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This is extra convenient for them because they can constantly remind us that anything less than a kitchen filled with glamour and elegance and a wine refrigerator is just sad… so, so, so sad.

It’s a dark, sad, little pit – and we’re in a rental, so we can’t change it.

Mine is a rental also so no changes…we just adapt and cook some awesome meals in it.

The result was that it was built in faux faux oak, which for those who don’t know, is real oak made to look like faux oak to look like real oak.

Granite Kitchen Platform Design | Kitchen Interior Design Pic Ideas For A Unique Luxury | Duration 2 Minutes 36 Seconds

I guess they had to though, since any other color would probably clash with the strong lime green vinyl “tiles” on the walls.

My parents’ 1951 cabinets live on in their basement laundry room and are holding up better down there than the fancy new cabinets are upstairs.

They’re sturdy & beautiful, & nothing made today can even begin to compare to their quality.

I do have a sink in said mudroom to wash stuff, so that might count.

I would suppose the owner dines out all the time or has a full-time chef/cook with a housekeeper to clean up later.

Not to mention when he comes home after working all day building someone else’s dream kitchen and opens every cabinet or drawer with cruddy hands!

I did my island black and always have little kids feet prints in front of the stools on the panels where the breakfast bar is.

One of the ‘boxes’ of an upper cabinet collapsed from overloading and we did replace that with a genuine wood box (previous box was oriented strand board).

My kitchen is depressingly dated but this is not the home of our dreams anywhere else either.

I can’t bear to toss them, for they still do what they are required to do.

I have made it clear to my sons that they are never to expect any woman in their future to accept such a kitchen.

My house was built on the intention of faux oak woodwork, but it wasn’t in the budget.

How about you do all of us a favor and redo your kitchen on a budget, but yet make it look beyond fabulous?

I think it meets the jaw-dropping challenge really-really well!

But scroll up to 2nd and 3rd photos above, and you’ll be seeing the kitchen she achieved.

I am pretty sure the kitchens you posted are bigger than my entire house.

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I have spent the last many months planning for the granite countertop because one and all say that is what must be.

I wish they would show you how the white cabinets look after a day of husband making his famous 8 hour chili or all day famous sauce.

You see the dirt quickly and can wipe up the smudges before they become part of the cabinetry.

Our kitchen thrives on harvest gold wall oven & stovetop.

You just know as soon as they are taken away, their pictures will be in all the latest magazines.

I shall enjoy family, good food and the occasional vacation, and maybe even retirement at 77!

Who knew it would take me so long to get another one?

Amazon: Marchesa Shades Of Blue All Purpose Bowl By Lenox: Kitchen and Dining by amazon.com

Graduating shades of color are set on soft scallop shapes and finished with a revolutionary microwave-safe gold band.

Easy to set: essential place setting pieces include a dinner plate, accent plate, all purpose bowl and mug.

Durable: crafted of durable ironstone with microwave gold banding make it ideal for everyday use.

All of that and it is microwave and dishwasher safe!

The product page photo is very accurate as to the color, which is baby blue with a hint of teal.

These surely are caused by contact with a rack during the firing of the glaze.

It would be less expensive to replace that microwave than our high end one, so it seemed like a less painful risk.

I have an everyday stoneware set that is so inexpensive you don’t have to worry about chipping one.

My stoneware set doesn’t even stack evenly it is cast that unevenly.

A whole set of these would make a splash when you have company over.

Mine was clear except for one tiny speck that is so small you would need a microscope to really see it.

I think it deserves a spot as something decorative, or maybe even a candy bowl.

The scalloped edges, accented with gold, make it perfect for presenting desserts and treats.

I didn’t really feel comfortable trying the microwave-safe claim on our regular microwave at first.

The thickness of the walls is such that it leans closer towards finer ware then every day wear, but that is part of the elegance of it.

It is a challenge when casting things to not allow even the tiniest speck of dust to arrive on the surface.

Biggest Kitchen Bath Trends To Carry You Into 2018 by gatesinteriordesign.com

Countertop Trends For 2018 | Duration 2 Minutes 53 Seconds

Going on blog tours gives me a behind-the-scenes look at what’s really going on behind the curtain with the wizards.

Many are included here with a few new ones just scratching the surface.

Trust me those of us who have been doing projects since the late nineties are so bored of granite.

So if you’re about to remodel your kitchen or bathroom avoid doing all white.

They are versatile and can always be retained to look updated.

I am adding a large island 5′ x10 ‘and considered painting it a dark color.

