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Acrylic Or Laminate: What’s The Best Finish For Kitchen Cabinets?

That said, the finish for kitchen cabinets is what adds aesthetic value and gives your kitchen a unique personality. The laminates used in kitchen cabinets are pressed in factories using high pressure using automated machinery. You can choose textures and colors that complement each other for a coordinated look. The right choice will enhance the overall look and feel of your modular kitchen. Here is all you need to know about both these options to help you decide on one for your kitchen! Made by pressing together thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins, the upper layer is printed with a decorative pattern or colour. One possible option which is trending today is a combination of both acrylic and laminate finishes. Laminate is a good choice for lower cabinets since they are likely to see more wear and tear. Decide on the best finish for your kitchen cabinets depending on your use, budget and tastes.

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Interconnection type is without any cables, simple and safe, and easy to install. So now our practice is that we offer small samples free of charge while clients paying the courier fees. We owned a professional quartz stone factory with more than 5 years production experience, the boss is engaged in artificial stone for more than 20 years. As well as from flat edge / eased edge, beveled edge, and laminated bullnose. Our client can sell it everywhere, there is no exclusivity in any countries. We can process our products according to customers’ details request. We could provide hundreds of high quality stone product at most competitive price. About 15% of these are countertops, vanity tops & table tops, 1% are display racks, and 1% are showcase. And whether kitchen top counter top is artificial quartz, solid surface, or artificial marble.

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When it comes to the finish material, countertops need to be decided carefully as they are here to stay. Two of the most similar countertop materials are laminate and acrylic and they both have a plastic-like glossy finish. Laminate absorbs most of the sound laminate layer is not thick enough. These are great for all types of kitchens be it modern or traditional. However, you won’t regret the price paid for acrylic finish as they look more attractive and classy. This is because laminate is not scratch-resistant and it cannot maintain its appearance for years. One has to be slightly careful with laminate worktops so as to avoid getting scratches on it. However, there are many factors on which the two can be compared and you can decide whether you should get acrylic or laminate material for your kitchen worktops. Natural patterns and depth in the block is quite substandard. Before moving ahead into the detailed comparison of both these worktops, let’s first try to understand the basics. Laminate countertops consist of layers of plastic that are bonded to craft paper to make a solid worktop surface. Acrylic countertops are solid resin, which is a hard, plastic-like surface. Acrylic material is mouldable and can provide a seamless worktop with smooth and stylish edges. On the other hand acrylic countertops remain the same even after decades. If you are keen on having laminate worktops but also wish to get durability then you can choose laminate with extra coating.

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These differences will have an impact on the look, feel and durability of your counters, and make it such that one type or another is better in different circumstances. Additionally, marble can be polished to a very clear shine, which helps to enhance the appearance of the space further. On the other hand, however, marble stains easily and can be very difficult to keep clean. Additionally, the low cost of the materials themselves helps to bring down the total cost of this type of countertop. The repair process typically includes sanding the counter down a bit and then refinishing it to appear like new. The primary disadvantage is the fact that these counters tend to look very plain and boring. Despite the fact that there are many colors and styles to choose from, solid surface counters still have a bad reputation in this regard. However, with the ease of maintenance as discussed above, the counters require little time and effort to repair in these cases. While both of these options will provide you with a number of similar features, there are also some important differences to keep in mind. This gives you the flexibility to find a marble countertop material that will be appropriate for the look and feel of the room in which you’re installing it. Marble is also highly resistant to heat and natural scratches and chips. Additionally, it is one of the very most expensive options for countertop materials, and the installation and materials costs associated with installing a marble fixture in your home or place of business can be very high. They are easier to install, and therefore the cost of installation will be reduced based on the amount of labor required. They can withstand abuse of various types, and they are also easy to repair. A solid surface counter is also created in such a way that there are few, if any, seams and joints. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to an acrylic solid surface counter. Additionally, these counters can chip or scratch more easily than marble counters.

