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Many ideas can be applied to the world of decorative painting. He built an addition on the first garage to store his collection. I decided to make it summer, early afternoon, and partly cloudy. However, it was a struggle because the pics were taken at different times & places so it was all in the wrong light & shadow.
Incredible Apartment Renovation | Duration 8 Minutes 6 Seconds How cool was it to send my sketch and ask them to be a part of my project? Did you ever feel like this project was never going to end, or was the feeling always one of continued excitement? How long did this process take and what paints did you use? Then, one of the guys in the mural, his wife is an interior decorator and is interested in my work. What thrills me the most is that it is making a lot of people happy and is a positive project for my fellow artist to be inspired to achieve their goals. My father is a professor of geography, and wanted to explore the world with the family in-tow. I got a couple of small jobs and then some more, and now it is 25 years later. I have done a few commercial jobs, and these can be a lot of fun because of their scale and in some instances the leeway one is given creatively. I never understood why this was called faux, as faux was originally used to describe the replication of natural materials, such as marble, wood etc. There are very few of us who have not been inspired, influenced, or just plain copied his work. It is also rewarding to be able to help others along the way. How have your projects/products changed in the last 5 years? Unfortunately they have taken rather a long time to materialize. I think that it is most important to make people think and use their imagination – but also to be measured in their approach and able to communicate their ideas clearly both verbally and visually. Did the process of writing a book change you as a artist and teacher? He invents finishes and plays with materials with the enthusiasm of a newbie.

Cost Cutting Tips For Your Kitchen Renovation | Duration 6 Minutes 39 Seconds Susan shares details of her experiences in this interview now that the project has been completed with such amazing results. He asked me to paint a mural and he wanted an old town with his cars. Plus, it was very cold in the winter and my paints were being affected. This is one of those projects that is so very special for so many reasons. He has this uncanny ability to integrate the real space into his trompe loeil murals. Each consecutive year we had to narrow our interests until the final year where we had a major and secondary discipline. In the mid-80’s there was little awareness of murals and nobody had heard of faux finishing. Then it was about getting friends and models together to pose in costume. Commercial work is more about making a statement and not about if the mural matches the couch or drapes. Anything else you think is important or interesting about your business or the industry? I had various letters of introduction and ended up working in the art dept. I decided to concentrate on painting country houses as architecture has always been a great interest combined with a few portraits and the odd flower study. The greatest inspiration is nature and the human spirit manifest also in music and writing. I enjoy meeting new people – exchanging ideas and sharing my experience. In the business for 35 years, he still takes classes from other finishers. Gary has adjusted to the economy by developing simpler, more profitable painting techniques.

Vintage Bathrooms My Mint an d Pink Bathroom by

I don’t have anything against those colors or even against a funky vintage bathroom, they can be very cool. At least it was nice and clean when we bought the house (for a minute). I loved the green and black combo with the natural wood blinds. That is one of the reasons it’s nice to keep the original tile. The grout is super thick in some places and hard to keep clean. The tub is cast iron so it’s not going anywhere without a fight. Try anchoring the room with some black picture frames, a tray, a black door, or hardware. A new vanity or sink could make a world of difference in the look and function of your bathroom, even if you keep everything else in the bathroom.

My Kitchen Tour /Luxury Renovation| Tons Of Tiles | Designing My Apartment On A Budget | Jv Home | Duration 17 Minutes 38 Seconds It was always worth it, but it didn’t last forever and you did have to baby your tub to keep the finish nice. You can scroll through the images below to shop for some bathroom accessories! That pink and black one reminds me of the bathroom in our first home! I did deglaze the run white (it was white originally) – hard to do much now since we only have the one bathroom- other than go on a long vacation while work is done. I would rather see the kitchen in progress or as it is than wait and wait for whatever it is you are waiting to complete! I find the bathrooms with the black accent tile to be really striking. Would it be possible to remove the glass wall to open up the room? Paint the room and then find a shower curtain to pull together the pink and green. That would look sharp, and it would be easy to find cute accents for those colors. I would leave the frosted glass partition, otherwise you have to take up the floor. A framed mirror and shelves and/or scones on either side of it? Love the idea of stenciling something fun on the glass partition. Maybe add some small unframed glass shelves (which look green from the side and would reflect the green tile). Replace mirror – you have great taste as to finish and style of lights and mirror. Quite a few folks have suggested painting the pink tile only – would make a huge visual change. I would work with the mint and think of it more as “sea glass green”. Paint the pink tiles the same gray as the three accent tiles and replace the sink/vanity. We didn’t rip these out or paint the tile or do anything to destroy their character. After a ton of cleaning, new vintage-inspired faucets and lights and a cool built-in old looking medicine cabinet, the rest stayed as is. You can’t see it but it had black soapstone counters on the vanity and a bamboo window shade. The tile in these old bathrooms aren’t at all like the tile in new bathrooms. The grout lines have been painted over with some sort of grout renew.

