L10BL Wholesale Hidden Granite Brackets Countertops 10″ Steel Support L Bracket

If you are looking for a bracket for shelving we have those as well; this bracket is not intended for shelving. This support bracket gives additional support to your kitchen countertop especially when you have an overhang on a bar top that is deeper than the standard 12 inches or for a bar top which is very long and will be seating 4 or more people. As with all construction, there are no perfect lines or angles. Therefore, as in most construction, you may have to shim when installing some of the brackets.When installed this steel countertop bracket provides an open space for chairs and leg room, meaning you no longer need to use bulky wooden corbels. Though we do everything we can to make sure the brackets are as perfect as they can be without compromising the integrity of the steel’s strength, some brackets may not be a perfect line, perfect angle or perfectly level. The bracket was great to work with, easy to install, and my granite installers said this is one of most solid looking bracket they have worked with.

Countertop Support Brackets In Braces and Brackets by ebay.com

Look to a girls best friend to always give you the support you need! It’s easy to install and adjusts to fit granite or engineered stone overhangs ranging from 8” to 18” deep.With a corrosive resistant finish, the brackets are made to withstand the toughest applications. L10BL Wholesale Hidden Granite Brackets Countertops 10 Steel Support L Bracket
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