Can you advise whether shaker doors are going out of fashion now?

I read in consumer reports” kitchen” that the plainer look is coming into style.

We have had quartz countertops for 13 years and can place a sizzling hot pan on the counter and nothing happens.

I have wood floors and the current stain looks good with the floors.

But be careful, many yards that used to call slabs quartz are now calling them marble and vice versus.

Going into 2018 are make up vanities still appealing to a buyer?

Manufacturers and vendors alike give us the inside scoop so you can get a bird’s eye view in real time of what to put in your next project.

Be sure to hop over to 2019’s round up of the newest and latest trends that are so new that they are just on the horizon.

If you’re about to start a project with any counter tops you’ll want to consider using quartz.

Chrome and satin still reign supreme if you want to keep it classic however shiny brass is back in a big way.

It was an apparent trend in everything from cabinets to appliances.

Cabinets, faucets, appliances and evens sinks were anything but traditional.

If you want your home to stand out with details start with amazing doors!

I really liked those colorful sinks and doors idea, one can use different colored doors and sinks according to the location in the house.

I do not have the budget to replace the all white cabinets but plan to repaint them.

New flooring, appliances, fixtures, addition of bar and cabinet refinish are all needed and on my list.

2019 Kitchen Countertops Designs 5 Reasons To Choose Granite Countertops For Kitchen | Duration 3 Minutes 30 Seconds

First and foremost do what you love, trends are not always the best ways to go!

I dream of a white kitchen and maybe a gray kitchen with white/gray counters and backsplash.

But we are still loving it in the southern coastal areas!

I love the cement tiles for the bathroom floor and the backsplash.

The actual cabinets are decent, but they need to either be re-staine d or painted.

I want something that will not be boring, yet not be out of style soon!

Is it out of style to have the kitchen counter tops one color and the island counter top another color?

They can likely whip you into shape with a few suggestions to get you back on track!

Trendy Kitchen Countertops For 2019 You Will Really Love by myhomeproducts.com

Gone are the days when all you can get for a stylish look with durability is only the granite and marble for countertops.

It is extremely more durable and stylish, stronger and the more hygienic choice for the homeowner; you couldn’t ever ask for more.

Patterned countertops are also in; give your kitchen a distinctive character with your tasty personality.

Therefore, when it comes to getting your kitchen countertop you need something sturdy, durable and stylish as well to last for a long time with charm and beauty.

The trend in 2019 regarding countertops is also about the sleek and light look with easy use.

7 Top Kitchen Countertop Trends by improvementcenter.com

For a truly accurate idea of countertop costs, consult a professional kitchen contractor.

But the unique nature of each tile can lead to uneven surfaces, and while the tiles rarely stain, the grout between them certainly can.

Modern Room Color Trends 2018 – 2019 Best Wall Paint Color Schemes | Duration 5 Minutes 40 Seconds

Concrete can offer a wide variety of customization, from embedded rocks to any color of pigment.

Concrete can handle the heat, but not too much — countertops have been known to crack under intense heat or abrupt temperature changes.

It can also be seen as a lesser option and isn’t likely to wow potential buyers when it’s time to sell your home.

Heat-resistant and non-porous, stainless steel also has the advantage of fighting bacteria, which is one of the many reasons restaurants love the material.

While stone can blend with any decor, it is most often associated with modern, traditional or transitional styles.

Costs for stone vary, depending on the product and the size of your kitchen.

But wood must have tender loving care; it can scorch and stain easily, and must be properly sealed on a regular basis.

The cost of a countertop can vary widely, depending upon the type of wood you use and how customized you want the final product to be.

The materials listed above are likely to remain popular for years to come.

These countertop materials offer both pros and cons, but they have weathered the changes in kitchen trends, and they should remain top choices in the future.

Keep in mind that all cost estimates are just that — estimates.

Ceramic tile is easy to install, a snap to keep clean and very durable.

Tile isn’t the best at impact resistance, but you can replace single tiles if necessary, rather than the entire countertop.

A very smooth surface, concrete must be sealed and waxed on a regular basis to keep it looking great.

Since concrete can mimic the look of many other materials, this can save money for those who crave a pricier option but have to stay within a budget.

The hardy plastic covering means that laminate resists stains, and the manufacturing process allows for a wide variety of colors and patterns.

But there are cons: laminate can buckle and warp under high heat, and the seams where pieces meet are almost impossible to hide.

Though scratches can be buffed out, deep cuts from knives or scorch marks from hot pans are there to stay.