Excellent Condo Bathroom Designs Units And Layouts With Small Cost Remodel And Photos | Duration 3 Minutes 11 Seconds We have another bathroom downstairs that our son uses, so if we put in a main floor guest bath this mint bathroom could become a private master bathroom. I could just leave the tile and tub as is and add accessories. But they could be inspiration for how to update a vintage bathroom without losing all the charm. Adding some black accents can add some seriousness and class to a otherwise more cotton candy color scheme. Try simplifying the color scheme with fresh white walls, towels, rugs or a shower curtain. The vanity is one of the biggest style setters in a bathroom. What are some other updates that could transform the space? But if your bathroom has a dingy old tub or sink or ugly tile, it can probably get a shiny new surface that will make it so much easier to clean, too. The short vanity would annoy me, too, so that’d be at the top of my list to replace. I would replace the vanity and resurface the tub and remaining tile. I actually like the colors but still am looking for a way to update it. They are cute in vintage homes, but by the 50s they were becoming passe’. I think it could be a very romantic retro bathroom that would make you smile. Can you paint the pink tiles black and the tub white? You could find an amazing fabric to pull it all together and make a simple roman shade with it. And replace the vanity – tiny non-functional drawers are a deal breaker for me. Much more cost effective and will completely change the look!

Small Bathroom Remodel Start To Finish | The Handyman | Duration 12 Minutes 50 Seconds A new white surface for the tub and black accents where the pink is would go a long way towards making this bathroom spiffy again. But a green and white bath mat for bathtime only would be perfect. I hope refinishing the tub and painting over the pink tile would fit in the budget now, and the rest you can do gradually. Resurface tub and paint the pink tile only (you could use black or stick with green). Rug on the floor will draw the eye away from the floor tile. We kept the vintage green tile around the cast iron tub and it’s lovely. That would be a great spot to hang a picture on both sides of the wall. It’s in such great shape overall, it seems a shame to pull everything apart! I have the exact same tub, along with matching pink sink and pink wall mounted toilet. My tile is pink, with white in the tub with a pink diamond pattern. I would have the tub reglazed to white as well as any pink tiles. A new white vanity and your favorite accessories to pull everything together. We feel as if we’re living in the lap of luxury! My challenge is trying to make those colors work with my colonial decor.

Supers and Resident Managers Technical Association by

All you need to do is to make it part of the deal that the new company takes over your medical, pension, etc., benefits. But if you have time to keep an eye on their activities they can usually be caught and forced to do the right thing. Can anyone refer me to such a building or list of buildings? What do you feel are key points the individual should bring to the table? The main thing to bring to the table is: your talents, your contribution to the building, your experience and your successes in the past – to name a few.