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We start to producing solid surface bar counter, reception desk, office desk, dining table etc. Control:we are responsible for any damage and lost before the goods loading to the container. There has no the same marble and every piece’s color and texture are different. We would confirm every details with you before production to avoid any mistake; b. It is quite a soft stone similar to limestone and will scratch and stain easily. About 42% of these are countertops, vanity tops & table tops, 1% are quartz stone. And whether green marble kitchen countertop is marble, or granite. We are not only the pioneer of solid surface artificial stone furniture producing but also the practitioner of win-win concept.

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Granite countertops are some of the most popular worktops out there right now, and with good reason. They are the second hardest material, after diamonds and add value to a home. Is granite or quartz more popular for kitchens in 2018?

Acrylic Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 56 Seconds How much is the white spring granite counter top installed price? Which is better for a kitchen counter, silestone, granite or tile? What are some alternatives to granite counter tops that are more durable and upscale than laminate? Which is a better kitchen counter top option, granite or quartz and why? What counter top materials are just as rich looking as granite but less expensive? They are elegant, come in over 2500 colours, durable, and require minimum maintenance. Quartz countertops are a great way to add life to space without breaking the budget. Is granite or quartz more popular for kitchen countertops in 2017? Which worktop is best for the kitchen, granite or quartz?

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Today’s laminate countertops are not the laminate countertops you saw many years ago. Our staff will assist you every step of the way, from product selection to final installation. The technicians were, without a doubt, great at their craft. Our granite countertops are made from slabs of polished natural stone with many colors and patterns to choose from. Free under mount stainless steel sink with a minimum of 32 square feet. They can closely mimic natural stone and are a great, low cost way to update your kitchen. They provide the natural beauty and elegance of natural stone along with a virtual indestructable quality.

How To Paint Countertops Look Like Granite No Sanding $25 Step By Step | Duration 14 Minutes 22 Seconds We can give you a rough estimate and proceed from there. We stand behind our work and we give quality products. With thousands of successful installations performed by our team of remodelers, we take our reputation for quality seriously. We were remodeling our kitchen and were misled by a kitchen & bath “all-in-one” vendor and felt we needed to look elsewhere. I would recommend this company and their expertise 110%!

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There are classics with looks that will last a lifetime and there are trends that come and go. So now you’re ready for an upgrade and you’ve given careful consideration to your appliances and the overall look, but how much have you thought about your counters? These counters need to be sealed well, perhaps more than once, to prevent staining. If sealed it is stain resistant and can be cast and poured into any shape you desire. While concrete is heat resistant the sealer is not and hot pots and pans should not be placed directly on top of the concrete. Concrete, requires just a little bit of maintenance and is a very desirable option at a very desirable price. Cleanup is easy, requiring simply mild dish detergent and a light cloth or sponge. Reclaimed offers a look and feel that the newer butcher blocks simply can’t. When purchasing r eclaimed wood for your kitchen you are, in effect, doing wonders for the environment. Soapstone has a beautiful natural grey color, offers smooth, matte feel. While recycled glass does cost less than granite, it is probably not for the budget conscious. It will show nicks and dents so one must take some care when working on this surface. Pewter’s dark silvery color is muted and is not brash like chrome. A hammered antique look would mask some of the natural dents and dings that naturally occur on many kitchen surfaces.

