray solutions for cleaning toilets that you recommend? You can shake in some baking soda, too, and scrub it with your toilet brush and then let sit. Otherwise, throw them into the washer after you’re done with them. I don’t think you can still recycle the piece of newspaper you use to clean your mirror and/or glass, but it will break down and decompose.

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I did get some ceramic cooktop cleaner for my oven top and that seemed to help with that. Is it possible you had also used a cloth that had that odor but had since put it in the laundry? I am not saying use it daily just see if it eliminates the smell. There is a mildew smell that you will start to notice after they are washed or get wet. I was cleaning my kitchen this morning and realized something smelled off. Spritz some on the counter and wipe good with a paper towel. I know about smelly sofas, that’s next on my house fixer upper list!

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This product is a bit more expensive than comparable glass cleaners, but its rave reviews suggest that it’s well worth the investment. It comes out as a foam that easily clings to vertical surfaces, solving the common issue of product dripping down your window. It has a fresh scent and is guaranteed not to leave behind a film or streaks. People write that it’s truly streak-free and never leaves behind residue. This product comes with three packs of 28 pre-moistened wipes, for a total of 84 wipes. All you have to do is peel back the adhesive plastic cover, pull out a wipe, then reseal the package to keep the wipes fresh. The formula is ammonia-free and non-toxic, a big plus for families with kids and pets. As expected, most reviewers chose this product for its non-toxic formula. However, several do note that this product isn’t the best when it comes to heavy grease or extremely dirty surfaces. It can also be used on windows and mirrors and is safe for tinted glass. This product comes with 210 individually wrapped wipes, all for a reasonable price. People like that the wipes are not too wet and are individually packaged, so you can throw several in your bag for use on the go. Many also say the product goes a long way since you dilute it before each use. Sprayway is an aerosol spray that comes in 19-ounce bottles. If you want proof that this product is the best glass cleaner out there, just look at its glowing reviews. Generations of families have trusted this product to cut through all kinds of dirt and grime on windows and much more. It can be used on any type of glass and many other household surfaces, and it contains a patented ingredient, ammonia-d, that cuts through grime and grease even before you wipe it off. However, you really can’t beat the performance at this great price. Note that if you don’t seal the pack properly, your wipes may dry out. Many say that one wipe goes far, so you won’t blow through the packs too quickly. It can be used to clean glass and other household surfaces, such as appliances, countertops, mirrors and more. Method claims their glass cleaner won’t leave streaks, and as an added bonus, the bottle is made from 100-percent recycled plastic. Most agree that it smells great and cuts through light layers of dirt, leaving little to no streaking. For best results, the manufacturer recommends using a microfiber cloth with this glass cleaner. Many people report that they use it on various surfaces in their homes, as well as their vehicles, writing that it does a great job cutting through dirt without leaving streaks. The formula is ammonia-free, and it claims to clean lenses and screens gently without leaving any streaks or residue. Many say these wipes don’t leave streaks, although some complain that they’re not anti-fog, a helpful benefit when cleaning eyeglasses. However, note that this product should not be used on marble, aluminum or unfinished or unsealed wood. Overall, it’s a great value for a multi-purpose glass cleaner.

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It smells so clean and fresh but isn’t over powering plus it really has been working for us. I would have tried the epsom salt, but we used the last of ours last time we were detoxing. We do get mildew so fast though and it has made that disappear. I just read an article on “natural” products today and it said they are not required to list ingredients. I squeeze it on the shower walls and scrub with a scotch pad. But in line with what others said about their stuff, it was very highly fragranced too. He only uses them with his clothes but there is always an item or two of someone elses in there and it spreads to other clothes it the basket. We use 1/4 a cap of laundry det when we use method and it works fine and the scent isn’t so strong. I used my biokleen bathroom cleaner, and that didn’t even touch it. It seems that the petroleum in the cleaners really does make it work a lot better. Often, by not listing them they can be deceitful in claiming that it is all natural. You will notice a huge difference the first time, but it will improve even more with subsequent use. My second shower method it to mix lime juice, flour and salt to make a paste and apply it to the stained areas. If you let this mixture sit too long it will be really hard to scrub off.