Diy Small Bathroom Remodel Budget Bathroom Ideas | Duration 5 Minutes 11 Seconds I read a lot about tenant’s rights, but when tenants break city regulations the complaint procedures are not so clear. And it really only takes one to sour the experience and make us feel that all our hard work is thankless and demeaning. You would do well to come and introduce yourself around and find others who share your goals to keep on doing your job the best way you know how – no matter what. If they answer no, then talk about how they are micro-managing you. Keep in mind there is a right and wrong way in how and what you communicate to them. Otherwise, ask for time to find another job, ask for moving expenses and a letter of reference and just move on. I wanted to know where or who he could talk to about specifically the technical aspects, he is welder, pipe fitter, etc. Beyond that, he should be perusing the help-wanted ads in the local papers to see what’s out there, and possibly calling some of them to see what are their specific requirements. If the management company does no t, then perhaps management needs to go as well as the super. Is good grammar and correctly spelling words not also part of communication skills? Apparently, he is the one who let the agent know that the apartment was up for rent. It sounds to me, since you need to have board approval, that you are renting a unit that has been previously sold to an individual shareholder. If you were renting from the sponsor of the co-op, then you usually do not need board approval. After a super gives up or loses his job, the super becomes an illegal tenant or a month to month tenant and is subject to the landlord-tenant laws. Note also that the landlord would be entitled to reasonable rent from the ex-super. These things should have been settled on at the time of hire, not at the time of exit. Newly hired supers, if they are union, are not paid less then what the previous super was paid. I have a tenant who lived in a studio for 4 years, and over the years her family has grown. However, let me give you my thoughts on this subject based on my 30 yrs experience. The arbitrator will want to see at arbitration that the employee was treated fairly and that the employee was given every opportunity to improve or cure the situation. Usually there is a failure to communicate with the employee and give him the help he needs to cure or overcome the shortcomings or issues. Super’s pay is usually based on historic pay in the past to supers as well as how well a super can negotiate pay raises. Furthermore, pay is also based on how long the super has been at the building. This report is a brief description of what went on in the building that is note worthy, such as leaks, resident issues and special items. My question is about my medical and dental benefits during this period. However, usually you do this in the negotiation part – after they offer you the job and before you accept it. It’s really annoying when you find old items left by these companies in the hallways and basement. This will take care of most, but not all, of those kinds of dumping and disposal problems – invariably some get away with murder. Your best bet is to contact your union delegate, as you should in all union matters. This becomes even more important if there are children living in the apartment or building where the lead paint will be disturbed. While there are hourly rates for doormen, porters and handymen, no set hourly wage exist for supers or resident managers. Most of us have at one time or another experienced this kind of callous behavior from some of our residents. How to deal with this is the kind of thing we talk about at monthly meetings, often one-on-one and sometimes as part of the monthly focus of the meeting. I suggest you talk to them and ask them if they are lacking the faith. Communication is the number one thing that you and the board must have. If the manager is after you and he has such influence over the board or owners, then you are out of luck and if it isn’t for this, then it will be for another reason. Are you sure that you have exhausted all your talents collectively to see if the super can be saved? Keep in mind he may be undesirable but is still a human with a family and he would need some time to relocate. If that is the case, then you would not be leasing, but sub-leasing. While there are certainly variations, oftentimes shareholders in a co-op can only sublease their apartment for two years. To collect a fee, the super would have to have a real-estate broker’s or sales associate’s license. The agent should pay it by check, then make formal complaints about it. Is one month or two, too short of time to look for a apartment elsewhere. You will find the answers there, in those laws and codes. Of course this does not mean the new hire d super cant be paid more. The union’s main function is to see fair treatment of the employees. Management and the board usually screw up the paper trail, screw up the handling of building up a case for dismissal. Everyone involved being human, ego sets in as well, as a fog that clouds the real issues. If your case is weak, cancel the arbitration and regroup to have a better case. Perhaps the super has a special talent that is needed for a particular building, such as experience in project management or the need for a refrigeration license etc. There is no need for any super to sit through the entire board meeting. In all it should not take more then 30 minutes or so, even though sometimes my report takes about an hour plus, due to questions from the board.

