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Heat Resistant Mat For Straightener Flat Iron Curling Hair Styling Station

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for protecting your home or your business from damage due to flat irons and curling irons. Protect your home or your work station the easy, effective way and add to cart now! It’s easy to roll up and take with you when you travel, too. It does a great job at protecting the surface of your counter top. You can easily move or manipulate it, while tools are on it.Only 4 stars because everything sticks to it and it’s not easy to clean off. It is large enough to accomodate not just her curling iron, but hair straightener as well. I like that my blow dryer and straightener don’t slip off of it because of it’s non slip material ! This professional quality, heat resistant, silicone mat will disperse heat away from hard surfaces to protect them from damage. Just wipe down the mat with soap and water, and you’re done! You’ll love how this black zebra mat looks in your home or at your station.
Cherokee Wall Mounted Styling Station In Reclaimed Pine | Minerva Beauty | Duration 1 Minutes 33 Seconds It fits nicely on your counter and does not take up much space. When you are done using it, the mat is not hot to the touch. I wanted something that didn’t take up too much room on my vanity and this is perfect. I would still recommend it though because the good far outweighs the annoying part haha. It is also just a good grip pad, if you need one for any reason.

Over The Door Organizers by

Over the door organizers are perfect for keeping clutter off your floors and neatly packed away. Your shoes will stay organized and you can keep your closet floor free from clutter. Over the door storage is great for any room in your house, not just your room. Never worry about being late in the morning because you can’t find one of your shoes by storing your shoes in an over the door shoe organizer. Over the door hangers can also organize belts, ties, purses, and more. Heat Resistant Mat for Straightener Flat Iron Curling Hair Styling Station You can store bath products to reduce clutter on your counter, leaving you with a space that is tidy and clean. Heat Resistant Mat for Straightener Flat Iron Curling Hair Styling Station

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