Countertops, Overlay Or Resurfacing, Do It Yourself | Duration 8 Minutes 51 Seconds A natural, fine-grained rock, slate is softer than granite but harder than marble. Many find this particularly appealing as these natural occurring dents make it hard to detect nicks and scratches that inevitably happen on well-used kitchen surfaces. To prevent staining and uneven coloring or discoloration it is best to use trivets under hot pots and pans and coasters under glasses and other items containing liquid. So now you know more about some of these popular materials, is there one that you like best? Generally, life lifetime of kitchen decor last less than 10 years, so when creating your dream kitchen you want to consider a look that will last the course of its time. There’s more to a counter than granite or marble these days. They offer a natural, organic look for those who are wanting such in their kitchens. Its appearance improved with age, as opposed to many others that start to look weathered and dingy after just a few short years. Likewise, cutting boards should be used as well as chopping directly on to the concrete could damage the sealant. A nice butcher block surface should be sealed and oiled about once a month. The only potential negative is that the surface, if not well maintained can dry or crack and excess water should always be wiped off. Reclaimed wood, simply put, is a smart and attractive option. Reclaimed wood that was used from older trees is much sturdier than the newer counterparts made from younger trees. If you are concerned about the environment, want a “greener” feel to your kitchen and love the casual elegance that wood has to offer, you should see how you can obtain reclaimed wood products near you. It is a sustainable product (another good choice for those of you who want environmentally friendly alternatives) that has sound-cutting properties that may appeal to mothers of noisy children world-wide! It invokes the feeling of an up to date, modern, trend-setting material. Like stainless, this material is not impervious to dents and scratches. They are easy to care for and clean but may require to be re-sealed every few years. It has a beautiful look and offers a more gentle look as in contrast to the more clinical look of its stainless counterpart. Because it is a softer material it is easily shaped and stamped. While the look of pewter is more of a traditional one, it could look right at home in a more modern or eclectic setting. Slate has a naturally uneven surface that many find aesthetically appealing. Slate has a dull matte finish and would not be the material of choice for those who prefer more of a high gloss look. Wiping stains from its surface is easier than even granite, making it a very desirable choice for your kitchen counter top. For those wanting a natural mineral counter top in your kitchen, but wanting to stay away from granite for a slightly different, more unique look, quartz could be for you!

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If you take care of the plastic laminate counter top, then it may last a long time. With built in durability, it reduces the weight and enhances the strength. They are durable and wear resistant, abrasive and do not hold stains. They are usually solid surface molds of acrylic resin enhanced with mineral fillers. If you use a heavy weight counter top, it will impact the efficiency of the vehicle. So you may want to have a counter top that can withstand rough treatment. It combines the light weight, durability and strength in the laminated counter tops like no other laminated material or counter top system does. It is build very sturdily, durable, very strong, can resist temperatures up to 500 degrees and at the same time is almost 60% lighter in weight compared to the real granite stone counter tops.

