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To make this connection, you must have a removable aerator on your kitchen or bathroom faucet. You can see it at the 26 second mark in our installation video below. You will then need to run a small 1/4″ diameter tube through your counter top to the bottom of the machine. You can run the tube through a soap dispenser hole or some other pre-drilled hole in your counter top. In both installation examples, you must place the machine itself on the counter top next to the faucet, as seen in the last 2 minutes of the video below. You may make all the connections below the sink, but you must place the alkaline water ionizer system on the counter top. Now you can see for yourself the difference between drinking alkaline ionized water from your water ionizer machine compared to ordinary filtered or alkaline bottled water. You won’t have to wait long to start enjoying these ionized alkaline drinking water health benefits. The aerator is the part on the tip of your faucet with the screen, where the water comes out. This tube will deliver water into the machine, allowing you to skip the faucet connection. Some people do not want anything attached to their kitchen faucet, so they can connect the machine below their sink in this way.
Tyent Usa Introduces The All New Ace 11 Water Ionizer | Duration 1 Minutes 39 Seconds Bawell alkalized water systems are for the counter top only, you cannot place them under the sink. Bawell models can even be used with reverse osmosis systems or any other water purification system that may be currently installed in your home.

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My husband has a few health issues such a high cholesterol, high blood pressure and gout. I had been told that there was mild traces of blood in our urine samples and we got to watch our diet to avoid highly processed and excessive salt in our food intake. Singapore has also seen an increasing interest in alkaline hydrogen ionized water as a means to support good health. My family wanted to get a water ionizer for the improvement of our overall health. He would experience gout pains after eating nuts and it would be very uncomfortable for him. To his surprise and joy, he realized that there was no more tingling sensation even after he ate 7-8 almonds. As for me, the doctor told me that my liver is in a very bad condition and i can die anytime without knowing. Seen primarily as a complementary and support platform for healthy living, alkaline hydrogen ionized water has grown in popularity throughout the world as different doctors, specialists, hospitals and universities study the uses of alkaline hydrogen ionized water. Machine Systems Best Brand Alkalized Filter Alkaline Water Ionizer
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