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4 Heavy Duty Black Steel 6”X8” Countertops Support Brackets Corbel Lot Wood Shelf

You have to knotch out a space so they sit flush with the top of the cabinet. The 8 inch side extends out to support the 12 inch granite overhang. However, the supports are not level and do no sit flush underneath my counter top. They are just what you need to add that finishing touch to set your kitchen apart. They work well in supporting counter tops and many other applications. We wanted something extremely strong for our dishes and such, but we didn’t want it to look like garage brackets. Out of the 16, though, 2 of them were imperfect– 1 did not have recessed holes for the screws, and the other had a reverse slant on the edges. Mounted the 6 inch screw hole side to the inside of the base cabinet. The base cabinets don’t have much thickness of wood to screw into so a 3/4 inch #10 metal screw worked perfectly. The screws are not doing anything but holding the bracket in position long enough to set the granite. Saved a couple hundred dollars from what the granite installer charges.Fortunately its not super noticeable and the plate that mounts to the wall lays flat and sits straight. Not sure that would work well if using in a place where they will get more wear or need to be wiped down regularly like a kitchen or bath.

Laundry Room Countertop and Reclaimed Wood Shelves by

I tuck the white metal rod behind and would have never thought to bring it out and jazz it up. I can’t wait to see where you would possible put those doors. Our laundry room is open to the kitchen and the appliances are visible through an arched door. I think the wall color may be one of my favorites of all time – what color is it? The countertop rest on those and can also be easily lifted up and out of the way if need be. I ended up wanting it to look a little darker, like the floor. It has made quite a name for itself in the years since moving. I hope to be moving soon…we’ll see what the new laundry room looks like. I might have to do something like this in our space! I saw recently that people were commenting about pop ups when they are reading your posts. I can’t decide if my favorite part is the little hook or the adorable curtain and rod! Not knowing the scale of it, it looked like one of those old-school clothespins with the round head and the stationary clip slot, if that makes sense. We have finished 3 rooms and added a little salvage love to the kitchen.

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