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Kickstart the mid-year off by having your countertop looking as good as you are! At a similar price point to granite, which is rather sad considering it’s not as pretty. Since it is nonporous, it is relatively easy to clean with mild soap and water. It is also considered to be the most child-friendly countertop as its durable, hides stains well and is non-porous with the one caveat of not being scratch resistant. The company is dedicated to reducing the thickness of their products while maintaining or even improving its mechanical strength and durability. These characteristics combine to create an ideal surface for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, flooring and wall siding. It offers beauty similar to natural stone in a wide range of colors and extraordinary textures. When cut as a slab, it forms a stunning centerpiece for any kitchen. Highly durable and can quite possible outlast your house if taken care of properly. For the most part, they’re heat resistant so you don’t have to worry about scorch marks from pans. If pots have grease on them or any organic liquid, it can seep into the porous granite and stain the surface. A slight tap when placing the bowl on the countertop and you can create a hairline crack, and this can propagate into an even bigger crack. Have your slabs tested in the warehouse before installation? Never use an abrasive cleaner or anything too acidic or alkaline. Organic liquids like alcohol, vinegar, citrus juices and cooking oil can penetrate the seal and seep into the surface, discoloring it. Clean your countertop with a stone cleaner, and let it dry completely. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes before applying the second coat, and you’re done. Another costly expense is building strong cabinets that can take the load of granite. It’s a steatite stone that has mineral traces of chlorite, magnesite, dolomite, and talc. Being non-porous, soapstone does not need any sealing, only some periodic oiling for better aesthetics. It is inert in nature so you can breathe a sigh of relief when working with fresh fruits, acids, and meats. The biggest issue with limestone its that its a carbonate, so it will react violently with anything that has acid. Using a cotton cloth dab a thin coat of sealer, and wipe down the entire countertop early without missing a spot. If your countertop happens to be honed or textured surface then you may need to apply more than 3 coats. There is a general consensus online that limestone can be troublesome for kitchen countertops. Oh my granite which is an igneous rock, marble is metamorphic. Despite marbles proclivity for scratches, it remains one of the few countertop materials that can be sanded down and polished again. It can be quite prone to scratching so it’s best to use a chopping board for food preparation. Many people don’t see this as a negative, as there are a charm and allure to old marble. Food particles to give off a strong colour, like human curry powder coffee grounds and leafy greens should be wiped up immediately. W ipe the surface dry without leaving any drops or streaks of water. If you’re using light or white coloured marble, hydrogen peroxide is a safe cleaner choice. Be careful not to use too much water, as it may penetrate the seams and cause the laminate to swell up and crack. To remove stains, make a routine of baking soda and mild cleaner, and apply it to the stain. Using circular motions wipe the gloss all over the laminate countertop, and don’t miss a spot. It is the easiest to clean and can take soapy water and mild abrasive house cleaners with very little long-term maintenance. Though it can handle boiling hot water and pans that have hot water in them, the high temperatures of boiling oil, or pots and pans that have dry heat, can cause scorch marks and even melt. However, stronger chemical compounds like nail polish, paint removers, sinner lacquers oven cleaners can severely damage your countertop. To prevent any streaks or water spots, dry thoroughly with a towel. You’ll be guaranteed to find the right stone choice for your countertop and hopefully get the bigger picture on the surface that can change your kitchen or even bar lifestyle forever! Its durability and beautiful natural finish make it a favorite for homeowners who prefer a stunning but relatively maintenance free countertop. Quartz can have many colors depending on the chemical composition of the minerals, and a ll patterns are synthetically achieved, making it gradations consistent throughout a slab. A darker colour can help you hide seams, but lighter colours and bold patterns can make seams harder to hide. There are many quartz options that mimic granite but it’s rather poorly done. In fact, for a time, it was the most sought-after countertop material. You can always opt for a darker color to make the seamless noticeable, but a natural stone is unique, so it will never match completely. Granites hardness, though typically an asset, can be a real problem if you have glass bowls, china or wine glasses. You don’t want to scratch or strip the seal, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to seepage and stains. You need an impregnating stone sealer that works on all stone surfaces and does not alter the color. Apply the sealer to a dry, clean and lint-free cloth, and wipe down the entire countertop surface including the edges. Wait 24 hours for the repellant effect to take hold, before preparing food on the countertop. The installation also commands a hefty sum as a single mistake can botch the slab, and you’d need a new one. As a quarried natural stone, it has beautiful veinings, making it a simple but elegant option. Soapstone with more talc tends to be softer and is typically used by sculptors. Though soapstone is softer than granite, it is more pliable and less brittle. As it grows older, it gets much darker and produces a beautiful and natural patina. If you like bold patterns, you would be hard-pressed to find them. Since its non-porous, all you need is a mild soap with warm water and a dish rag. Used in constructing some of the most beautiful buildings of yesteryear, limestone has a way of tempering bold interiors with a soft earthy tone. Bears a similar resemblance to marble, with white, sandy and pearly shades. For hard to remove stains or grease spots, use a limestone compatible alkaline cleaner. Using warm water, rinse the surface of the countertop and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. Before applying your sealer and sure your countertop surface is dry and clean. Do not use your countertop for at least 24 hours, so your sealer drives thoroughly. It does not yellow from prolonged periods of heat exposure and can withstand the occasional spark. You can have your custom marble slabs engraved with a pattern of your choosing. For any rigorous cleaning, use a light soap or marble cleaner and wipe it into your surface with a soft non-abrasive cloth. To get that extra shine on your marble, use a chamois cloth. Apply the poultice liberally to the scratched or stained area and cover it with a plastic wrap, leaving it for 24 hours to rest. If you’re battling 3 spots, try sprinkling a bit of cornstarch or over it and let it sit for about 20 minutes. If you’re the kind of person that likes to change up their house decor every few years, then laminate is a great option for you. So you’d best be on your guard when working with knives and sharp objects. Avoid using any highly acidic or alkaline cleaners, with the exception of diluted vinegar for grease stains. Give it 5 minutes before rinsing it with a soft non-abrasive cloth. With a dry cloth, write down all the excess sealant from the surface. They were created for the sole purpose of being a countertop and can mimic the appearance of natural stones like marble and granite. Use a mild dish soap and warm water to get rid of any dirty or stained areas.


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