Stainless steel as a kitchen countertop material came into fashion after the industrial revolution and has since become a mainstay in modern kitchens.

It is prone to scratches, however, and fingerprints seem to linger forever unless you choose the brushed or matte finish.

Kitchen Design Ideas And Hottest Trends In 2019 | Duration 5 Minutes 19 Seconds

Since stainless steel can look great for many years, you might be able to salvage an older stainless steel countertop for much less.

The type of stone can help determine durability and longevity; for instance, granite is generally tougher than marble, and engineered stone is often the toughest of all.

Natural stone needs to be sealed on an annual basis, while engineered stone can go naked and still look great.

Maple is very common, but homeowners also appreciate red oak and teak.

Wood has been a countertop material for thousands of years; it has stood the test of time.

Since wood absorbs bacteria, it also requires meticulous cleaning.

Before deciding on a material, think about whether you plan to live with your choice for another decade or more, or intend to sell the house soon, then find a kitchen countertop that suits your needs.

Is Quartz Better Choice Than Marble and Granite? by interiordesignparadise.com

They all are very different from each other, and the biggest difference lies in their porosity, softness, and durability.

The installation of granite countertops needs to be done by professionals and even then the seams can never hide.

Marble is one of the most elegant and most luxurious materials that can decorate the interior and exterior spaces.

Marble can be polished to a high gloss or with a matte finish.

In this way, the marble floor can have a certain pattern or even a photo.

How natural resources of marble and granite are not inexhaustible, the construction industry has created a so-called engineered stone or crystal composite industrial manufactured decorative stone.

Quartz surfaces, unlike granite and marble, does not require additional treatment in the form of disinfection and impregnation, which make them hygienic and easy to maintain.

But, if quartz countertops are directly exposed to sunlight in time they will discolor.

In most cases, aesthetic is more important for kitchen owners than any feature and characteristic we mentioned.

We are sure you will know to pick what will fit your needs and wishes.

Granite and marble have always been the most expensive material for the worktop in the kitchen.

The crystal structure of granite is far more resistant to scratches, stains and color changes but it’s not indestructible.

Thicker and stronger than all natural stones, granite is an excellent choice for spaces with high frequency.

Marble can look great in combination with other materials like wood or glass.

It is composed 93% of ground quartz mineral, a small percentage of shells, pebbles, sand and glass and about 7% polyester resin used as a binder.

More resistant than marble and granite, compact, antibacterial and non-porous structure.

More ideas how to use the space under the stairs on our blog.

More extraordinary bathroom sinks you have never seen before on our blog.

All About Stone Countertops by thisoldhouse.com

It needs only a little routine care and forethought to ward off water marks, stains, and etching typically caused by acidic foods.

We explain the differences between the various stone types, offer money-saving tips, and cover the basics of stone care.

Apply sealer as needed; for granite, that’s every one to three years.

At a stone yard you can pick the exact slab you want; at a big-box store you choose from display samples.

Cabinet tops must be flat and level or covered with plywood and shimmed level.

Stone weighs about 18 pounds per square foot, so you need a well-muscled crew to install it.

A stone’s resistance depends on its chemical makeup and microscopic fissures that formed millions of years ago.

Pour test dollops of ketchup, olive oil, red wine, and lemon juice.

It comes in 32 vibrant colors and is a heftier version of ceramic tile but without annoying grout lines.

Apply the sealer with a paint pad, let stand for 5 minutes, then wipe off the excess with a clean rag.

Or you can buy your slab from a retailer who just sells stone and find your own fabricator.

You provide dimensions for the faucet and sink cutouts.

They then mount the sink and faucet, though a plumber may need to make the final connections.

If your walls get dinged, expect him to pick up the tab for the painter you hire.

No two slabs are exactly alike, so they’re best used on straight runs without seams.

These tops are typically cut to someone else’s kitchen layout, so plan on adjusting yours to fit.

Keep in mind that the surface treatment can also affect maintenance.

To get the look for less, ask your installer to glue or “laminate” a strip of stone to the edge of a ¾-inch slab.

Every rock pulled from the earth has its own mineral color, veining, and speckles, brought vividly to life by stoneworkers’ saws and polishing wheels.

But even if the worst happens—a chipped edge, a red wine spill—most stones can be restored by a professional.

By the end, you’ll know what it takes to bring your kitchen, beautifully and dramatically, into the stone age.

Impervious to heat and water but will chip if, say, you bang a cast-iron skillet on an edge.

