Ashcraft Marble

Cultured marble is a no grout lines easy clean product of choice for use in bathrooms. We sell fabricate and install natural stone primarily used as countertops. Cultured marble is primarily used in bathrooms as showers, vanities and bathtubs. We have a gallery of approximately 85 natural stone images that can be transferred to cultured marble.

Slabco International Marble and Granite Inc. by

We are a family owned and operated company with the main emphasis on quality. We stock over 100 colors of granite from around the globe. Quartzite may be used for countertops without the worry of breakage while giving the classic look of marble. We invite you to visit either of our facilities to select the stone for your project. We stock thousands of granite countertop slabs to ensure you a superb stone at a competitive price. Quartzite is a stone with the look of marble but the strength of granite. Quartzite countertops are becoming more popular, especially when you want white countertops with steaks of black, brown or gold. It can also be used for fireplace surrounds and floor murals. Our staff has a vast knowledge of the stone industry.


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