Architec RR3K Magnetic Rock Graphite – Kitchen And Dining Recipe Book Holder

The rock has a powerful magnet integrated in the base with a removable 1/2″ steel ball; together they can hold up to 8 sheets of paper. But the fun and vibrant colors make it cute enough to leave on the countertop. The rock is made of durable plastic, which is easy to clean with spray cleaner and a damp cloth. When you’re not using it–it doesn’t take up any more counter space than a salt shaker. The magnet is quite strong and holds several piece of paper.And when you do cook from a recipe on a sheet of paper, does it take up a lot of counter space, and get all wet, and generally become a mess before you’re done cooking? The magnet is small and hardly ever blocks my view of the words. Because of the slightly rounded surface, the paper holds itself rigidly and doesn’t fold over backward. We can actually slip the recipe behind the magnet without having to physically take the ball off. The recipe rock can do double duty and work in the office, music room or at the family’s command central – anywhere you need to hold up a message, instructions or meeting notes. When in use it holds the paper upright and out of the way of splashes and grease.
Recipe Book Holder Build, Can Be Done With Minimum Tools. | Duration 12 Minutes 53 Seconds The instructions say that it’ll hold 8 sheets, but that depends on the thickness of the paper you use. First of all it just looks cool when my recipes are floating in the air. It’s really convenient to have and takes up hardly any counter space. The rock gives the sheet a gentle curve and keeps it in place for easy viewing. I highly recommend it for anyone that keeps a recipe binder and takes them out to use, helps keep the recipe out of the working area.

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Architec RR3K Magnetic Rock Graphite   Kitchen and Dining Recipe Book Holder A decorative, stain-resistant cover is chic and easy to clean. An intricate sketch of garden vegetables is artfully engraved across the lid of the recipe box along with any two lines of personalization. The 3-ring binder has 5 tabbed sections for organizing your favorite dishes by type.

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It is about 9 1/2″ tall and about 11″ wide, so it will accommodate just about any size cookbook. You’ll never lose your place again nor have a lanky book in your way. Smart kitchen accessories make cooking easier and more fun–and this cookbook stand makes it more stylish, too! The area that holds the cook book is 10 1/2″ tall by 13″ wide. The pictures don’t really do it justice–this is a really gorgeous piece of art! Great for holding cookbooks or ipads while working in the kitchen. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you will be receiving. Chicken wire center and 2 chain weights to hold the page down. Would work great for holding recipe/cook books–or for coffee table books or dictionaries. Architec RR3K Magnetic Rock Graphite   Kitchen and Dining Recipe Book Holder
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