The Method Company: Sustainability Innovation As Entrepreneurial Strategy by 2012books.lardbucket.org

Method had in fact altered the once staid market for cleaning products in which large competitors traditionally fought over shelf facings, thin margins, and fractional market share points. The consumer could toss the tablet in the washing machine with a load of laundry. At a critical point in the product development process, everything about the monodose was working except one thing: the gel that encapsulated the detergent didn’t dissolve entirely in cold water, a result of the company’s decision not to use animal-derived ingredients such as the gelatins most often used for capsules. They soon thereafter became roommates, helping to maintain a house full of college fraternity brothers. The two spent time discussing what was cool and what was not in commercial markets—and hence ripe for innovation. Method’s growth accelerated even as the company stayed true to its core values of style and social and environmental soundness. The story cannot be copied overnight or eroded by competitors. If synthetic ingredients were needed, they were screened for biodegradability and toxicity to humans and the environment but without the use of animal testing. Other giants with broad product portfolios operated in the laundry detergent market. Clorox also had proven particularly adroit at moving into the green cleaning market. We have to have an environment where people are comfortable sharing ideas. We have to cultivate our ability to be different, to be open to ideas. The green chefs listed their goals and all the tools at their disposal, including the conventional harsh, artificial tools. It has to be great in its own right, and green has to be just another part of its quality. They eventually refined the formula, dubbed “smartclean,” to be as effective as “the nasty stuff” yet naturally based and eight times as concentrated. Unexpectedly, they had moved into a new realm of chemistry in which few people had any experience working with such concentrated liquids. Holzhauer talked to people in the paintball industry to get a sense of how big he could make a glycerin or gelatin capsule to hold the detergent. Holzhauer concentrated the detergent enough so the capsule size would contain all the detergent needed. Suddenly, the critical solution had taken hold in the chef group: a pump instead of a tablet for this detergent. Conventional detergents worked by breaking open the micelles in the washing machines so the tails could grab dirt and then getting the micelles to clump with the dirt in the middle so it could be washed away in the water. This inverted pro perty also reduced the amount of water needed in the liquid, thereby concentrating the detergent and reducing its mass and volume. The detergent was incredibly viscous and had to be tweaked to work in a pump. A standard cap and bottle also made measurement a two-handed task, and a full bottle of typical two-times concentrate could easily weigh seven pounds or more. Method’s fifty-load smartclean container, when full, weighed less than two pounds. The project manager believed innovation was more important than strict adherence to procedures. Additionally, per the publisher’s request, their name has been removed in some passages. As scientific studies revealed growing health problems associated with chemical exposure and regulation of chemicals steadily rose around the world, more informed customers were seeking effective but healthier cleaning product options on retail shelves. This certification meant the products were nontoxic and used fewer resources throughout their life cycles. He and the company aspired to launch two major products a year. It devised an eight-times-concentrated detergent in an encapsulated tablet, or monodose format, which would further save packaging and product materials and drastically reduce manufacturing and distribution of energy usage. It was convenient, efficient, less messy, and prevented using excess soap in each laundry load. A bit of the plant-based gel casing could remain in the washing machine during the rinse cycle. Alternatively, the company could abandon the monodose concept and its inherent benefits. There, he helped develop software tools for the study of global climate change. The pair settled on cleaning products, a bastion of typically harsh, dangerous chemicals—definitely not cool. Method expanded rapidly from hand soaps and countertop cleaners to body washes, floor cleaners, dish soaps, and laundry detergents. The company also continued to use naturally occurring or naturally derived ingredients as much as possible. We do everything we can to make people as connected as possible. The more different an idea, the more fragile it is and the more likely it is beaten down and doesn’t go anywhere. Method’s strategy was to hire creative people and then get out of their way. Whereas if we mandate—go make this formulation with these characteristics—he’d be checked out and bored and gone. Method also wanted to encapsulate the detergent in tablet form for the user’s convenience and to reduce detergent wasted by inaccurate measurement. They focused initially on getting the detergent formula right. Holzhauer had to ensure no unwanted interactions among those ingredients, but he also had to fill the holes in his toolkit to get the results he wanted. If the products didn’t clean, it didn’t matter that they were natural, nontoxic, and beautiful. He wanted something that could fit in your hand, and the paintball people thought that could be done. Yet the detergent was so effective that it dissolved the capsules as well unless they were made sufficiently thick, at which point they would not fully dissolve in cold-water wash conditions. Let people squirt the detergent straight into the washing machine instead of dissolving a tablet. Breaking open micelles required agitation and thermal energy. This inverted micelle made the detergent more efficient: cleaning was improved while less detergent was wasted because it interacted more readily with dirt and less energy was needed to agitate and heat the laundry. It also had to be uniformly mixed so that each squirt dispensed exactly the same proportion of ingredients; in the tablet the ingredients would mix eventually once the tablet dissolved and thus could start off unevenly dispersed. Holzhauer patented his work to date and continued to work on a revised version for future release. That task fell largely to the packaging engineering and project management teams. Method employees worked at common long tables rather than in cubicles, so they could overhear discussions and add to them.