TV Screen Cracked From The Inside by

If the crack is on the inside, they will tell you the crack is internal and not from impact damage. Once you have a replacement screen, we will explain to you how to install it yourself. The tv got so hot that i could smell the plastic burning, ive touch the edge of tv unit which caused a burn to my hand and a crack in screen. The outside isn’t cracked, but it looks like the inside is cracked, and there are colored lines going up part of the right side of the screen. I have tried replacing all the boards but have come up empty. It did it all by itself, we never hit it, but want to replace the screen. If you need a new screen, look on ebay as there are many different screen replacements to choose from. The warranty can’t cover the crack, so does anyone know how and cost to fix it? The screen was knocked by my son and so not covered under warranty. Cracked screen when you turn it on you can hear that it does turn on but shows nothing. I never got rid of the tv as this was very expensive and this occurred shortly after it was purchased in hopes of one day finding a way to fix. When it’s off it looks brand new and when it’s on it shows double screens horizontal. My son thew a toy and cracked it on the top of the tv now there is black line down the tv. Its small crack just wanted to know if the black line can be repaired. These generalized “screen replacement” steps will help you to complete the replacement process. Ive been talking to samsung and they sent out a technician and in his report he put down crack is due to impact therefor samsung will not replace or fix my tv. Just moved and turned it on to find cracks but the screen outside does not appeared cracked when off. The odds of finding a replacement screen for your tv and not spending an arm and a leg will be very, very high. I have been trying to get a replacement screen online without any success. It was damaged a few years ago by a marble and seems to be below the surface affecting the screen, but not the glass. The screen is broken, is there another brand if screen that it uses?

House Renovations With My Husband… Stress Construction and Mess… by

I wanted a debatably-effective shield against the destruction and mess of old house plaster. Paul is a fixer. and there is nothing he can do to fix this. I just want to eat popcorn and swing on the trapeze and play with the clown car. I would want there to be a clearly marked line of where project-renovate ends and begins. Half the time it seems like you don’t even know what’s going to happen until you actually rip it apart. I had actually forgotten the extent of the disaster… or blocked it out! Minus the dog bath and it’s so much funnier when it’s not your husband. Believe me… this would be waaayyyy funnier if it were someone else’s husband. But at the time, when we’re in the middle of it, not too much humor going on. You will be so proud to know you did it all yourselves. I don’t think there are any couples that go through a renovation that don’t feel this frustration. Of course falling into other people vaginas might just force that move. That one of you looking down through the floors says so much! I would want people to notice the carefully framed plastic wall that indicates an area still under renovation. Paul can make one of those for your next room to be worked on in time. I don’t get out much, so it’s unlikely we’d have met before now. Paul, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because he doesn’t mind (or does he?) you sharing everything so generously! Of course, there’s little chance of us renovation as neither of us has a clue how to do it. It’s like you wrote down everything that’s happened at my house the last 9 yrs. Divorce just seems crazy because you’ve worked too damn hard.

Painting Contractor License Requirements by

This exam is required when contractors have not served for the same qualification they are applying, or if the contractor has failed to pass the test within the past five years. Registrar exercised his authority to suspend waivers under this section. If the application is complete, processing may take up to 30 days. Such employee shall not be allowed to be the qualifying party for more than one company and two subsidiaries. Upon good showing, the board may waive the required examinations for any person. The board shall prepare and maintain a list of local equivalent examinations. Upon completion of the above requirements, the application shall be submitted to the board for review at its next regularly scheduled meeting. A certificate of trade name registration must be submitted with the license application. The training certificate received from the training provider constitutes the certification. Even though a license is not required, proof of business liability insurance is required. The board shall classify contractors according to the type or types of contracts which they may perform. Such assets shall include a net worth of at least ten thousand dollars. The board may deny approval of the qualifying party for good cause, which may include the ability of the proposed principal owner or owners, principal shareholder or shareholders, or qualifying party to engage in the business of contracting as demonstrated by his prior contracting business experience. When the qualifying party terminates employment with the licensee, the board shall be notified in writing within thirty days of the disassociation and another qualifying party must qualify within sixty days. Any employee of said applicant who has been in full-time employment for one hundred twenty consecutive days immediately preceding the application. Any stockholder of a corporation who was an original incorporator or original stockholder as shown in the articles of incorporation. Upon the determination that a person has engaged in deceptive practices when taking or attempting to take any board examination, such person shall be ineligible to serve as a qualifying party for a licensee for a period of one year. Furthermore, this preemption shall further exclude the employees of statewide-licensed electrical and mechanical contractors from local, municipal, or parish regulatory examination or certification authority as a condition to performing work for the statewide-licensed electrical or mechanical contractor. A mechanical or electrical contractor shall make application to the board for such exemptions on a form prepared by the board. Any plumbing contractor who currently holds a state license shall be exempt from any requirement herein for passage of an additional examination in that license classification and may bid and perform plumbing work statewide after making application to the board for such exemption on a form prepared by the board. All applicants must take and pass the licensing exam before they can apply for a license. Any applicant who does not meet the financial solvency guidelines may purchase a surety bond or obtain an indemnitor. The provision for temporary licenses was removed from the law in 1999. There seems to be no license for a painter or painting contractor. He or she held an individual license as a residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor, or held a license as a qualifying officer of a licensed residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor, at any time within the 9-year period preceding his or her application.

