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You either need this product or get glass micro balls to mix into a cement. This will not fade in sunlight nor stain from acids (lemons etc). The alternative is having a nice counter today, but a not so nice counter a year from now. It filled in the normal bubbles on the cast surfaces, and even smoothed out the rough spots on top of my cast in place countertop. I highly recommend this especially for an amateur doing a cast in place countertop like me.I tried making a slurry from cement but the sand is too big to fill holes. Its just easier and not that much different in price to buy this product.

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She quickly addressed concerns that we had with the installation. I didn’t expect miracles, as the big box places had thoroughly stomped out my enthusiasm. Peter asked for a description of what our project was to look like and what type of theme we were going with.
Rejuvenate 16 Oz. Countertop Polish Rj16cp The Home Depot From Homedepot | Duration 48 Seconds The price was 1/2 of what others in the area were trying to charge. Wes the cabinet guy has done a fantastic job, really detailed and it turned out really good. Initially going there we were unsure what we were looking for, had an idea but still not quite sure. From that point it was easier to see what was needed to achieve the end result we were looking for. He gave me good advice and steered me in the right direction. Mike, who installed the pieces and his team were very professional and cleaned up whatever mess they made when installing.

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You can purchase the same professional’s choice products for your vehicle to make it look as good as it did when you drove it off the showroom floor. I tried this on a very sticky hair dryer and it is now like new. I applied this to the countertops and no longer have stains! I have also used it to clean and seal my bathroom shower stall and it works just as well. I also use it on shower doors and faucets, anything stainless steel, and appliances. I did two quick applications and they are now crystal clear. We had tried many products on these cooking stains which had been embedded for years. You have to use denatured alcohol to get most of the stickiness off first. I used a cotton swab around the dryer controls and other places where the polish might have gotten into the cracks. It makes the countertop slippery and they slide if they jump up too hard! It seems to seal the countertops to prevent stains and makes them look new again. My headlights were so cloudy that you’d couldn’t see the interior of the light. It was extremely effective on removing deep down stains in the stainless steel rim surrounding our stove top.

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