ASI 1000 Countertops 6″ Waste Chute Circular

The selection of premium freight does not guarantee expedited processing time. The chute can be mounted into any counter top opening that measures 5-3/4 inches in diameter. After the chute is in properly sealed, a waste receptacle can be placed directly beneath it to catch the trash. Manufactured from type-304 stainless steel with a heavy gauge, the waste chute has a rolled flange to cut down on the possibility of injury to both users and your cleaning staff. The unit is intended for permanent installation and sits securely in place with the use of a silicone sealant.The chute measures 6-3/4 inches in diameter overall and once installed, its lip protrudes from the counter top surface by only 1/8 of an inch.

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We encourage you to read through the official guidance on the subject. Due to its space saving, convenience and maximum vandal resistance, this unit is suitable for placing between washbasins at commercial washrooms. When the household waste is classified as hazardous, it must be securely transported and disposed in appropriate containers by a healthcare professional or collected as healthcare waste by the local authorities (who may charge for it).

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Asi 1000 Circular Counter Top Waste Chute | Duration 1 Minutes 26 Seconds These provide a clean and hygienic means to dispose of waste. This waste chute requires a 143mm diameter hole for fitting. Ideally suited for commercial catering as well as other applications. Popular in tean and coffee staions to dispose sachets and tea bags.

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Vertical post accommodates one roll up to 5″ (125mm) diameter and a core size from 3? 4″ (20mm) to 1 1? 2″ (40mm). Constructed of 1″ (25mm) zinc-plated tubing, with antimicorbrial vinyl coating. Outside diameter 6 15? 16″ (175mm), inside diameter 5 1? 2″ (140mm), chute depth 5″ (130mm). Provides access to under-counter waste receptacle (not included). Hooks hold furnished reusable vinyl liner; removable for servicing. Flat flange suitable for counter, recessed or under-counter installation. Accepts standard-core size from 3? 4″ (20mm) up to 1 1? 2″ (40mm) and 4″ (100mm) wide. Constructed of 1″(25mm) zinc-plated tubing, with antimicorbrial vinyl coating.

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