Ask Maria: Must My Kitchen Coordinate With The Dining Room?

But then, the brown trend came and went before you had time to get to the kitchen. Painting the cabinets espresso to coordinate with the dining room might seem like the right thing to do to update your kitchen, but if you do that, the entire kitchen will immediately look about 15 years old, depending on where in the country you live. This dictates that you paint your kitchen an off-white or creamy shade. If the kitchen is in good repair and works then why can’t that be enough?
Granite Colors For Light Cabinets | Duration 3 Minutes 58 Seconds Our kitchen is huge and on the perimeter is a coffee bar/bar area that wraps around a wall. I think she would clap and cheer to see someone install sunshine yellow or beachy turquoise cabinets… long as they didn’t mix them with earthy granite. What never has and never will look beautiful is mismatched undertones and clashing patterns! That will make a nice contrast with the cabinets behind and also make your rooms more cohesive. Then, she wouldn’t be limited by the existing dining room countertop material. If they could fairly easily eliminate the expresso color which is throwing everything off, then they could have free rein in the kitchen. To me it says less about trend and more about the different feel and use of each room. In other words, install a honed black granite countertop in the kitchen (i would also square off the island by eliminating the corner angle while at it) with white painted cabinets and a creamy marble countertop in the dining room and leave the cabinets as they are? I think they should have a different style barstool, as well. I am looking at the same cabinets in my kitchen that were installed when this house was built in 2003. The floor is dated because it went with maple cabinets and her dining set. Our house was built mid-’50’s, and cabinets were older than that with new fronts added, and bulkheads remained. Won’t that look similar to kitchens with white/off-white cabinetry and a contrasting color on the island? We get nothing but oohs and awws when people come over. Your kitchen was dated, so it made no sense to introduce more maple cabinets in the dining room. The white or cream you choose will depend entirely upon the countertop.

Rainbow Color Marble Race 14 In 4k | Duration 4 Minutes 26 Seconds However, this would not work when you got back around to your dining room because it looks like you’ve got a more earthy granite countertop there. Your dilemma will help many others who have the same one! Kitchen will be white cabinets, white fantasy granite, and marble subway backsplash. Why not consider that…much softer on you dishes and less noisy, visually as well as acoustically. My first thought was to paint it all white…including the dining room cabinets. I would use the same white to paint the inside of the dining room cabinet and leave them the same otherwise. I would tie it together with matching quartz on the countertops in kitchen and dining room. Instead of granite, perhaps go with a solid countertop that coordinates. They almost look like a china cabinet with the narrower top of glass panels. Clearly, the writer, like most of us here, is looking for something beyond just a kitchen in good repair. I love an eat-in kitchen, but don’t always want to look at pots drying while sitting in ad adjacent room. When she installed her built in cabinet cabinet in the dining room and painted it espresso she sent the style a whole different direction. Bring in some colored bar stools probably in a green to go with her maple looking floors and pull the color thru by adding accessories. Paint the cabinets in both rooms the same color, and use the same counter top. When colors and finishes flow from one room to the next, all the spaces tend to look roomier. Carpet is soft grey, so colors are compatible throughout all 3 rooms. Whatever your decisions, accept that there will be some things you wish you’d done differently. I would probably like to change the dining room furniture though, from wood to white/off-white. We just built our home 5 years ago and purposely chose the espresso cabinets and tan granite and off white brick backsplash and it’s so classy and timeless.

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For example, the room above has plenty of space thus, the sprinkled effect of the marble creates a voluminous impact over the entire room which is definitely the talking point at this point! Match the rest of your decor with it, and you are in for quite the visual treat as the above image so majestically demonstrates. When we think of opulent and decadent flooring options, marble flooring is one of the primary names that comes to our minds. If you plan to invest in marble flooring options for your home, then this guide comes to you at the perfect time.

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Stone House | Duration 13 Minutes 9 Seconds That was a lot of work but will be worth it when you aren’t staining wood next year. There must be so many happy memories in your welcoming home. I love how he made plain concrete look like real stepping stones. I wish the guy who repaired our brick chimney had matched the original concrete color. Is it a wet stain or a powder you use before the concrete is dry? He says your hubby has some real talent – that looks great! I love that he just winged it and it turned out amazing! I hear ya about the body not quite as young as agile as before. I have a step to my porch that is in need of repair, heck–the whole porch looks like crap! We are doing something very similar in our back to come from the patio to the driveway. Did the ground have to be completely level or is it a bit forgiving? Then once it was dry you could dissolve the salt out either from the rain or hot water. Brawn matched up the stain color to random rocks and nice going on the plastic bag trick! Did it go on before or after it the concrete was set and dry? We have a rock wall that runs clear along the back of our yard. Do you know what brand concrete stain was used and where it was purchased?