Thanks to improved factory-applied sealants, some stones now come with lifetime antistain warranties.

The big-box price may be lower, but don’t expect your slab to match the sample exactly.

But you don’t need to be a geologist to determine whether your counter will stand up to a little spilled vino.

Get a sample piece (it’s okay if it’s not from the same slab, as long as it comes from the same source).

Nonporous; food can’t etch it, stains are easy to remove, sealers aren’t required.

Very resistant to scratches and acids; seal every two to five years.

No sealing required; can be treated with mineral oil to darken color.

Soft and easy to scratch; buff scratches out with an abrasive pad.

Just put some water on it; if it beads up, the sealer’s still good, but if the water soaks in, your counter is due for a dose.

Unlike surface-type sealers, which can affect a stone’s color, impregnators penetrate without altering appearance.

Give it 2 hours to cure before putting your coffeemaker back on the counter.

They lay the new counter and fill any joints between slabs with a color-matched resin.

Cover the edges with thin tile strips, or wrap them in metal nosing or wood bands (shown).

Typically sold as 96-inch-long solid slabs, they still require a fabricator to cut sink and faucet holes.

Pair a creamy travertine with a clear-coated cherry, for instance.

Avoid trendy or extreme colors that you (or the next owner) will likely tire of.

Variegated patterns also hide stains and grime better than those with uniform coloration.

Some stones, such as soapstone and slate, can’t be polished; a matte, honed finish is your only choice.

Polished granite, for example, is easier to keep up because it resists stains and water marks better than honed.

In a quality job, these edge strips will be cut from the same slab and the transition will look seamless.

And of all the countertop materials you can buy, stone is the gold standard for both durability and character.

So whether you select a solid burgundy quartzite, a sky-blue granite, or a beige travertine-embedded with fossilized seashells, it will be as distinctive as an original work of art.

Unaffected by hot pans or water, a stone countertop will last as long as your house—maybe even longer.

Hot Kitchen Design Trends For 2017 by thespruce.com

The kitchen sink becomes a prep, serving, assembling and cleanup work station suitable for one or two people to use at the same time, often seen with two faucets.

Best of all, the mess stays in the sink, not on the countertop.

They bring a charming “painted furniture” feeling into the kitchen.

But too much of a good thing is too much, or worse, too trendy.

Carry the countertop material onto the backsplash for a look that flows and is unified.

Pick your colorway–a selection of only subtle warm grays and mushroom colors throughout all products and surfaces in the kitchen, a classic white kitchen or areas of black combined with white and/or warm beiges.

More and more, the look is invisible–bright enough to be functional but that is also easy on the eyes.

The news for 2017 is the effect of a glow rather than pinpoint lights.

You can also interact with your oven from anywhere on your smartphone.

Kitchens in 2017 combine beauty and brains-gorgeous finishes and performance products.

These sinks will have two ledges in the sink where accessories like bowls, cutting boards, strainers, and other cool gadgets can slide back and forth to keep the workflow efficient.

Sink sizes are much larger, to accommodate all of these accessories and range from 3 feet to 7 feet!

Soft, smoky, shadowy, subtle blues perfectly complement today’s very popular neutrals used everywhere else in the kitchen.

Euro style kitchens focus more on the aesthetic composition and less on maxing out storage.

Euro-style kitchens are mostly modern but sometimes you’ll see a mixed bag of modern, vintage and artsy elements–always exciting!

Matte finishes in engineered stone add that zen-like vibe we’re craving for right now and beyond.

Add lighting in new super thin strips to showcase decorative areas in the kitchen, above and below cabinetry and inside cabinetry too.

How would you like to knock on your refrigerator window, have it light up and see what’s inside?

Hot Décor Trend: 24 Tile Kitchen Countertops by digsdigs.com

Such countertops enjoyed a lot of popularity in the 1980s, and now this idea is hot and trendy again.

There are two ways to rock such tiles: make the same countertops and backsplash or go for contrasting tiles or other materials for the backsplash.

Such décor is stylish and definitely repeats the old trend, and to make your tiles stand out even more you can use grout with a different shade, for example, grey grout for white tiles or beige grout for grey tiles.

Incorporate textures and colors that are in your kitchen décor or create a bold contrast with the cabinets.

You can also cover the countertops with tiles and the backsplash with metal sheets or other materials that fit your décor.

We’ve already shared some ideas for cool countertops, and today we’re sharing some more ideas: this is a retro trend coming back – tile kitchen countertops.

The good thing is that you can install most of such countertops yourself, there are a lot of tutorials to try.

