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Gone are the days of stains and the need of sealers to protect your marble surfaces. Our goal is to complete your project with the minimum amount of fuss and leave you with peace of mind knowing that you have purchased the perfect surfacing solution for your home. Take your time to browse our site and find your perfect countertop!

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Granite Countertops Austin Tx | Duration 2 Minutes 9 Seconds We offer an array of products including marble countertops, quartz countertops and stone slab countertops. We are also proficient in handling countertop installation and tile installations. We are detail-oriented and professional when handling your countertop installation service. We offer affordable countertops ranging from marble to quartz, as well as countertop installation. All our countertops are beautifully crafted and were intended for your kitchen, bar or bathroom. No need to wander off and find another professional to handle the install – we will proudly take care of it. We take each undertaking seriously and put our best foot forward to secure your trust.

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While 3cm stone countertops are thicker than 2cm countertops it does not necessarily mean they are superior – both have specific advantages. Let’s talk about the differences of 2cm and 3cm stone to help you determine which stone is best for you. Since the 3cm stone is thicker than a 2cm stone, it is going to naturally be stronger, so it would work best for areas that see high traffic. Although the 2cm thickness is still stronger and more reliable than a bathroom vanity top made of the artificial material is not as durable as the 3cm stone. Although this option may seem cheaper, it is substantially weaker than a 3cm stone, which may result in costing you more money in replacements and repairs down the road. This method is much weaker than a solid slab of natural stone and restricts what you are able to do stylistically. There are a very limited amount of colors to choose from as well. Plain and simple, these stone veneers do not offer a long-term countertop solution.

Diy It’S Faux Granite Countertop Time! Part 1 | Duration 3 Minutes 56 Seconds The 2cm thickness allows for the same beautiful aesthetic as the 3cm, but for a slightly cheaper cost and less weight. Natural stone countertops will endure the test of time and drastically increase the equity of your home. With proper care and maintenance, either thickness can work well. Especially for something like limestone vanity tops or a marble counter, which are rather soft materials. And of course you want to have a granite countertop that will last you a lifetime, so durability is important. There are some distributors who offer a 2cm stone, with a manufactured edge, which gives the illusion of a 3cm stone. Another less durable method that many other countertop companies use is a laminate countertop, which consists of a very thin stone wrapped around a piece of wood. For example, a laminate countertop is not able to curve, meaning that you will be stuck with pointy corners, which can be dangerous and unsightly. This is perfect for those who like to rearrange their space often or would like to spruce up their décor without breaking the bank. As you’ve seen, no matter which thickness of natural stone you decide to use for your project, rest assured you will be getting a timeless and durable piece of art.

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He got the details of what happened over the three weeks with his sales person and insisted on finishing the job for me at the company’s expense. Tim also came out himself to check on the work after it was done to make sure it looked good. Let me start by saying this used to be a great local business. Nothing fancy just some white counter tops with the sinks already built in. It looks like the place is run by fashonistas only selling high-end products. I had noticed early on the countertops did not have an overhang that protected the cabinets from water. A year later, my cabinets are starting to get water damage from the sink. The man they sent out said that it was normal and nothing was wrong with the countertops. Avoid them completely, and ask your builder if they use them as well. If you are by appointment only, you really need to have someone answer the phone or the ability to leave a message so someone can call you back. The only down side was the that the “first responder” on the phone sometimes sounded rushed or frustrated. First, there was a mix up on the display tub and the measurement diagram causing the 1st tub to be repoured. Before that happened, a large chip appeared in the center of the tub deck. The tub and shower are covered with a powdery film, there is adhesive along the joints and all the surfaces are rough to the touch.

Types Of Overhangs | Duration 4 Minutes 9 Seconds We wanted to remove the tile counter top and sink, and replace with a white quartz top. The office is beautiful and welcoming too, and had so many options to choose from! The measuring and installation process was so easy, and they worked really hard to find a day/time to work with our schedule. He said he recognized my name and would like to make up for what happened. They did not have to call us back, or try to make up for the lost time and headache that was caused to us. If the whole process had been like it was the second time, they would have gotten 4 stars from me. We used them all throughout the 90s and in our house 5 years ago. The marble that they installed is cracking in the sink basins. I was careful not to let water drip and thought maybe this was normal. After 2 weeks we called to find out the status and you said “next week”. The installation was impeccable, and the response to resolve a minor problem was immediate. They even returned to install leftover product in my laundry room as a counter. Often the buyers of these homes cannot choose their own product, or are limited in their choices. You can also call the stone/granite yards and they will point you in the right direction! We worked with them for over six months and they couldn’t get anything right. Then they tried to deliver the tub w/out notice and since we didn’t live in the area, they wanted to leave the 300 lb tub on our front porch. The next crew to deliver the right tub were able to get it up the stairs but had to cut off some of the tub deck. Larry said he would make up for all of the screw ups by telling us he would have everything polished after the install. We had a tricky retrofit of a 30 year old bathroom in all tile. I called the main office a few times and the receptionist was always incredibly helpful and sweet.


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