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Perhaps there are stains your cleanser won’t touch or maybe an entire slab has shifted so that seams don’t meet, or the surface isn’t level. You may have dropped something that made a crack or chipped an edge.

Granite Countertop Repair Rough Pitted Patches by countertopspecialty.com

And since you chose it, you can’t really blame the installers. When you start cutting large granite blocks into slabs, some of the minerals and crystals that were once surrounded are now exposed on a surface and may pop out. If you have pits all over and the surface is rough or not polished to the shine you expected, then really you just made a bad choice of slabs. Color variation is one very good reason why the exact slab you like should be purchased for installation vs. Thus, you pick the sample color, but the actual slab in they bring is a different shade. It is well-known that this popular stone comes in many, many shades. Honing the granite countertop would remove the polished layer resulting in a less saturated color tone. I am concerned that, if left untreated, the scratched areas will grow and ruin the counter. I hate to inform you , but most likely you have a bad slab of granite that could not be polished very well. While a couple of granite colors (santa cecilia, giallo veneziano) are the most common varieties to have a rough or gitty surface even after polishing. If you picked the slab , then you don’t have much recourse except to hire a skill stone restoration professional to try a polish the rough areas. Dries clear allowing the natural color and pattern to show for the most invisible and durable granite pit repair. If you chose this specific slab (not just the color from a sample) then you’re probably stuck. You could have the surface re-polished (some stones will polish to a higher shine than others). I highly recommend you view a honed slab or have a piece honed first though, since the granite color will be a lot lighter. Granite (and all stone) have widely varying shades of color and pattern even when the slabs are the same name. Polishing granite brings out the color making it more saturated and dark.

How To Repair Chips Or Scratches In Marble | Duration 5 Minutes 1 Seconds I have noticed a couple of small patches feel rough and unpolished compared to the remainder of the counter top. Granite is very hard and the areas that are polished will likely stay that way so long as you use only products safe for cleaning granite countertops and marble. Some stones will take a polish and get “shinier” than other stones. Now, both colors can be just fine and look great, but some slabs can be bad, so you must be careful picking out your slab. Perform the water test for sealing granite countertops to determine if your granite needs sealing. Why does it look like it has water spots all over it, especially in the sun light. Water gets on the surface, dries and the minerals left behind create whitish dull spots. Common to use this or mineral spirits to clean after granite countertop installation. Your professional comments and the description of the “rough surface” are very educational. I gave 60 days notice but was able to move out a month early, the landlord at the time knew and said it would be fine but now they want me to pay for the rent lost that month. The last day of our tenancy the landlord was there and after we were done moving all the furniture out we asked him to do a walk through the house to see/check the status of the premises. If it broke internally–or just started to malfunction, or a piece of plastic busted on the knobs as you used it normally then it is a wear and tear issue and you are not liable for the cost of replacement.


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