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Use it for hobbies like puzzles, arts and crafts, sewing, scrapbooking and more. It is big enough to have a 2 juice glasses and 2 coffee mugs on it with a small plate. The clear look of the tray makes it easy to use it on any style and any color furniture and it will look perfect (it won’t clash styles). I am impressed with the style, sturdiness, quality and that it arrived packaged perfectly & in perfect condition. The tray is quite pretty, too, and would be great for general serving purposes.Use it to add a stunning look to the décor of your home by accenting tables, dressers, and counter tops. The dimensions are 20 inches wide x 12 inches deep and 2 inches tall. You can also put collectables, small object on it and make it look clean and organized. It would be perfect on the kitchen counter as well, or of course, as a stylish drink and serving tray. I was looking for a very specific item to place under it, something long enough that would be attractive but not lead. It holds water without leaking, it looks great, and it’s long enough.

LG LCRT1513SW: Countertop Microwave Oven With EasyClean by

Pretty disappointed in this as i understand most microwaves lifespans should be closer to 10 years and not 4. Is there a silence mode for the beeping especially the intermittent beeping when you don’t take the item out right away? Space would be minimum distance from wall to back of microwave. If the timer is changing so rapidly, then the machine may require service. There could be something keeping it open, or there could be damage to the latches. Since food that has been cooked previously has lost some moisture already, the cooking results may not turn out as desired. The microwave turns on but doesn’t actually heat the food anymore. I will try to write another review next year on it’s performance. A microwave that is simplicity at its best – quick and easy cooking.

Waring Commercial WDF1000BD Electric Countertop Double Deep Fryer by

With hinged heating elements and removable tanks, this deep fryer is also easy to clean and maintain.

Counter Height Bar Stools You’Ll Love by

What you’re looking for are called counter height bar stools. However, before you go out and look for a bar stool for your kitchen you should keep in mind three main factors that can affect your choice which are barstool colors, materials, and seat styles. If you have a coastal themed home you can try a turquoise barstool which can help accent your blues and yellows. In contrast to the turquoise barstool it’s made up of neutral colors which make it easy to blend with anything. This is because metal is a strong material that can withstand wear and tear over time. Another chair type that is common are wooden bar stools with backs. However, if you only need slight back support you can get a low back type where the back should come below your shoulder blades. These stools are the perfect height for a bar and they come with extra features that make them even more perfect for your casual bar sitting activities. So, you could mix a black barstool with anything from blue to red to even green and it would still look fantastic! In addition, metal counter stools have an elegant sheen that give your kitchen an elegant, refined look. The wood is comfortable to sit on and the grain of the wood give s it a distinguished look that can fit with many different types of styles. CLEAR SERVING TRAY V Bar Height A full back chair is going to give you the most support which make a wooden bar stool with a back an attractive option. And finally, you can find no back stools which are great if you like to turn around in your chair to talk to other in the room and don’t want a back obstructing your mobility.

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