Utopia Stainless Steel For Kitchen Countertops Compost Bin Review

It does not harbor any bacteria or leach any harmful chemicals like the plastic containers. It is easy to move and place anywhere, whether it be under the sink or over the counter. I dumped the first compost into the yard waste and cleaned it out and continued to use it hoping the fruit flies would not come back. I obviously was shocked and freaked out, my fiance came and through the entire bin in the garbage. The thickness of the stainless was not thin but of a reasonable gage.I bought a second for my mother because it works so well! Perfectly sized so as to hold enough food scraps, used paper towels, etc. Even during times when we empty it only once in a week, we have yet to notice any odor escaping. Our compost bin is specifically made to store all your kitchen waste such as vegetable peelings and can be stored perfectly on kitchen counter tops or under the kitchen sink. This is especially important if your compost will be used on food crops. This bin can be lifted and carried with ease which makes you free up space wherever you want.I use it every day and it completely eliminates any trace of odor in my kitchen. Contains odors and is large enough to hold quite a bit of waste! I have a bad habit of buying “good intentions” (aka fresh produce) which often goes bad before anyone thinks of eating it, which is what started us on the composting kick anyway – we were tired of watching all the produce get wasted so we started a compost tumbler for our veggie gardens (will this become a vicious cycle? I have produce in this bin for several days and can’t even tell!

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The lid lid features a vented, double-ply charcoal filter system that keeps odors contained. Here’s the thing about food scraps: they break down over time. Would you keep your trash for a week if it was full of rotting food? A compost bin is not a panacea for all compost-related unpleasantness. It also works best to give the pail a quick cleaning before putting a new bag in the pail and begin using it again. A fine-mesh screen would prevent fruit flies from entering through the large holes at the top of the lid and making their way down into the bin. Install a fine mesh screen on the inside of the lid, covering the large holes at the top of the lid. Eco-friendly convenience is always at your fingertips, while nasty bacteria is not. The filter can be cleaned with soap and water, like the bin. And its bin is constructed from a single sheet of high-grade steel to prevent smelly leaks. And its minimalistic, small footprint will save space above or below your countertops. We concentrate on taking what works well, improving it, and giving you something better, so you can capture and experience the magic of home in every cupful. Honestly, a bin that will hold a week’s worth of scraps isn’t a good thing. If you don’t want your food scraps smelling on your countertop, but you also refuse to walk allllll the way to your compost bin more than once a week, then maybe composting isn’t for you. We’ve also been pretty consistent about emptying out the pail nearly every day; we have a 90 gallon compost bin that gets picked up every week so it works best to keep as much of the compost outside in the 90 gallon bin as possible. The compost pail sits on our counter top and it looks good, the top is super easy to remove so you can throw your food scraps in with one hand while removing the top with the other. It doesn’t smell, and the fruit flies are not able to access the scraps–hooray! If we were able to easily separate the lid into its two parts, we would be able to replace/inspect the filters more easily and the filters could be made a little larger so that they would fit more snugly. Of course, the potential for customers having problem with fruit flies while using this bin would be greatly reduced if the inside of the lid incorporated a fine-mesh metal screen, covering the large holes at the top of the lid. This product desperately needs a fine-mesh screen, on the inside of the lid, to cover the holes at the top of the lid.
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