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And in just about 3 minutes, the etch and water mark will be mechanically removed and repolished back to the original factory finish! I was in the middle of a remodel and loved the look of white granite (quartzite) which is stronger. I used the etch remover per instructions and within 5 minutes, the etching was gone! I am sure the sample was not sealed, but sealing only helps with staining. The trick with this product is to keep adding water and rub in a circular motion for several minutes.However, when people walk in the first thing they mention is how beautiful the island is. It’s a bit messy with the abrasive sand material, ensuring it stays “moist” (not sure to what degree it should be), and cleaning off the residue afterwards. A subcontractor from my local stone supply shop even said there wasn’t anything that could be done to remove the stains, and just to start applying a sealer to prevent further marks from developing, or just replace the vanity top. Unfortunately for me this product was not ineffective – instead added to the etching spot on my counter causing the blemish to be larger and more noticeable (see outer ring in pic). I left a vinegar cleaning solution and cloth on the counter and now have a ring and a dull splotch that need to be rubbed out. I was in the middle of a remodel and loved the look of white granite (quartzite) which is stronger than marble but etches just as bad.
Commercial Granite Fabricator | Duration 2 Minutes 47 Seconds You end up with 4 possibilities – scratchy looking surface because the abrasive material wasn’t moist enough, cloudy surface because the chemical residue didn’t fully come off, etch marks remain, or etch marks almost fully gone but you can tell slightly where the etch marks were. I can say and try this product first in a corner where some items usually sit.

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However, the surface is blotchy and looks dirty, scratched, and old. It’s hard to explain, you can see what look like “etchings” all over the counter, especially when the sun is shining, and from many different angles. You just aren’t used to looking at granite and your guests will not think they are dirty or notice a thing unless they decide to inspect the granite countertop at all angles. No two stones have the same composition nor will they look the same. Quartz countertop manufacturers of course have tried to eliminate these differences by making a stone-like product with uniform composition, only with different colors. Also , granite countertops can have a number of different “finishes”. In fact , it comes to the stone warehouse already polished. It’s true that fabricators typically just cut and polish edges, but do not do anything to the top finished surface except clean it and seal it if necessary and requested. Lustro Italiano Etch Remover 8 Ounce   Home and Kitchen Fabricator Job Description Unfortunately, if you have such a dog stone, there isn’t much you can do about it especially if you picked it out. Mine seems to get worse and spots and rings if you don’t catch a liquid spot immediately. There were some spots and rings after they left from installing. They tell me the granite is “soft” and they are no longer installing in kitchens but there are many beautiful pictures on the internet with this granite. Typically, in such cases this is due to a film (like soap scum) is on the surface. I feel it is artifacts unique to the piece as they look like scratches or water marks but they cannot be felt. The master bath has the same granite, it is gorgeous and shiny and not rough. We didn’t have the option of choosing our own granite slabs. They should be evenly smooth and shiny without excessive pitting (all granite can pit so, but typically new tops don’t have many yet. Natural stone can have all kinds of pattern and color variations including unusual inclusions or spots of a different color that is not repeated in the pattern. However, if the stains are deep or old, then they may be permanent. Granite colors and patterns can vary a lot and sometimes even contain a stray spot or color. We thought they would polish it like they did the edges. Lustro Italiano Etch Remover 8 Ounce   Home and Kitchen Fabricator Job Description If your countertop surface is completely smooth to the touch, but only looks weird and blotchy at a low angle, then it is normal. You were ready to love it and trusted the contractor to do the best possible. Choosing the exact slabs allows you to choose those most pleasing to you and that will match up at any seams. They could just be part of the natural pattern of the stone. And really for relatively short jobs like a countertop installation, it is best to be present when the work is done. I almost want to get the whole thing replaced but that would be costly. Thus, it will have all kinds of variance in pattern and color. We’ve been told from the installers that because there are so many colors in this granite, what we are seeing is the “veins” of different colors at the surface. Some with tighter patterns or fewer colors won’t appear as blotchy or at least it will seam more uniform. What they can’t seem to get their mind around or accept is that the entire slab including all it’s minerals, performance characteristics (absorbency, acid-sensitivity, maintenance and repair capabilities) is “unique” as well. But even quartz countertops have performance and maintenance differences between different colors, etc.