River Wey and Navigations : More About Guildford Surrey by

The town has the strength as being recognised as one of the country’s most important sites for high-technology and knowledge-based economic activity. Interrupted by the war the cathedral was not consecrated until 1961. Neighbours were always in your house, other families crossing over roads to talk over fences and walls. These poles were used in everything from making hoops for barrels to walking sticks. We also share intelligence and photos on offenders”. On hearing it was a poetry night she said she hated poetry and told us it would make her want to kill herself. Use dough the same morning, prove well before and after being on tin, keep out of draught, work through centre only. This post is essential in providing the best evidence for proceedings, enhancing officer safety and helping prevent and reduce crime. At police request the manager turned out bringing with him his young son. The lift would also travel on its own accord and a kettle in the staff room would turn itself on. A first offence results in a football-style yellow card and a warning, with a second offence red card leading to prosecution. Anyone caught urinating in the street gets a yellow card warning and is made to clean up their own mess. British government has stopped employing most of the foreign graduates saying the hospitals should first prove they cannot get local talent. Guildford had 58% and was ranked the second largest number of teenage conceptions in the county. The index ranks localities with a population of over 100, 000 as a ‘city’. When someone was poorly, every one would help out since you couldn’t afford to go to a doctor or into hospital. Ford just brushes some snow from his friend’s shoulder and smiles. In this consultation, the secretary of state proposes that these targets be regarded as a minimum. Coppicing is where trees and shrubs are cut to stumps, and where new growth results in long straight branches that are later cut for poles. Coppicing also encourages growth of other plants on the woodland floor, and attracts other wildlife. In 1970 a guest and his wife saw in the same mirror a gentleman sporting a bold moustache and dressed in old fashioned military uniform. It turned out the barman was a singer songwriter as well so within a few minutes there were three of us wordsmiths willing to enthral the throngs with our wit and rhymes. She fell through the door wanted to know what the place was about and said she’d be only interested in coming if they played punk. These included a 1995 police report detailing officers attending alarms ringing in the middle of the night. Retail staff had also over a number of years reported being tapped on the shoulder and feeling a presence in the room. Other reports include that of a night security guard being pushed over and decorators being handled, all by unseen hands.

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The new speakers are more than double the size of the old ones and weigh in at 257 pounds each. The group continued to develop the business model for the hotel. A fairly flat piece of ground that had or could have access to utilities at minimum costs was the driving factor. Connor be more aware of his surroundings, something kids with autism have a hard time with. And when the sound kicks in, moviegoers hear the audio improvements. It was soon determined that the project would better suit the needs of the community as an economic engine if an investment module was added.

