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You can only see it if the light hits it just right. We buy our stuff from this store in bulk usually ranging from overstock, packaging damage to customer returns. It does have one small ding in the top, but it is so small that the camera would not pick it up. To ensure that you won’t have any problems with this microwave when you receive it, we have fully inspected it and tested it. This item is from a large “do it yourself” home improvement chain store.The pictures on this listing are of the item you will receive, there are no stock photo’s used.

Amazon: Back To Basics A505 Apple and Potato Peeler Discontinued By Manufacturer: by

It requires 10 apples peeled, cored and sliced in perfect 1/4″ pieces. I are now concerned about gaining weight and high cholesterol levels. It opperates smoothly and the suction cup holds tight to my formica counter top. It doesn’t come with any clear instructions on how to use or adjust it.
Indian Kitchen Organization Ideas | Countertop Organization | Maitreyee’S Passion | Duration 10 Minutes 28 Seconds If you adjust the blade to hit the flat side it can’t accomodate the other side. Maybe it works better on marble rather than formica or wood. The apple got up to the coring blade and wouldn’t advance and the peeling blade gouged deeply into the apple. And secure the unit with a clamp if you are having difficulty stabilizing the suction base model. After a couple hours of fiddling and adjustment of everything possible we were lucky to skin a quarter of an apple. It does take a little tweaking the first time you use it to get the peeling perfected so be prepared to burn through 1 or 2 apples before you get it right. That’s unfortunate because, although this peeler and slicer worked beautifully for slicing a few apples, the slicing device has shifted such that the part that holds the apple is offset from the hole through which the core of the apple is supposed to track. Having to hold the corer down while coring takes a great device into the almost useless category.

When Do Potatoes Go Bad? and How To Tell! by

Although potatoes can last a decent amount of time if you are able to store them in optimal conditions, they will go bad at some point and eventually become inedible. However, if you can provide the ideal storage environment as outlined in our storage section, you might find your potatoes lasting two to three months or more. But chances are you don’t have the facilities for this in your home. Prepared/sliced raw potato – if fully submerged in cold water and carefully stored in the fridge, prepared raw potato should be okay for up to 24 hours. Cupboard storage – stored in a cupboard or pantry at the warmer side of room temperature, you only have one or two weeks before your potatoes start to sprout. They can last three to four weeks in the fridge but will undergo transformations to taste and texture. We don’t recommend storing raw potatoes in the fridge unless you can’t find a cool enough area elsewhere in the house. Stored in the fridge, raw potatoes may last around a month before losing some of those precious qualities that make them so delicious. We recommend consuming cooked potato within one week when correctly stored in the fridge. These changes don’t usually mean that a potato is spoiling, rather that the quality is starting to degrade. Mold – potatoes can grow mold, particularly if exposed to moisture – this is why it’s best not to wash them before storage. Musty smell – old potatoes will no longer have that fresh, earthy scent and will start to smell “musty” and unpleasant. If exposed to warmer temperatures, potatoes will rapidly sprout, but the good news is that they are still perfectly safe to eat – as long as you cut off the sprouts and dispose of them. The green tinge happens when a potato is exposed to light – either natural or artificial. Some varieties of potato will develop a purple tinge when exposed to light. Magic Chef.1 Cu. Ft. Countertops Microwave in White   Kitchen and Potato Storage To do this, you need to provide the right environment – the most important factors are temperature, humidity, and light. This may not be viable for many home storage options, so do your best by providing a cool, dark area (slightly cooler than room temperature is ideal). Potatoes need to breathe, so don’t store them in a plastic bag or airtight container. You may be tempted to throw your onions (which have similar storage requirements) in the pile with your potatoes – don’t do it! I always have a stockpile of potatoes in my pantry, but often find one that has rolled out of sight and doesn’t look quite right. Stored at room temperature, you have one or two weeks before potatoes start sprouting or deteriorating in quality. Raw potatoes are still alive, even when plucked from the vine, so they continue to grow and develop. So, how long do potatoes actually last for the average joe? Countertop storage – all potato varieties will only be good for one or two weeks if stored out on the counter. Fridge storage – can be stored in the fridge if you don’t have a nice cool area to keep them in. They can last a week in the fridge, stored correctly, or several months in the freezer before degrading. The cold temperatures in a refrigerator rapidly turn the starch inside a potato to sugar, creating a much sweeter flavor and changing the texture. Cooked potatoes, on the other hand, should be stored in the fridge in sealed containers. In this section, we’ll focus on the changes you’ll see that indicate a potato is inedible, and discuss the other transformations further on. If you see any abnormal coloration or fuzziness, you may be able to cut out the area of mold – but slice open the potato to check it hasn’t penetrated too far first. Because potatoes are alive, they continue to sprout and grow even when separated from the potato vine – unless they are put into a form of “hibernation” or stasis storage. Green-tinged potatoes are perfectly safe to eat – the skin will be rather bitter, so best not to consume it – cut or peel away the green areas and enjoy the rest of your potato. Don’t forget to minimize exposure to light to stop your potatoes developing a green tinge. The best option is a paper or mesh bag, a cardboard box or a basket. Cooked potatoes should always be stored in the fridge in an airtight container. Although technically you can freeze raw potatoes and they will last indefinitely, they do not cope well with the process, undergoing texture changes that will render them virtually useless for anything other than mashing when thawed. Seal cooked potato products in an airtight container and eat them within two months for best quality.
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