I have a small kitchen and wanted a table with a decent size surface area. I don’t even have the tabletop out of the packaging and it’s exploded a bunch of non-wooden dust everywhere. I would recommend extreme caution if you need to make a move with it (beware fellow renters!). I am very dissatisfied with the condition that it arrived in. Many of the parts didn’t line up once the table was partially assembled, so it required a lot of stretching and bending. I was hoping for an exchange or a partial refund, but that isn’t allowed without returning the item apparently. It’s super affordable, and works wonderfully for a small space. The shelves serve for some storage space (we put our keys on them) or can showcase some cute small plants or decorations you may have. The first stool took me an hour to put together bc the instructions are truly lacking, but you’ll eventually figure it out. I do have to save, i expected this to be more of a while marble counter like in the picture but its more of a pink stone color. These functional counter-height tables are a perfect space-saving solution that is sturdy, easy to clean and brimming with elegant charm. The tempered glass shelves make storage and organization a breeze when entertaining and the backless brass metal base stools have a padded white faux leather seat and a convenient built-in footrest. I noticed that there were huge dents, scratches and gouges on almost every single part! The bolts and screws also didn’t fit the holes very well and it was very difficult to assemble with the tools provided. It really wasn’t at all difficult, it takes 2 people to do (unless you’re really determined) and you just have to make sure you read the directions so you don’t misplace any parts! The barstools actually fit underneath the table which saves even more space. I was apprehensive unveiling the pieces from the box as some reviews showcased broken/damaged pieces, but ours came in prestine condition and everything was intact. It’s a bit of a slow build, especially putting together the barstools.


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