Recent Developments In The News by

Yet despite all this, there are more moderate voices in all these faiths. Both religious traditions have to address the conflicts between their world views and modern democracy. The tunnels are expected to be open to the public in the future, but today they remain closed until the excavation works will be completed. According to estimates, the final dig will be 16 meter deep, where the workers will reach an impenetrable rock layer. It should be noted that the tour’s participants testified that in some of the places, improvised reinforcement works were being conducted to support the walls and ceiling, in a manner which raises fears that there is indeed a danger of collapse, or at least a danger that the land above may sink. The sporadic riots of the past month at the site are therefore particularly alarming, as such incidents have the potential to ignite much wider unrest. Indeed, it is quite likely that this crisis, which is a ticking bomb, will reach a critical point. Analysts also do not rule out that it may trigger a new wave of violence in the region. Nusseibeh, however, denied that he has received any threats over the matter. These sorts of jarring views are sadly common place in almost all religious literature and as a consequence religion has all too often played a negative role in this conflict. The tour’s participants spoke to the excavation workers, who told them that the digging is currently 12 meters (39 feet) deep. Of even greater concern is the underlying sentiment behind the recent riots, protests, declarations and denunciations. And the incitement has been widespread, coming from both political and religious sectors. Such an attitude poses a tremendous obstacle to the future prospects of peace between the two peoples. More than 20 were injured, some badly, and dozens of others arrested. Israeli occupation authorities made no effort to stop the manifestly provocative acts.

The Bronx by

One explanation of what occurred was that landlords decided to burn their low property-value buildings and take the insurance money, as it was more lucrative to get insurance money than to refurbish or sell a building in a severely distressed area. To the right of the current stadium is the site of its predecessor. The use of the definite article is attributed to the style of referring to rivers. The capitalization of the borough’s name is sometimes disputed. These people say that the definite article is part of the proper name. There was also much debate as to whether rent control laws had made it less profitable (or more costly) for landlords to maintain existing buildings with their existing tenants than to abandon or destroy those buildings. Bronx’s irregular shoreline extends for 75 square miles (194 km2 ).

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They land on the balconies below and burn patio furniture cushions and must be cleaned up by that unit owner. Their blatant disregard of our building rules and regulations has caused us to take this action. All notices will be date stamped when received in the office. Bicycles must be tagged and if not, we will give them to charity. This blocks up the chutes preventing garbage from passing through. When the car wash last closed, dozens of regular customers asked to be notified when the extremely popular service was expected to reopen. A spare should be left with a neighbor, kept in your car, or in a hidden area outside your unit. Additionally on one floor the neighbors became ill from the odor. These should be wrapped in plastic and discarded down the chute. The deposit covers any damage that may occur to our elevators, strobe exit light, walls and floors. It becomes necessary at various times to move vehicles in the garage and outside during cleaning and other necessary occasions. The same is true for when you leave and wish to resume service. We have experienced several instances of near hits both in the garage and outside – particularly speeding from the drive-thru after picking up or letting off residents. Privileges will be revoked for residents who touch the cameras and take or break the equipment. Antennae may be placed on a stanchion against the interior wall near the floor. It was reported that one unit had a toilet with a running leak for over six months due to death and non-occupancy. We have had to remove a female from the pool area several times who stated she waits until a resident opens the gate and just walk in. We need to know that the cars belong on our property and in our garage. We need to have a majority of the voting interests to participate or things will not get passed. Nesly at (954) 213-5038 to reserve any preferred appointment time. Always accommodating, he will find a way to squeeze you in! We regret any inconvenience caused by the irritating alarm sounds that are unfortunately integral to these tests. This includes owner occupied areas in condos/office buildings. Lawmakers concerned with the crippling cost of this retrofit opted to provide this financial relief for association members, identifying its potential for inflaming foreclosures. For the 4th time, and twice within one month, our maintenance employees were made ill from rotten, spoiling food full of toxins and e-coli bacteria. This has caused a delay in getting help to residents in the past. Manufacturers recommend that you do not turn off your refrigerators. We would appreciate feed back on any contractors on the list. Hatchlings are also misled by these lights which they misinterpret as moonlight, sending thousands to their deaths every year. First, be sure to use the nozzle when washing your car to prevent water waste. It fights wood, paper, cloth fires, plus flammable liquid and electrical.

Tishman Markets Redeveloped Offices In DC A H2 by

Approvals are in place for a master plan to add up to 824, 000 sf of office and laboratory space and a 160-unit residential building. Lempert has told colleagues he’s now consulting for a few clients. There, he handled acquisitions across asset classes, asset management and capital raising. At that price, the buyer’s initial annual yield would be just over 5%. They’re aiming for core-plus yields on apartment purchases and opportunistic returns on development projects.


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