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I treated all of the black beauty granite counters with this right away, and they have withstood a great deal of abuse from the sanding and painting of walls, which left messes which had to be cleaned off. Waited ten minutes for it to soak in and wiped it down with more paper towels until the rest was gone. I have four kids and this puts so much relief in my every day kitchen use. Water just beads up and so far nothing has stained the countertops.
Cleaning With Rubbing Alcohol! Helpful Tips For How To Clean Your Home (Clean My Space) | Duration 5 Minutes 52 Seconds It did not change the color of my quartzite which is white with gray veining. Water spilled would immediately soak into the granite and leave a grey mark. I just moved into a new house, and have a great deal of remodeling to do. My heart almost stopped when a jar of coconut oil overturned, as the heat had reduced it to a liquid state. I applied by pouring on the marble and using a paper towel to spread. I do my stone walk in shower and my kitchengranite counter tops, the application last about a year and the results are instantly obvious once the product is applied and the surface looks newagain with that deep shine. I wore nitrile gloves and just used a papertowel to wipe a very thin coat over the counters and let it dry. I also used it on my granite in the kitchen and it worked really well. Nobody wants raw chicken soaking through their granite counter!

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On the other hand, body wash is usually more expensive than bar soap. Do you know if you can use vinegar instead of jet dry in the jet dry style shower cleaner recipe? We have large glass doors on our shower, and they’re super-hard to keep clean. It is easy just dampen it and rub away all of those water spots. That has worked well with preventing mold and minimizing build-up of soap scum. Having arthritis and spine-movement difficulties, using a towel or squeegee aren’t workable.

Marble Nails Tutorial Using Gel Polish And Sharpies Pens | Duration 14 Minutes 26 Seconds I am not so sure about the talc causing the build up since i make my own soap and i still have build up – not too much but def need to use the squeegie more often and i cant wait to try one of these. I invested in a shower head that has a detachable hand held sprayer. It is also great to clean things in the tub like screens and larger items that do not fit in sink. I have tried to use vinegar in the shower, there is a slight odor but it goes away quickly. I wonder if that’s a problem with all the fabric softeners, or if maybe it’s just that brand you used? I talk very fast, read constantly, take on too much and make plenty of mistakes. A friend of mine installed a fan on a timer that he uses after every shower to expedite drying and prevent mold. I removed the color in my apartment carpet using borax and salt. I have a friend in a lab who does a lot of biology stuff, and she uses hydrogen peroxide to mutate cells when she does experiments. The whole purpose in my opinion, is to have a bottle of the solution handy and use it right after stepping out of the tub/shower. We went through 2, shucked them both went back to my lemon oil on the glass once a month. I try and get off all the soap and shampoo before stepping out of the shower/bath. It’s very difficult for me to clean my tub because of the way the sink blocks part of it. Part of the gross stuff on your shower is often due to hard water build up. I would say off hand that the version two made with vinegar/water or vinegar/vodka would be something to consider.

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Soap and water is recommended all the time for cleaning marble and granite countertops because it is so simple, but it really isn’t the best method for regular cleaning. If you do create a real mess, then washing with soap and water a couple times will get the job done. A more potent disinfectant solution can be mixed using hydrogen peroxide or bleach, but you’re rolling the dice using these chemicals on marble. Diluting with water will decrease the risk (and killing properties), but getting the mix right is tricky, so be prepared for etch marks if you experiment. This product contains disinfecting ingredients but is formulated to be non-damaging (non-etching) on all marble countertops, floor tile, shower tile, etc. You can’t just spray on and wipe off a disinfectant. Everyone understands the desire to guard against health problems, although something interesting that you may consider is that many studies are now revealing that general use of disinfectant cleaners is overkill in most instances and over-use is likely counterproductive. I used to use bleach on my counters before preparing food on them since kitty feet aren’t exactly “clean”. You could use soap and hot water (yes, soap is a disinfectant cleaner) safely.

