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The installation was done perfectly by the owner and was done with amazing speed and efficiency. We went in to purchase a piece of laminate and the lady at the desk was very nice and helpful! It is clear to us that they they must have more business than they can handle if they think they can treat past customers this way. If you are going to use them, call and set up an appointment. Marcos had to come back to recaulk a small area, they responded in a timely manner and did a great job.I can attest to the fact that this company is top-notch all the way around. Tom, as the level of care and attention we received was truly outstanding. The cost of the work was very fair, and the quality of what they did was superb. We would rate this company just one star except that they did do a great job for us on the original project. Otherwise they may be too busy to see you if you just walk in. We got our quartz countertops through them with installation from a different company.The young woman in charge is not honest and will misrepresent the facts.

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The team of painters, plumbers, electricians, construction was professional – courteous and hard working. We couldn’t be more excited about how our remodel went! The whole process was pretty seemless and came in right on time. Then, another of the counter parts had an overhang that was the wrong size and had to be re-cut so couldn’t be installed. There was a chip in one bathroom vanity, which they simply filled with glue. There were many unplanned challenges that they worked through and the end result is truly exceptional. Since his company did such good work on that initial project, we knew immediately that we would hire his company to do our kitchen remodel (a total gut job). It was not sealed and if they expected me to do this it was not communicated to me. Jim had refinished another tub for me about 7 or 8 years ago and it still looks good. He is conscientious about his work and is determined to produce a finished project of which he can be proud. Things like that made him the logical selection to do my latest project. He takes customer satisfaction very seriously and will do anything to make the customer happy. Then, one of the counter parts had a crack in it so couldn’t be installed. Then, when they drilled the hole for the kitchen faucet, they drilled it directly into the edge of my brand new sink! They said they would either replace that slab or cut a bigger notch out of my sink to make it possible to install a faucet. This took another several hours over many days to resolve with their crappy customer service.

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Surface refinishing is a fast and affordable way to repair and restore sinks and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, tile showers, bathtubs, and so forth. We provide estimates at no charge, and the price we quote is the price we stand by. We repair and finish in as little as just two days, and all of our surface refinishing work comes with a strong warranty.

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This durable piece stands up against breakage, chipping, and scratches commonly caused by the wear and tear of everyday use. Tuxton ceramic dinnerware is nonporous and vitrified, and has surpassed the highest health standards required by culinary professionals. Tuxton china has been proven in restaurants, excelling through the rigors of everyday use such as: commercial grade dishwashers, salamander broilers.

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One fabricator may prefer 2 cm for its lighter weight and ease of installation.

Sold! 3235 Quartzite Is For Sale In Reno, Nv 89523 | Duration 1 Minutes 52 Seconds The added cost of thicker 3 cm slabs is offset by the added labor cost of the laminating process used on 2 cm material. With rare and exotic materials, the price difference between installed 2 cm and 3 cm counters is more apparent as the added slab cost outstrips the laminating labor cost. Most brands come from the factory at 55″ x 120″ with some manufacturers supplying over sized slabs for large island counters. Counters are laminated for aesthetic reasons; doubling the thickness makes the counter look more substantial. You can see a list of our laminated 2 cm edge details can be seen here. A piece of stone is cut in half and opened like a book, hence the name bookmatching! Backsplash can also be book matched to achieve a uniform appearance. Visibility of our seams is mainly determined by material color.

Cabinet & Lighting Supply Reno Nv Home Improvements Remodels | Duration 1 Minutes 11 Seconds Slabs with lots of character and movement are fabricated with special care, and seams are aligned optimally to blend colors and movement. Each batch of epoxy is hand mixed and tinted to blend in with the individual stone it will be used on. A rough saw cut isn’t clean enough for our standards, so we machine each seam again during fabrication to ensure a tight fit between the two pieces. Special care must be taken to ensure the tightest fit during installation, and our install crew has years of experience creating top quality seams. Can we look at the actual slabs you will use on our project before you cut them? A homogenous piece is said to have no movement, whereas a stone with extreme movement might be a completely different color and pattern from one end of the slab to the other. From the time that we template your job until the time we install is usually two weeks. We coordinate with a licensed plumber to disconnect your sinks in the morning before we begin tearing out, and often times we can have our plumber reconnect your new fixtures that afternoon or the next morning. If you’re seeking a contractor or subcontractor for your kitchen and bathroom construction or remodel, we are ready to help. Knowing the stone will help you properly care for your granite counter tops. Another fabricator may prefer 3 cm because the edge isn’t usually laminated during fabrication, reducing the labor required to finish the project.Yes, 3 cm stone is more expensive than 2 cm, however the finished cost is typically very similar. A plywood substrate is required underneath 2 cm countertops, and the laminated drop edge also serves to hide this plywood from sight. This provides the best possible appearance on the finished product. The two pieces on either side of a bookmatched seam are mirror images of one another. Book matching keeps the color and grain direction consistent between two pieces of stone, creating a nearly seamless look. Unlike some production fabricators, we take special pride in creating the best possible seams on each and every job.

Desert Mountain Tile Inc Reno, Nv | Duration 36 Seconds Installers are the most important part of the final appearance of a seam. As a finishing touch, we often surface polish the cured joint to create a smooth and flush finish. If you choose slabs with movement, we provide a layout view, where you participate in deciding which piece is cut from which area of the slab. This is a term used to describe granite & marble with directional veining. What is your typical lead time for a kitchen project from start to finish? We do our best to accommodate your needs in this regard. Assuming you are simply replacing your countertops, we can often complete the entire project with only 24 hours of down time. Once the countertops have been fabricated, our install crew is usually able to tear out your old counters and install new ones on the same day. Do you work with any products besides natural stone?

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Such conferences enable you to assess what you think about the worker, how their training and consideration is compared to the others, and precisely how well you converse with them. On top of that, you really should make a point to check with the workers about factors like their firm’s specifications, work record, and preparation guidelines.Time unit prices, installation configuration and selection schedule which are generally tied to cabinet installation jobs. These are all very vital factors for a home-owner to understand about the professional and may make a major change in the final result of the job.
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