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Some of our newest deep fryers are oil-less – using hot air to golden crisp your favourite foods. We feature espresso machines that use traditional group heads with portafilters, while others automatically produce espresso via pre-purchased coffee pods. Don’t strain your hands with a manual can opener, get the perfect solution for anyone with arthritis or other dexterity issues. Unlike blenders, food choppers require little or no liquid to operate so you can use dry ingredients. They can puree soups, blend batters, mix beverages and so much more.Automation frees up your time to prep vegetables and tend to the meat. These grills can heat meat products and vegetables too, giving your food desirable characteristics such as melted cheese and grill marks. The enhanced taste, aroma and texture of espresso coffee will make you feel like a barista. Some of our coffee grinders can also double up as spice grinders and others are burr coffee grinders. Be unique and make your own flavours while controlling the consistency of how you like your ice cream. Our immersion blenders come with ergonomic handles as well as powerful, yet ultra-quiet motors.Some of our popcorn makers require no oil, using air to heat up the kernels. You can prepare healthier and low-fat foods with minimal effort as the simmer blends all your flavours together. Brown your food with the real crisp finish that you can’t get in a microwave with a toaster oven that uses convection heat in a more efficient manner than a regular oven.


In addition the ice maker for this refrigerator has stopped working and this refrigerator is not 1 year old. The pull out drawer is cheaply made and difficult to pull out. It seems to have more room than my other fridge or maybe it is just more usable room. I like the meat drawer and the middle veggie drawer is nice for smaller items like peppers, avocados etc. With teenagers in the house my favorite feature is that chime when the door is left open! Ice makers works great and we still have lots of room to store all our freezer foods. Simply select your preferences – size, colour, door configuration, and features – and all the large-capacity fridges that meet your needs will be displayed. I once removed the ice tray and it was difficult to put back in its proper position. We bought this fridge about a month ago and it is already working out well. The shelf that slides back to accommodate wine bottles is terrific.

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We have the essential accessories you need to install or uninstall a refrigerator ice maker kit, or to help integrate your independent ice machine seamlessly into your kitchen. Browse the collection to get what you need, from trim kits for black or white ice makers to ice maker filler kits to helpful install and uninstall kits.

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With the touch of a button it lets you make fresh, clean, and uniform ice cubes that can be plunked into drinks or used to fill a cooler. They have the ability to create more ice much faster than portable ice makers, making them ideal for commercial usage or as part of a home bar. With an automatic ice maker you can create lots of fresh ice in a very short amount of time and with little to no effort. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced periodically to ensure the creation of clean and tasty ice, which is crucial when using ice cubes in drinks for you or your guests. That means no more juggling water-filled ice cube trays and no more dragging yourself to the store in the middle of your backyard barbeque just to pick up a few more bags of pre-made ice. They can be taken out and used when needed, then easily stowed away out of sight once the party is over. They’re typically installed under the counter and can be either built-in or freestanding. You might also want to look for a unit that has a built-in water filter.
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