Covering the countertops and backsplashes or even walls with the same tiles is the most popular idea to get a harmonious look.

13 New Kitchen Trends and My Feelings About Them by stylebyemilyhenderson.com

It’s pretty darn exciting, if ‘exciting’ is what you are into.

If you are worried consider doing it just on your bottoms (cabinets, that is).

Generally they are very affordable, which makes it an easy trend to jump on board with.

I think this trend has legs, but it will continue to become more and more ‘normal’ every day, so be careful.

But no matter what, they add serious personality to a kitchen.

Warning – that means you have to own pretty t hings, then put them up there and keep them looking all magazine -perfect.

But, with all of the new options out there you can get marble (or the look of marble) to suit your style and kitchen needs.

If you are a minimalist, can keep things clean and know how to put things back in their place like a proper human being should, then this trend could work for you.

In other words if you know you want navy blue bottoms then stick to white/grey/wood tone on the uppers.

For the open shelving concept to work you not only have to be a clean person, but you have to keep all your dishes and items you are displaying in a strict and minimal color palette.

The more simple, classic and antique the chair the better and if you have a basket collection on your wall consider yourself ahead of the trend.

To keep it from leaning too traditional add some modern elements in with your appliances, lighting, and accessories.

Nobody has ever been offended by subtle stripes by way of a texture.

It’s so simple that when used in a natural way (aka not a new high rise condo) it will just look timeless and simple.

Copper is timeless but be careful as its best played as a supporting actress.

But its always been a mainstay in the kitchen that is gaining even more traction this year.

I can’t wait until we start seeing something new in dining rooms.

And they were mostly used in cafeterias or cheap restaurants.

Durable, age beautifully, and they aren’t the same trendy style that granite has/had been.

This long weekend resulted in some impromptu kitchen reno at our house!

Pinterest has been killing me with trendy-trends everywhere, and forgetting what a timeless kitchen would look like.

You can find it in fixtures, but not appliances, which would be a nice alternative to the coldness/sterility of stainless.

That just puts you and your blog in another league all together.

I am so excited to see what you have in store for us next!

I look forward to 6 am (before the kiddos wake up) every morning!

Make sure it’s big and make sure it does’t go too ‘bachelor pad’ with the rest of the furniture and accessories.

They are not new to the game, but they are getting some updated lines, shapes, and tones which help to break up the all the hard surfaces that tend to be in the kitchen.

At the same time these age so well that they can look original and new to the house really fast (in a good way).

An all white kitchen may not be for everyone, and marble did take a backseat (or backsplash?

Yes, we get that this may not be for everyone but for the right house, the right setting, and the right space it is very chic and can be very affordable.

The trick to making this trend work is by having either the tops or the bottoms in a totally neutral color.

If you are the person that has one cup from every place you have visited and a collection of vintage mismatched china this may not be the trend for you.

The very first kitchen/dining rooms had exactly what you see below, a collection of mismatched and shaker/farmhouse style chairs around a big table.

It may seem easy to adopt as you think you can just head out and grab a few mismatched chairs and throw them around your table.

To keep it from looking too thrifted, keep the chairs to one or two colors or tones and stay away from mass produced or anything too generic.

Copper and rose gold are as trendy as they are high quality – the cheaper the stuff the quicker it will go out of style.

Stay tuned for a new series where we will show you our predictions for color trends this year and how you can bring them into your space.

I have seen some people do some really neat things with vintage chairs and colors.

Kitchens are such expensive rooms to remodel so timeless options always appeal to me.

And your post is so helpful being reminded/educated on what makes a kitchen timeless.

It’s just a little warmer than stain less steel – as if you took silver and mixed it with a tiny bit of gold.

The multiple handprints on that copper stove vent are hilarious!

I would never install patterned tiles because we are not wealthy and there are certain trends that are pricey to remove (labor etc.).

Kitchen Design Trends In 2018 by advancedgranite.com

From appliances to beautifully colored cabinets, homeowners want their kitchen to look stylish enough to entertain their guests yet welcoming and practical for everyday use.

This type of countertop comes in various colors that include beiges and warm browns to grays and cool blues.

It is one of the most favored of materials due to its smooth and cool surface which makes it ideal for rolling dough and baking.

Quartz is one of the most hygienic countertop options for homeowners and attractive for its durability.

Here are some of the most popular color blends and combinations if you are looking to renovate your kitchen for the new year.

Other colors like dark and deep blue are also very popular and give a more bold and vibrant look.

