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Marble And Grout Cleaning

Grout can be cleaned with harsher chemicals and utensils than marble can. Draw a bowl of warm water and lightly wet the bristles of a stiff-bristle toothbrush. Scrub the grout between the marble tiles with the toothbrush. Avoid getting the baking soda on the marble or brushing it with the toothbrush.
Bathroom Cleaning Tips How To Clean Marble Floors | Duration 1 Minutes 55 Seconds Mix a solution of baking soda and warm water to the consistency of toothpaste. Rinse the mixture off by cleaning it with a cloth moistened with clean, warm water. Continue to rinse the grout as many times as necessary to remove the cleaning mixture. Fruits, vegetables and vinegar will create permanent stains unless cleaned immediately. Marble is calcium carbonate, a natural stone that’s highly compressed and crystallized. It absorbs liquids, which evaporate and leave behind mineral deposits or food stains. The grout between the marble tiles becomes dirty and discolored over time with normal use. Exercise care to avoid damaging the marble while cleaning the grout. Dab the bristles of the toothbrush into a saucer of baking soda. Use gentle back and forth motions with the toothbrush to clean only the grout. Rinse the grout with warm water and dry it immediately with a soft absorbent cloth. Place a small amount of the mixture on the bristles of the toothbrush and carefully brush it into the grout — take care to avoid getting the mixture on the marble. Allow the mixture to remain on the grout until it dries thoroughly. Immediately wipe up any of the mixture that gets on the marble with a clean, soft and absorbent cloth. Never use soap stronger than liquid dishwashing soap to clean the grout between marble tiles. Don’t use commercial chemical cleaning products around marble.

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Ensure that you mop on a weekly basis, and not let grit and dirt build up. If your vacuum has any metal attachments, remove them to prevent damage on your beautiful tiles. Acidic substances are known to corrode marble materials, so do avoid using any harsh cleaners. When you shop at your local hardware store, look for quality cleaners that are suitable for regular use. In addition, use a dry cloth to wipe down the surfaces to help them dry faster after mopping and prevent water spots from forming. Want to keep your marble tile installation in a mint condition? Make sure that the mop has a fluffy, soft head that can trap dust effectively. When you sweep your marble tiles, you will want to prevent the debris from grinding against the stone surface. If you allow minute scratches to occur on the surface, it will become noticeable over time. While doing so, ensure that the wheels are functioning right and they don’t have any rough edges that can scratch your tiles. When you mop your tiles, you have to wring the mop just enough to avoid sloshing excess water on your floor. You should never combine these substances together as it may produce a lethal gas. Take extra care here as you do not want to scratch the natural stone.

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Now dip a soft cloth, nonabrasive sponge or soft bristled scrub brush into the soapy solution and scrub the floor. Wet the stained area with distilled water and spread a thick layer of poultice paste on the stains. Leave it for approximately 24 to 48 hours, until it completely dries out. Lastly apply a commercial stone sealant according to the package directions on the floor. Many types of liquids can leave stains on marble including water. Poultice treatments are a very gentle way of removing stains. Apply a large quantity of baking soda and water paste on it and cover with plastic wrap. Wash off the paste and the surrounding area with soapy water. Apply this cotton gauze on the stained area and cover with plastic wrap. Put an object on it to apply some pressure and weight to the stained area. Always test on a small area before using it on the entire stain. Is steam cleaning the right option for cleaning marble floors? Proper care and maintenance is required to keep it looking its best. So you should need an effective cleaning equipment to clean it. Marble floors cannot be effectively cleaned by using conventional cleaning methods. The scrubbing with hard brushes will also damage the marble and scratch it. Steam cleaners have the power of heated steam which will help to remove all types of dirt without using harsh detergents and chemicals. The time taken for this process depends upon the machine and the technology used in it. The higher is the steam pressure, the quicker the release rate. Carefully read it and set the machine properly according to the instructions. This is the key to obtain the optimum working power of the machine because if the connections are loose then it will affect the performance of the machine. Start the steamer machine from the corner of the room to the central area, by focusing on the places where the dirt is tough to remove. Buy the steam cleaner of a reputable and proven brands for best results that will assure the long term performance and durability. It can absorb liquids which dry out or evaporate and leave a stain behind on the marble floor. The grout can be cleaned with harsh chemicals and equipment. Fill a bowl with warm water and lightly wet the bristles of a stiff bristled tooth brush and then take a small quantity of baking soda on it. Now rinse the grout with warm water and immediately dry it using a soft absorbent cloth. Let the mixture to remain in the grout and leave it to dry completely. Immediately wipe off the mixture that gets on the marble with a clean, soft and absorbent cloth. Proper maintenance is required to preserve the beauty and elegance of this natural stone. This will help to keep small rocks and debris from damaging the marble floors.

How To Clean Marble And Granite Floors With Thinner | Duration 1 Minutes 57 Seconds It is recommended to never use an upright vacuum on marble floor as the wheels will scratch and damage the finish. If you have an upright vacuum cleaner then avoid using it on marble floor. Never use the soap or soapy solution stronger than a dish-washing soap to clean the grout between marble tiles. The quicker you blot or wipe up the spills, the easier it is to remove. Before applying the treatment again, examine the stain closely. It has a wide range of utilization areas from kitchen to bathroom and flooring etc. These places were only for having a shower or a bath and did not need to be visually attractive. It is a non-foliated metamorphic rock millions of years old. It gives bold and sophisticated look and adds value to the house. However, like all other natural stones, marble should be cleaned regularly and carefully to prevent staining and deterioration. Now make a solution by mixing 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a generous amount of dish-washing liquid soap to 1 quarter of warm water. Make a paste by mixing 1 cup of plaster, diatomaceous earth, talc or powdered white chalk and water. Cover each stain with the plastic wrap and tape all the edges well to secure the poultice with masking tape. Now remove the plastic wrap and wipe out the poultice with wet cloth or sponge. Note: a pound of poultice mixture covers 1 square foot approximately. If the floor is unsealed then it can absorb liquids easily, that can leave stains. So its better and important to wipe up the spills and clean the floor immediately before it gets the stain.

