Angeles City Guest Friendly Hotels

So if you unknowingly book a non-guest friendly hotel and plan on taking a lady back up to your room every night then you’re going to be paying a lot more money unnecessarily or worst outright denied her entry. I have taken the time to e-mail them all personally to make sure about their policy and have given their reply with the hotel description. You don’t hear any noise from outside or other rooms so no problem either rocking the house if you want to party hard without being worried of disturbing any others guests. You can bring in as many guests as you want without any hassle on our end”.
Cost Of A 2 Bedroom Condo In Bangkok, Thailand | Duration 5 Minutes 52 Seconds Let me start of by saying you won’t find much hotel facilities here besides the reception at the 1st floor, room and daily house cleaning so those who need a pool, fitness center or restaurant on location should look elsewhere. We do not charge any joiner fee if you have a guest staying overnight. Was quite a pleasant experience to be able to sit at your mini balcony to observe the 24 hour a day activity going on on walking street. Hotel also has a a street level cafe which is nice for people watching. Not too far, but still somewhat of a distance if you decide to do it on foot but they do have a free shuttle service if you prefer. The service here is top notch, food is excellent & well presented not to forget the fantastic pool. If the joiner will come here at the hotel together with the guest, they do not have to approach the reception area anymore. They have two large beautiful 24 hour pools, where both have swim up bars& because of their size, are never full. Shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to get there by foot with advantage that you’ll be shielded from the noise. There’s no fee for that unless if you request an extra bed for them”. For your own security also we will call you if you have a guest before we let them in or if a guest is about to leave we will call you before we let them out. There is also a little bar & pool in the back where you can relax and enjoy reasonably priced beer. That means you can bring as many guests to your room as you like. The pool and area around the bar is great for relaxing at any time of the day. This is by no means an indication of their respectability as each hotel has different policies as long as you’re somewhat discreet. Although there’s a lots of activity going on in & around the hotel, the suites are very well insulated.

Cost Of A Tiny Condo In Bangkok, Thailand | Duration 10 Minutes 17 Seconds Oh by the way, want to avoid that rush hour traffic? That means your can bring as many guests to your room as you like. Sir, you can have a lady visitor in your room without extra charge. However, if the joiner will come by herself, she has to approach the reception area first and the front desk agent will call the guest first in his room if he will allow the joiner to come in his room. Regarding to your concerned, its ok to bring or stay your guest into your room. You may bring a guest with you for an over night stay if you wish to with no extra fee. We do not restrict the number of guests you can take to your room nor do we charge extra fees for overnight visitors. This establishment definitely represents a very good bang for your buck in the budget to mid range hotel category. No problem sir if you bring guest to your room and there is no extra fee. As regards to your inquiry, it’s okay to bring girl in your room but 2 person is allow this is free of charge, just need id of your guest.


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