Contrasting colors such as combining a deep blue with a more lighter shade of cabinets or a more darker shade like mustard or black countertops are also a popular selection.

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen for the new coming year?

Granite countertops can last you a lifetime and can even increase the price of your home.

Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also heat resistant.

Marble countertops are still king of kitchen countertops in 2018.

For season 2018, some of the most favored color choices include neutrals such as oak, petrol green, charcoal and sage with some orange.

2019 Color Trends For Kitchen Designs by uhozz.com

Choosing the best kitchen color is not an easy task, because we have to match the color of the front of the cabinets with that of the worktop, the kitchen credenza, etc.

In addition to delicately enhancing the various kitchen elements, the palette of whites allows for various bold combinations with flashy shades.

A timeless choice par excellence, these neutral colors are the decorative asset that an elegant and modern kitchen needs.

A few touches of black or graphite here and there will punctuate the decor and give it an ultra trendy graphic touch.

This color is ideal for kitchens where natural light is lower.

Blue is the classic color, most often combined with yellow, but in recent years trends have changed.

This color is still very powerful, and we must integrate it carefully and rather as an accent.

Green and blue shades or another color for cooking?

Navy blue, duck blue or petrol, these magnificent tones embody the nobility par excellence.

To associate with white or gray facades, deep blue tones will allow you to decorate a modern and elegant kitchen that will not go unnoticed.

If you prefer the modern look, you can bet on lime green, turquoise and white.

However, it is recommended to favor a maximum of two bright colors, used as accents, to avoid overloading the decor of tones and contrasts.

The soft tones twist the decor and give a zest of fantasy to the whole.

We must not leave the walls “naked” because the mural, too, is a beautiful accent.

In the photo gallery below, there is a selection of beautiful photos that will inspire you!

Fresh shades of yellow and green to create a contemporary kitchen!

The white and palette of shades that this color offers, proves to be the ideal choice to soften and ennoble the kitchen without deco faux.

Scattered here and there, a few touches of color will help to revitalize the kitchen decor and create a set in tune with the times.

Noble and refined, these trendy shades promise to bring a natural and friendly atmosphere to the kitchen.

To make the most of neutral tones, it is recommended to combine them with raw wood, stone or white.

We can paint a single yellow wall and bet on yellow cabinet fronts.

There are many shades that we can combine with yellow – lime green, white, chocolate brown and red berries.

Red, in combination with stainless steel appliances or with wooden cabinet fronts, is a good choice!

Posed on the main wall of the kitchen or distilled as an accent, the noble blue promises to bring a refined atmosphere to the kitchen.

The cold but soothing shades of blue and green are very suitable for kitchens with plenty of natural light.

We can use shades of brown and wood-such as oak, as accent color.

Do not hesitate to match the flashy colors to create an original and personalized decor that looks like you.

Color for animated cooking – invite good mood all year long!

They illuminate the space with delicacy, bring freshness, energize the decor and ennoble the walls and various elements.

An excellent choice for those who plan to relook a kitchen without shine, pastels promise a chic and modern rendering.

20 Best Kitchen Design Trends Of 2019 by housebeautiful.com

So with this in mind, we’ve delved deep to uncover some of the biggest and emerging trends for the year that will help you plan your dream kitchen.

With entertaining in the kitchen being a key function, wine racks and wine coolers are now seen as kitchen must-haves.

Exposed timbers in walnut and oak bring excellent colour and patination to a kitchen with a continuous grain in the cabinetry.

Try combining a variety of tactile finishes including wood cabinetry and stone-finish work surfaces.

For 2019, the kitchen will perfectly blend form and function and technology will become increasingly present, helping to make day to day life a little easier.

As the hub of all activity, the kitchen is evolving to make living and cooking as efficient as possible while looking aesthetically impressive.

From open shelving and glass fronted cabinets, to banquette style seating and dark colour palettes, get all the kitchen inspiration you need right here with the best kitchen trends for 2019.

Well the multi-purpose integrated trough sink hasn’t lost popularity.

Elegant and simple, a single slab is not only stunning but ‘offers practical cleaning benefits as grouting between tiles can be difficult to keep clean’.

Plus with the availability of finishes ramping up there is one to compliment every material palette,’ they add.

He explains that there are trends towards ‘hardworking furniture’ like room dividers, multipurpose workstations and display cabinetry through to asymmetrical layouts and wall-hung solutions.

Additionally, mixed materials – with textures such as granite, quartz and timber – is also worth noting.