A Better Way To Clean Your Marble Or Tile Floor | Duration 1 Minutes 36 Seconds Here are some remedies and treatments to clean stains on marble floors. After 24 hours, remove the paste and wash the area with mild soapy water. Now spread this paste on the stain about ¼ inch thick and cover it with plastic wrap and leave it for 24 hours. If stain is still there, reapply the paste and repeat the whole procedure. Apply tape on all the edges of the plastic wrap to seal the gauze. For a greasy stain, immediately sprinkle corn starch on it and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. So regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary for this purpose. They will scratch the marble and it will lose its shine as well as it will strip the sealer and the high gloss finished marble will be etched. Marble is a popular stone because of its exceptional beauty and elegance. Marble can absorb dirt and it can attract bacteria easily due to its porous nature. Therefore, the steam cleaners can be the perfect cleaning machine for all types of marble floors. Mop cleaning and cleaning with chemicals can be harmful for both people around and floor because of the exposure of the toxic and harmful traces of the chemicals. So steam cleaners are highly recommended as they can clean faster and more efficiently. Steam cleaners are the best machines for marble floor cleaning because the advanced technologies offered by the machine can clean, disinfect and sanitize the marble floor without any manual effort. The water is heated in a closed boiler in the steam cleaner until it reaches to a certain temperature to turn it into steam. A steam gun is attached to the steam cleaner which is used to release the hot steam in measured quantities. This helps to remove and dissolve the tough dirt marks, grime and deposits from marble floor without manually scrubbing and moping. Make sure to read the user manual supplied with the steam cleaner. Make sure to tighten up the inlets, outlets and the connections securely and properly. Remove all the furniture and other items that can be an obstacle in the cleaning process.

How To Remove Stains From Marble Tile | Duration 4 Minutes 26 Seconds Keep the steam gun at an appropriate distance from the floor surface. Use microfiber mops to remove the remaining or left over dirt. The steam cleaner machine can eliminate bacteria and germs so you don’t need to buy and use expensive cleaning solutions. The grout between the marble tiles becomes dirty and discolored with the passage of time. Scrub the grout between the marble tiles with the tooth brush. Try to avoid getting the baking soda on marble and brush it with the tooth brush. Now rinse the mixture off by cleaning it with a moistened cloth with clean, warm water. Now continue rinsing the grout as many times as needed to remove the cleaning mixture. The use of harsh chemicals for the cleaning purposes and the wear and tear can harm the marble and make it dull. So polishing the marble is an easy task to make it look beautiful and lustrous. Always use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to remove any remaining dust and grit. Now polish it by using a mixture of baking soda and water as a polish. Don’t use harsh chemicals like acidic solutions on the marble for cleaning. Be sure to clean the dust mop to avoid reapplication of dirt the next time. Patch test it on a small area first to avoid any damage to the stone. Don’t use powdered or granular soap to clean the marble to avoid scratches. Do a spot test before applying any solution on marble floor. If the mark is still there but is lighter or reduced then the treatment is working. It is a strong, moisture resistant and elegant natural stone.

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Scratches, a dull finish and etch marks in the marble may look like dirt and stains but these types of blemishes will not go away with just a cleaning alone. Acidic based cleaning products will damage and etch the marble surface. Many non-tile specific alkaline cleaners can be caustic to marble and dull the polished finish of the marble. Apply this cleaning solution to the marble and allow it to dwell there for at least 20 minutes. You will probably have to scrub the individual grout lines to get the grout lines clean. Only a soft white scrub pad should be used when cleaning marble tiles. Then dry the surface with a towel or clean cloth to obtain a streak free shine. With marble tiles the grout can be extremely difficult to get clean. No acidic product should be used on the grout and excessive scrubbing of the grout lines could damage the surrounding marble tiles. If the grout lines still do not come clean it may be necessary to remove the stained grout and regrout the marble tile grout to restore the grout to its new looking condition. It may look dirty but it actually may have become scratched, worn and dull over time and may need to be polished. Scratches and etch marks in the marble can only be removed with diamond polishing pads and a trained professional. While cleaning marble tiles may make them look better there are often other issues present with the marble that is causing it to have and unsightly look. Marble tiles are sensitive to acidic based cleaning products so it is important to only use alkaline based cleaning solutions when cleaning marble. You should first mix the tile specific alkaline cleaning product with hot water per the manufacturers instructions. Use an extremely soft scrub pad to scrub away the dirt and contaminates from the surface of the marble. Marble is a soft, sensitive stone that can easily be scratched with aggressive scrub pads. Do not use any type of steel wool or extremely abrasive pads that will surely scratch the soft marble surface. After you have emulsified the dirt and contaminates with the cleaning solution and a soft scrub pad then you can use a mop to rinse away all the remaining dirt and excess cleaning solution from the marble tile surface. After you have cleaned your marble tile surface you may notice that the grout is still not as clean as you had hoped for. It may be necessary to re clean the grout lines with the alkaline cleaning solution. You may also notice that the surface of your marble tiles has become dull and lifeless. A stone restoration professional should be called to use diamond pads to polish the surface of the marble. If you try to polish your marble yourself you run the risk of permanently damaging the surface of your marble.


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