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If either is not removed, the spinning mechanism can be damaged. Was able to use my regular washer this week, but only used it for 3 big loads. Used the spin dryer after each of the regular washer loads, too, and it was remarkable how much soapy water was extracted. As a result it means less drying time overall, and a more gentle ride for your clothes. The zip-tie is tricky to get out, even after cutting it open with scissors.Assuming no bucking, the dryer quickly spins up to very high speed and water starts gushing out the drain spout in front. Makes rinsing easy and the water extracted via the spin dryer is coming out nearly clear. Hopefully it will give you a good visual comparison for size.

LG WM3477HW: 24 Inch Compact All In One Washer Dryer Combo by

We’ve used this washer/dryer combo for 3 years and have had nothing but the best luck with it. Another positive spin-off is that the washer doesn’t use much water and doesn’t require as much laundry soap. We have a septic system so it is important to minimize water usage; this machine fits the bill so well. The machine doesn’t require an outside exhaust, so no hole through the thick wooden logs. The clothes are dried by some new technology that works fine. In a few seconds, the clothes don’t feel damp and are ready to fold. The technology used in this system fit into our lifestyle and needs better than anything we had imagined. Operation is easy, quiet and does a great job cleaning our clothes. So far it seems to work okay, but where does the lint go? If the washer fails to drain properly, unplug the washer and allow the water to cool, if necessary, before proceeding. Check the drain filter trap, which is located behind the panel at the lower right of the cabinet. For most even drying, make sure all articles in the load are similar in material and thickness. Perfect for homes, apartments, businesses and vacation homes where space is valuable. When the weather permits, our preference is outdoor line drying. They come out of the machine, after drying cycle, feeling slightly damp. It wasn’t necessary for us to have a dryer vent opening cut though the logs. We use the dryer function during the winter and generally line dry our clothes when summer weather invites. Only get a combo unit if you absolutely do not have space for both washer and dryer. I see that this combo is discontinued but can you tell me how much it sold for? I looked through the manual but, did not find any reference to parts numbers. We live in an apartment and the landlord supplied this. This is in place to keep large items out of the drain pump, but it can also get clogged with lint if it is not cleared out periodically. It’s great for those who want to be able to do laundry at home but do not have an external venting source which conventional dryers require.
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