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Block AGA01812 18 12 X 1.75″ Maple Cutting Michigan

Within the first two weeks of usage, parts of the cutting board already began to crack and bulge despite treating the wood with mineral oil every other day. Either edge grain or end grain is what to look for in a good cutting board. In the pictures you can see the darkness of the wood due to the oil. The dents were located on the side of the board and, did not affect the surface of the board in any way. Will continue to treat board once a month, as recommended), only time will tell if this one will hold up to it’s looks.The saving grace with the 15”x15” block is that it appears to have greater stability. For butchering action, the 3” thick blocks would be ideal since no movement would be anticipated. Mine came a little rough, but nothing a quick sand couldn’t fix up. A couple stainless pots and pans, a good knife, and this board and we can cook with the best (theoretically). I use mineral oil to keep the wood conditioned and plan on using a combination of mineral oil and beeswax to further seal it. Use one side for slicing meat and the other side for chopping vegetables.
Michigan Granite Countertops | Granite Michigan | Michigan Countertops | Duration 3 Minutes 53 Seconds It is glued so that the edge grain faces up as it should be. One was about 1/4″ in size and the other two were somewhat smaller. Nice and heavy, huge, and still fits in my small sink for cleaning. It would be nice if the board came pre-conditioned without sanding, but can’t beat the price for the quality! It is very heavy and sturdy and actually looks well made from quality wood.

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Thank you for your expedience, quality work and awesome prices too. David was great helping me plan it, and your guys were fabulous. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream kitchen renovation, on my budget. Block AGA01812 18 12 X 1.75 Maple Cutting Michigan

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