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Arsenic occurs naturally in rocks and soil, water, air, and plants and animals. Industry practices such as copper smelting, mining and coal burning also contribute to arsenic in our environment. The demand on ground water from municipal systems and private drinking water wells may cause water levels to drop and release arsenic from rock formations. This revolutionary iron-based granular adsorption media has 4 to 10 times the capacity of many adsorption medias. We feature this cartridge in our under counter and counterop arsenic filters below.If your arsenic levels are above 50 ppb, then call or e-mail for other options. No other technology can compare to its simplicity and ease of use. It can be further released into the environment through natural activities such as volcanic action, erosion of rocks and forest fires, or through human actions. High arsenic levels can also come from certain fertilizers and animal feeding operations. While many systems may not have detected arsenic in their drinking water above 10 ppb, there may be geographic “hot spots” with systems that may have higher levels of arsenic than the predicted occurrence for that area. It has become the premier product of choice for commercial and drinking water treatment systems for reliable, cost-effective, proven reduction of arsenic.This product uniquely combines high efficiency arsenic reduction and taste/odor capabilities for a practical and cost-effective solution at the tap. Features integrated 1/4″ quick-connect fittings that works on either plastic or copper tubing. Includes 3′ of high pressure polyethylene tubing, mounting bracket, and housing wrench. 12″ tall, 5″ diameter. The media can operate over a wide range of water quality and utilizes no regeneration chemicals, salt or additives. The spent media, upon exhaustion, is easily disposed as non-hazardous waste. Mining operations, semiconductor manufacturing, use of wood preservatives are some of the ways water can be contaminated with this poison.

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We purchase top-quality components from respected industry-leading suppliers to assemble our water filters. Water filters (ours included) will not improve this taste, because they do not remove dissolved minerals. For areas with hard water, we offer a complete line of water softeners! Our ceramic and capillary membrane technology removes bacteria and cysts from your water! Filters Removal Cartridge Water Filter that Remove Arsenic For bacteriological purification of well water (or “questionable” city water) we offer capillary membrane, ceramic, and ultra-violet technologies.
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