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Enjoy breakfast or a glass of wine at the gazebo in the courtyard. King and queen pillowtop beds, double candlelit jacuzzis and separate showers, fantastic water views from our many porches, garden courtyard or luxurious guest rooms. Check in was a breeze and the folks in the office are very nice and accommodating. Sitting, overlooking the bay, we had many wonderful conversations with new friends. We had a plumbing issue which was taken care of to our satisfaction and accommodations were made to meet out needs for the morning.

Rainbow Color Marble Race 14 Oddly Satisfying Video | Duration 4 Minutes 26 Seconds The staff went above and beyond to make arrangements for my romantic weekend. Will absolutely stay at this excellent bed and breakfast again! Enjoy the queen sized bed, separate bathroom, and private porch with its own separate entrance. The daybed has a twin trundle, allowing this room to accommodate 4 people (additional charges apply). Or choose it because just outside the private entrance is two chairs tha t overlook the bay under a covered porch. Right outside the room is plush outdoor furniture, including a romantic porch swing. Lounge in the sun, or watch the sun go down with a glass of complimentary wine, beer, or homemade sangria from our nightly happy hour. A king-sized bed crowns this very private and luxurious room, which also includes an original coquina wall and romantic electric fireplace insert. Sleep in on the king-sized bed, then wake yourself up with an invigorating shower in the oversized tiled shower. It’s steps away from a relaxing porch swing and covered porch, the perfect place to enjoy the water views. This room opens onto a covered porch with views of the water and a sweet and dreamy porch swing. The private master bedroom boasts a king-sized bed, sitting area, and a master bath. There is a large sitting room with a television and amazing view of the ocean. Looking for a secluded getaway to celebrate a special occasion? Imagine the romance of an evening swim, watching the sun set and the moon rise from your private pool. This oceanfront, apartment-sized suite offers easy beach access via a wooden boardwalk through the dunes, and wonderful comfort inside. Enjoy the amazing views of the ocean from inside or outside on your private porch with porch swing and outdoor sofa.

Painting A Stone Building | Duration 9 Minutes 58 Seconds A stone deck is outfitted with two plush outdoor chairs, just steps from a pier that leads directly to the sand. Step into this rustic yet elegant space and you’ll feel immediately at home: stretch out in the comfy leather wing chairs, and watch a movie on your large, 55″ television. Beautiful setting within a sub-tropical climate for your holiday stay. Relax and sway under the palm trees in our tranquil courtyard before your evening out. Sway on the porch swing and enjoy the colors of the evening sky as the sun reaches the horizon. Full breakfast every morning featuring a hot entree and over 20 other choices, with complimentary sweets, appetizers and happy hour every night with sangria, wine and beer. Ask about weddings in our bay view gazebo or second floor porch! The hanging baskets, gardens, lovely green lawn and lawn furniture were such a beautiful welcome. All staff is receptive to questions and gave us great dining advice. Not only for the delicious appetizers (didn’t have the dessert, but they looked scrumptious); the wine, beer and sangria; but, best of all were all the delightful guests. Then location is perfect for seeing all the attraction of the historic district. When we left we felt like we had left all of our best friends and favorite family members behind on our last day! Loved our stay here, looking forward to return trip! The room was beautiful, the staff friendly and just a short walk to the old town. We were taken to our room early and enjoyed the rest of our evening. We have been checking out locations for the last year to decide on locations for our wedding an honeymoon. Enjoy the bay breeze on this room’s private porch with a separate entrance, outfitted with a loveseat glider and a romantic porch swing. It’s the perfect room to reconnect with your special someone! A smaller connecting room with a full bed comfortably allows extra people (additional charges apply) or simply extra space. Located in the original 1790’s section of the house, this room offers a comfy king-sized bed, sustainable bamboo floor, and stunning stone work in both the bedroom and the lovely tiled shower (complete with body jets!).

