Ice Machine Exhaust

This is an amazing professional-grade automatic ice maker that takes just a few minutes to make ice! The difference is that ice from these locations is made from tap water and could possibly have sanitary issues depending on how it was bagged. If you desire the machine to keep operating, cover the sensor (a metal rod on the right side of the hopper) with the ice scoop, handle pointing up. My husband is a union carpenter and he takes 2-3 10 pounds bags of ice to work every day in the summer. We keep it in the laundry room out of the way since it a little to big to go under our kitchen cabinets when it’s being used (with the lid open its 24 inches tall).I also have not had a problem with my ice freezing together. The ice it makes is wet, and will form a solid chunk of ice if hard frozen. This quality machine is also portable and does not require plumbing in. Unlike many other residential ice machines in this model, unused ice simply melts back into the water reservoir, to be turned into new ice during the next ice-making cycle. Depending on room temperature it can make around 26 lbs of ice per day. It quiet & fills the tray with larger ice in 1 1/2 hours.
Equipex Countertop Exhaust System Video (Sav G Pali) | Duration 1 Minutes 44 Seconds I talked to thinkgizmo, and they immediately sent out a new unit!

Portable Paint Fume Exhaust Fan and Ducting Hose System by

You can depend on our exhaust fans and professional ducting equipment to do the job right for years to come. Hose and fan system can be used to exhaust paint and chemical fumes with the sealed motor. Exhaust hose is rib coiled for durability and years of service. Sealed motors and plastic fan blades eliminate sparks that can be dangerous. Has thermal auto reset, carrying handle with industrial grade heavy duty power cord. Portable paint fume exhaust fan has a maintenance free sealed motor, 1 year warranty and 25 year limited warranty included. Comes in 20 foot length and can be purchased separately or as an addition. Great for use in the bathtub refinishing industry and other painting areas where fumes are a problem. While these fans are not explosion proof fans they are safer then using open motor fans for exhausting paint or solvent fumes.
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