Quartz Cambria Countertops | Duration 29 Seconds But in general, all granite countertop slabs come from the stone warehouse already polished to it’s full shine. Granite is quarried in big blocks, cut into slabs and then finished at the factory on big machines that use intense friction to smooth the raw granite surface into a mirror-like finish. Granite is very hard, so this finish is difficult (but not impossible) to damage. As noted , some stones do take a polish better than other stones and sometimes you can get a poor grade or “bad” slab. Fabricators should clean the granite counter top prior to sealing, but granite sealers penetrate into the stone and do not form a “film” or “coat” so even if there was debris left on the surface it could be cleaned off after sealing and wouldn’t be the cause of what you are seeing. Sometimes there is good reason to complain about the look or finish on a slab, but it’s pretty rare and usually involves a bad slab. When you look at it from an angle, the finish looks like it has a polished and matte finish, with the matte looking finish looks almost like swirls. The fabricator said it was the fault of my contractor and said the cabinets were uneven.

Quartz Countertops And Backsplash Installation | Boca Raton Florida | Duration 57 Seconds This worked a little but overall my countertop looks dirty, scratched and stained. If not sealed completely or properly then it’s not surprising you have stains. For most varieties this is not a problem, but for some colors it can pit a lot. Really, without seeing it in person it is hard to make an assessment. The granite in the bathroom and by the two counters next to the stove aren’t pretty but the island is very distracting. There’s no reason you should be dissatisfied with your kitchen granite especially when you have examples of the same granite color in your home and your neighbor’s home that are obviously of better quality. These are not small areas, they are a good size areas (like the size of a fingertip). We are at the mercy of the contractors the builder uses. I understand small spots, but one part looks like a 3 inch long burned spot and the other looks like a 4″ by 4″ rust stain. Now it could be that the spots are a natural part of the stone. So, you need to figure out exactly what the spots are first.If the stains are recent and not too deep, then the above product is effective. I informed the builders to do something about it and they said it’s the naturally occurring color in the granite. If indeed it is a natural part of the granite itself (which it could be), then no. I cannot believe that the place where we got it didn’t explain that the slab we were looking at is what we are getting. I called the owner and he said they get it polished from manufacturers. This is 100% normal and what any granite or stone with movement in the pattern looks like.

Affordable Granite Countertops Best Choice For Kitchens From Powershow.Com Just as noted in the above article, the minerals are of different color and composition and reflect light differently, which is apparent only at certain angles. If not uniformly smooth, then the blotchiness could be an issue with the surface finish. Showroom samples are “representative” of the particular color or variety of stone, but the color and pattern of most varieties can vary from a little to a lot. If you had picked out the exact slabs you would have noticed any undesireable spots, pattern, color or mismatched slabs. You may not like them, but they may not be abnormal. I never worried about water stains, the blotchy appearance, etc. My current granite just has a few larger spots than others and looks pretty uniform. Has anyone else had the same and how did you deal with this? Certainly you may not like the look of the vein or other aspects, but nothing is wrong with you granite countertop in this regard. I gather that you did not pick out this exact slab or surely you would have objected to the vein at that time.

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Granite and natural stone countertops have become the mark of a luxurious modern home, and proper care is required to preserve the original look of your investment. As a result, many chemicals, particularly cleaning chemicals, can damage the stone.Therefore, you don’t need to apply a separate sealer to protect your granite. If you do have a streak, which is very, very rare, change to a clean cloth. There is absolutely no reason to purchase different products for cleaning, polishing, or creating a lustrous shine. Use daily to preserve the natural beauty and helps protect the original seal. Certain acidic chemicals break down the stone’s sealant, resulting in harm to the quality of the stone and altering its appearance. That streak is likely due to a foreign substance on your cloth. Bayes cleans, seals, and polishes, and no product will give you a better final shine. Spray directly on stone surface or apply with a soft non-abrasive cloth. Polish surface to a high luster using a clean, dry non-abrasive cloth.
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