How To Clean A Shower and Keep It That Way + DIY Recipes by cleanmama.net

If it isn’t used on a daily or weekly basis it still needs a quick wipe down to keep it clean and dust-free. Using a daily shower spray will keep soap scum and mildew at bay and make it easier to clean your shower. Try that technique if you’d like and see if that works for you. Use a handled scrub brush to effectively clean the grout and tiles. All you need is about a cup of white vinegar, a sturdy plastic bag, and a rubber band. Make sure that all of the spray holes are covered in the vinegar. It’s important to keep the bag on the shower head for at least 3 hours. Not only will the mineral deposits and residue be removed from the exterior, but the interior will be cleaned as well. If you have a little mildew in your shower, spray straight hydrogen peroxide on the spot(s). It loses its effectiveness when it comes in contact with light. I like the idea of adding the peppermint oil – which is a natural inhibitor to mildew and mold. Don’t like scrubbing soap scum from your shower tile? Water beads up, rolls down the drain keeping mineral deposits from building up. What kind of scrub/paste do you use as the monthly clean? I use a homemade paste of baking soda and dish soap/castile soap with a scrub brush. For the walls around the bathtub/shower, which formula would you use to wipe that down with? It does the same thing to chrome fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen. I rubbed some baking soda on the old one and it looks as good as the day it was new. If it’s a shower that’s used regularly, it’s damp and has a fair amount of moisture that needs to fully dry on a daily basis. Use a squeegee at the end of your shower to remove excess water and to prevent water spots. Some people swear by using a combination of equal parts white vinegar and dish soap in a handled sponge dispenser. Pour about a cup of vinegar into the bag and lift it to the shower head. Adjust the amount of vinegar if necessary and then secure it to the shower head with the rubber band. One way to start fresh is to re-caulk your shower and tub every year or so. If there’s more than just a little bit of mold or mildew, call a professional to eradicate the problem first. You can put a clean spray nozzle right on top of a hydrogen peroxide bottle – keep the hydrogen peroxide in the brown container it came in. Hydrogen peroxide will bleach fabric so be careful where and how you spray the solution. You can also try using the same process with just straight white vinegar, no rinsing is necessary. Spray liberally on mold/mildew, let sit for 1-2 hours, rinse. But clove, cinnamon, lemon, rosemary and tea tree oils will also do that – so there is a choice to which scent your bathroom has. Use non soap body cleanser and a non-shampoo routine for your showering. I don’t mind cleaning the shower, it’s the rinsing that gets me. I love it for my walk in cause you just spray and wipe then you are done. I am not a huge fan of peppermint, but love spearmint instead. Also, since we take take baths instead of showers, what would be the best thing to use to keep the bathtub clean? Aren’t those things supposed to be incredibly toxic?

Method Brand Cleaner by gardenweb.com

It seemed to leave the dishes with streaks, especially the plastic things. I guess they are okay, not fond of the laundry detergent either. Target sells the big refill bags for the foaming hand soap, so you’re helping the environment by not buying a new container every time you run out of soap. I never have to use any other cleaner except vinegar around the faucets. I do have the almond floor oil, the liquid hand soap, and fabric sheets. I use both the grapefruit and the lavender general cleaning solutions. I have been using their foaming hand soap for quite some time and wouldn’t think of using anything else. I also love the spray all purpose cleaner in the lavendar scent.

A Neat Freak’S Review Of Method Cleaning Products by theinteriorsaddict.com

I hate cleaning the shower and would pay anyone any sum if money for them to do it for me. Add in a lino floor and the whole thing is a nightmare to clean. Method in my local super market be good to be able to get my hands on some of their products again. I love to have a very clean home but its not my favourite chore to clean the oven and the stove. My least favourite thing to do, and unfortunately one of the most necessary, is the dishes. Method is definitely the secret, providing amazing finishing. At home, daily shower upkeep my bathrooms’ cleanliness – every 2 days a spray. You’ve got that lone fuzzy green orange peel stuck to the bottom. My least favourite chore is grout – in the bathroom, kitchen and floor. I don’t mind getting it in, folding it and putting it away, but putting it out is just so boring. This results in poor mum scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing! My most hated chore would be a toss up between cleaning the shower or the oven! I work as a cleaner and love to clean both at work and at home but it seems odd to me that the chemicals for home cleaning seem to leave more of a chemical smell than the ones at work go figure…….. Shower and toilet vie for top honours in the least favourite task list. I dislike dishwashing, mopping, the toilets and shower, vacuuming and ironing. It would be nice if things could stay clean for longer than it takes for my toddler to wake from his nap. The noxious fumes, the greasy build-up of many meals, the arm wearying monotony of it all. The tiled floors and the shower being my worst nightmare to clean by far! There is not a lot of storage amd lots of little, hard-to-reach gaps and crevices. I still love a clean and tidy house, even though it doesn’t stay (very) clean for long. Method clanking products would be good for removing honey too? Sometimes you can’t even see it, but inevitably food gets “baked onto” the bottom, the trays, the racks and the door. From bathroom cleaner, go naked to daily & granite polish. You’ve got sticky stains, you’ve got hard stains, you’ve got smelly stains. They seem to have mini parties while having showers and spread soap all over the glass and tile area.


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