Painting With Sharpies!? | Duration 6 Minutes 45 Seconds I think you’ll get optimum results using this product as a disinfectant spray. We have been told by the doctor to completely disinfect every surface of our home. So, in this case, you could choose to go with hydrogen peroxide. In fact, polished marble is near stain-proof and typically does not need nor can it be sealed since the sealer will not absorb. And don’t apply a sealer “just to be safe” unless you want to strip off the dull hazy film it could leave when it doesn’t absorb and a residue dries on the surface. Marble etching is often confused with staining, but they are two different issues. Which is why you need to use the “marble-safe” product recommended for disinfecting. You can never completely kill or clean away bacteria. This is the proper method when using any household disinfectant. You may think that is just nonsense, but it’s a tried-n-true method. However, if you use soap all the time , you’ll get a build-up that will dull the shine. For wiping up, just hot water will do along with a daily clean with a stone cleaner that won’t leave a film. Hydrogen peroxide is acidic , so it could etch (dull and/or discolor) your countertops. Using a bleach solution runs the same risks as hydrogen peroxide. Likely no one made you aware of the problem of marble etching, but it’s the reason marble is not recommended for kitchen countertops. Like all other disinfectant sprays, the above mildew remover must remain on the surface for 10 minutes or so. Using only when specifically needed is apparently the best choice. I also like to bleach after preparing raw chicken or spilling raw eggs on the counter. Now, you could risk using a bleach or hydrogen peroxide solution. You want to disinfect daily, so the above is not really a “safe” option. It has been engineered and specially formulated by stone pros and tested, tested, tested to be safe on marble and all stone. The problem is we have marble floors and marble tops in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Diy Sharpie Watercolor Tiles | Diy Crafts | Duration 2 Minutes 38 Seconds It’s a decent natural disinfectant, however, it has limited germ-killing qualities. The same is basically true for vinegar, which is a common household disinfectant, but not effective enough for the demands of this job. Obviously, your husband’s health is the most important concern and you want to ensure that the surfaces are effectively sanitized. I really like to spray bathroom fixtures with a disinfectant cleaner. Remember to leave the cleaner on the countertop / tile for a good 10 minutes. Marble doesn’t stain too easy, but it can stain which happens when something absorbs into the countertop leaving a dark spot.

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It does, however, possess many of ethanol’s chemical properties. Rubbing alcohol’s chemical properties give it utility in many household applications. Many toilet bowl and window cleaners, for instance, contain isopropyl alcohol. As a result, while a puddle of water—whether on the counter top or in the ear—sticks around for a while, a puddle of rubbing alcohol quickly evaporates. This means that pouring a bit of rubbing alcohol in the ear to mix with the water that’s left there after swimming produces a mixture that evaporates much faster than water would on its own, drying the ear and preventing infection. It can even be used at home to clean counter tops and other commonly touched, non-porous surfaces instead of other, more expensive, antibacterial agents. Unlike drinking alcohol, rubbing alcohol is not suitable for human consumption.

Diy Abstract Art Print | Acrylic Paint And Rubbing Alcohol Technique | Duration 4 Minutes 28 Seconds For instance, like ethanol, it’s soluble in water and it has a low boiling point. Unlike water, rubbing alcohol can dissolve sticky, gummy residues, making it ideal for removing sap or chewing gum from hands and surfaces. At best, this leads to an annoying several hours of trying to remove the residual water, during which time it can be difficult to hear. Rubbing alcohol can actually help swimmers prevent infection. This means that it’s much easier for isopropyl alcohol to evaporate than it is for water. When rubbing alcohol mixes with water, the resulting mixture has a vapor pressure between those of the original compounds. Hospitals spray it on surfaces to kill infectious organisms and prevent the spread of disease. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Add the water with another clean bucket underneath to collect the lye. To remove odors from a refrigerator, simply put a plate of charcoal ash inside. Make sure any homemade lye soap cures for at least 6 weeks prior to use. Lye water makes bread fluffy and prevents it from crumbling. It can also be used as compost base but does not include nitrogen. You can also add 1/4 cup ash before planting roses for impressive results. A thin layer of ash protects plants from frost in the winter. Putting ash on an ant colony will force them to relocate, as they can’t move the ash. I would be extremely reluctant to use lye water to treat wounds or use on teeth, hair, or added to food. So brushing with ash is very effective in keeping your teeth clean and white. You can also make lye by adding the ash in a cheesecloth.

How To Clean Granite Countertops | Duration 4 Minutes In a bucket with holes on its base, add the cheesecloth and then ash, then hang it up. The lye should have a brownish color, so remove the bucket when clean water starts to sift through. If the egg floats, the lye is good to go, if not, repeat the process. For oily hair, you can wash with lye soap and rinse with vinegar. It eff ectively recycles natural nutrients back into the earth. Slugs and snails are among garden pests that hate ash if you add it around plants. Putting ash in the corners of your house or in dark spots of your basement will deter mice, rats, cockroaches, and other nuisance animals.

