Avalon Countertops Self Cleaning Bottleless Dispensers Water Cooler Heater

Our city water is almost undrinkable from the bad taste and chlorine odor. I can’t begin to describe the amazing feeling of just running water into your french press and having coffee in seconds. I had previously and hastily reviewed this product at only 2 stars. I couldn’t be more happy that small rise in temperature has made a huge difference. It’s not too bright and points down so it doesn’t really shine anywhere other than right on to the spouts and drip area.There is a built-in nightlight making the water spouts clearly visible in the dark. The water is taken from your water source and filtered through the filter and then through the machines hot and cold water tanks. For me the third and best feature is the hot water function. Now this leads me to really the best reason of all to buy this product. They offered to send us a new unit and informed me that the water temperature should be outputting at 180 degrees. I wanted to use it to make myself a quart of coffee in a french press, which the water is too cool to do after the first cup.
Avalon Countertop Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Water Dispenser Hot Cold Water Nsf | Duration 2 Minutes 6 Seconds

Drinkpod Countertop Fountain Cold and Hot Water Cooler At Lowes by lowes.com

The polishing scrub uses an activated carbon block to greatly reduce undesirable taste, odor, and color, and improves the safety of drinking water. Press-to-fill, constant fill, and customizable quick fill dispense modes. Purification: • the particle scrub utilizes a hollow fiber membrane filter to greatly reduce contaminants like cysts and rust, and extend the life of the proceeding filters. Avalon Countertops Self Cleaning Bottleless Dispensers Water Cooler Heater

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