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If you have to fill a reservoir with water, this is invaluable. I gave it three stars because it’s a little flimsy, and only slightly more convenient than that cutting board. More like a teeter-totter (or seesaw, depending on where you live). I wouldn’t recommend that either, because it’s lightweight plastic, so it probably wouldn’t hold up with that kind of use. The ones under my toaster and my coffee pot are still rolling smoothly.I am just now needing to replace the one under my coffee grinder. One piece of plastic with gliders that sits on top of another piece of plastic, and slides forward when pulled. Who would believe that one simple little product could elicit so much prose! My coffee pot sits on the countertop, under the cabinet, and pulls out easily and smoothly for use. But: the toaster oven doesn’t quite fit and the plastic doesn’t tolerate much heat. It’s not the most rugged device, but if you use reasonable care, it should last a long time.
Pull Out Tray Install Video | Duration 3 Minutes 49 Seconds Supports the weight of a fully loaded coffee maker easily and glide back and forth effortlessly. For me, it’s an inexpensive way to slightly upgrade my experience with the use and storage of my coffee maker. If you want to put something heavy on it, be aware that you may need to replace it in a couple of years as it will eventually bow under the weight. My little 5 cup coffee maker sits on a narrow 15 ” counter that has a low overhead cabinet. As long as the counter is as long as the tray fully extended, you will most likely have no problems. If the lower tray was made of a heavier weighted material and the upper tray was actually secured to the lower tray, this would have been ideal for my needs.

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Put them up higher to make sliding shelves that free up your countertops and keep your appliances easily accessible. In this white streamline kitchen, the countertops are completely hidden until needed. An adjustable pull-out counter gives you the freedom to create as much or as little additional counter space as you need. Pull-out counters are a great way to solve this problem as they give you more space just when you need it. Amazon Pull out Tray In this kitchen, not only does the drawer and counter beneath the oven pull out, but the counter that the espresso machine sits on pulls out too. The stainless steel surface of this work space can be pulled out to nearly double the amount of prep space you have. A pull out counter installed right under the oven creates a convenient spot to do final prep before putting food into the oven. A wooden pull-out counter also acts as the perfect spot for an additional cutting board. Pull-out counters are great for creating more space in a compact kitchen that can be closed up completely when it isn’t being used. When you’re working with a small kitchen, any and all extra work space is a great addition. The nice thing about pull out counters is that they can be completely concealed when they aren’t in use, like this one here that blends right into the cabinet door. Pull-out counters don’t just have to go underneath the counter.

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Pulls out easily when needed, and fits back in place when you are finished using it. Locking device when in completely closed and completely opened position. Closed, the countertop covers the island (allowing you to hide the cooktop).
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