Coloring Translucent Polymer Clay With Alcohol Inks by thebluebottletree.com

Just mix a drop or two of alcohol ink with your polymer clay to create a new color. Tinted translucent polymer clay makes great faux glass effects. For a color junkie like me, one of my favorite art materials is alcohol ink. You can learn more about using alcohol inks with polymer clay here. Translucent polymer clay doesn’t have pigment particles that block light transmission, that’s why it’s translucent. Alcohol inks, because they are dye based, do not have particles to obscure the light. There is a limit, however, and high amounts of alcohol ink will interfere with light transmission. Plaques are light areas within the clay, sort of like imperfections. Given long enough the color will diffuse from one to the other and mix completely. Also keep this in mind when you use tinted clay in veneers and mokume gane stacks. Some colors bleed more quickly (due to the size of the dye molecule), so it’s more apparent. Note that mainly the orange has diffused while the green and yellow stayed in one place better. Ranger inks certainly come in a wide range of colors but vary in their intensity greatly from one to the next. On the other hand, they also seem to be more sticky and don’t dry as readily. As alcohol inks are merely a dye which is dissolved in alcohol, there are people who make their own. While this is a decent solution for use on paper, it will not work on polymer clay. But it does increase the color range that you can choose from. Because even though alcohol ink is waterproof and permanent, it’s very easy to clean up. The more you use, the more intensely colored the resulting clay will be. Use your palette knife to spread the alcohol ink evenly over the surface of your clay sheet. Pinch off a tiny bit of clay, lay on a separate ceramic tile or heat-proof surface, and “cook” it with your heat gun. Keep testing as you add more color to your unbaked clay until you get a color you’re happy with. Balls of unbaked tinted polymer clay compared with circles of baked clay. Are you looking for projects that you can create using translucent clay tinted with alcohol ink? Be aware the alcohol inks can fade with exposure to sunlight and/or heat. Alcohol ink can bleed out of unbaked polymer clay, so be careful not to store it in contact with other polymer clay. I get a lot of questions about coloring translucent polymer clay. Alcohol inks are an intensely concentrated dye dissolved in alcohol. Recently, however, there has been much interest in using them with polymer clay. You can therefore color the translucent clay quite intensely without reducing the clarity of the clay. Also, some people have reported plaquing or mooning in the cured clay. However, two unbaked balls of clay tinted with two different colors of alcohol ink, if stuck side by side, will eventually mix together. Always make sure that your tinted clay doesn’t touch any other color of clay when stored. So if this is a concern make sure you bake your project right away before the colors have a chance to bleed. The top veneer of this amulet was cut from this sheet of polymer clay. The remaining sheet has been in storage for 4 months and the colors, originally on the surface of the veneer, have diffused. But mixed with translucent polymer clay, it turns sort of a light plum color, or even a fuchsia. Some colors may change even more when the tinted clay is baked. It’s just one more challenge you face when learning about a new medium. You will most likely see 3-packs of bottles in your local craft store. Clothing dyes are not the right type of dye to stain polymer clay. Another fantastic source of alcohol inks are the alcohol ink marker refils. Keep in mind that with markers, lighter colors are just more dilute, so for our purpose with polymer clay they would just be duplicated, less concentrated colors. Even better, use a non-porous work surface like a glass cutting board or a ceramic tile. It sounds scary but unless you’re drinking it (don’t!), and in the small quantities you’ll use, it’s harmless. Squeeze drops of alcohol ink onto the translucent polymer clay. Don’t add more than 4-6 drops for a 4 x 4″ (10 x 10cm) square at first. Spread the alcohol ink over the surface of the sheet of clay. If you’re not happy with the intensity of color at this point, it’s easy to roll out the clay to a thin sheet and add more color. This doesn’t cure the clay completely (and often singes it slightly if you’re not careful) but it does give you an idea of how the clay will look once baked. You can see that some colors change more than others with baking. You can create color effects that are impossible with regular opaque polymer clay colors.

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While this cleaning trick is can help anyone get their tub clean in a flash, it can be a real game-changer for those with limited mobility. I did use a broom one time on my basement tub once when we had a flood and it really helped get to the back of the tub where the sliding doors are in the way. Well after a few weeks on the counter it was time to clean up those mason jars. Wet an old wash cloth, add some dial to the cloth and scrub the tub. It’s one of my all-time top cleaning ingredients, because nothing works better at cutting through tough grease and grime than that iconic blue dish soap. A dirty broom won’t help you get your tub clean, so grab a cheap new one from the dollar store! Then stand back and admire your clean, shiny bathtub! I soaked them, scrubbed them and the layers of borax crystals would not budge. I clean my ceramic tile and laminate flooring with it all the time!


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