Crazy Neon Rainbow Marble Race! | Duration 2 Minutes 32 Seconds Cushy outdoor furniture-including sofas, chair lounges and a romantic daybed are just steps away on the stunning deck. Comfy chaise lounges, and a romantic round daybed are steps away on the second floor deck. A queen sized bed and craftsman armoire complete the room, which is just steps away from the second floor sun deck. Step up to the hardwood floors to your king bed and large marble top dresser. This first floor room also has a large separate shower and recently renovated bathroom. Next to the room is an exceptionally comfortable loveseat glider and wicker table – a perfect place to watch the sailboats in the bay. This room is handicap accessible, and can be outfitted with any required amenities. You’ll enjoy the queen rococo bed, new hardwood floors, electric fireplace, and oversized shower. This room is named after the family who built this section of the house in the 1850’s, and it still features a brick wall and the original hardwood floors. The living room includes comfortable furniture, as well as a large flat screen television. Relax after a long day in the tub, or invigorate yourself with full body jets in the shower. Wake up to the tranquil sounds of the waves as they break on shore. The small kitchenette allows you to store drinks and the microwave is a handy way to heat delicious snacks after a walk on the beach. Take a cup and step outside, because this suite includes access to the first floor patio, comfortably decorated with an outdoor sofa and chair. A fully-stocked kitchen gives you the flexibility to eat in if you’d like, or just use it to keep your beer and beverages cold. As you enter the suite, you’ll see a private garden and plunge pool-reserved for just the two of you. The nautical-themed second floor includes a full kitchen, bedroom with king-sized bed, tub/shower combination, and a large living/dining space lined with bookshelves filled with beachy finds and a queen sleeper sofa. It opens to a lovely private deck that offers spectacular views of the ocean. Guests will need to climb two flights of exterior stairs to access the suite. The unique bathroom boasts a cedar barn door, vessel sink, and rain showerhead for a luxurious spa experience.

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That being said, it is certainly not acceptable and it’s time for a change in the worst way possible. My grand plan would involve tearing out the wall between the tub and shower and framing out the shower with glass. Currently, the wall separating the shower and tub is hallow, which we know because it contains a sliding pocket door. But let’s just take it step by step and expect to be redoing this bathroom for the next two-three years, ok? I should say that part of my plan to make this room look more modern involved removing the very cheap and fake looking back-splash. I plan to patch the wall and add decorative tile around there later on, so for now, try to overlook the gross yellow-glue look all around the counter. I can’t imagine how stuck on toothpaste would ever get completely cleaned off! As it dries, you can either use a torch to pop any bubbles that surface (there should be several if you mixed it correctly) or just grab a drinking straw and use it to aim as you blow lightly to pop the bubbles. You can almost overlook the floral wallpaper and gross carpet! I let it set up until it’s tacky and then take the tape off. I know the epoxy is intended to be used on a flat surface – do you think this will still work/have any suggestions? It doesn’t have the smoothest surface, a little bit textured, but it doesn’t bother me too much. If it gets into the drain and hardens there, it could cause major plumbing issues. I spray painted mine as well but used glossy spray paint as well. It’s pretty smooth on the surface but not as good in the bowl. If the caulk is in good shape and not peeling up or cracking, it shouldn’t affect anything. We used a heat gun to get the bubbles out and that worked great. Anything that the paint will stick to should work the same way. It was built in 99′ but wow did they overkill this house with the pink/maroon color. Did you end up sanding after applying the spray paint, but before the gloss application? The envirotex is self leveling and should be put on about an eight to a quarter inch thick so it covers any texture in the paint nicely. It dries with more of a pebbled look to it on the vertical areas. I gave the spray paint enough time to dry buy it wiped some parts off which made sort of like a ripple effect. I think this would give the room a much more open feeling, making it seem twice as spacious and not like the strange tunnel it is now. This is good news because it means tearing out that wall wouldn’t involve moving any pluming. I know spray paint can get pretty messy, and did not want to deal with over-spray. You just mix together the two bottles in the box according to the directions, and pour it on, spreading it all over the counter with a small foam brush. It helps to keep the resin from altering the color of the paint. I have the old laminate sheets on my counter with the aluminum trimming. Going start at your step 3 and attempt to make them smooth! Do you think the smoothing process would work down into a sink? The colors wouldn’t be bad in one place of my house but they used it on all bathrooms, kitchen and all counters threw the whole house! I didn’t want to sand off any of the paint and have the counter show through. It definitely doesn’t have the same smooth glossy finish as the counter-top though. I tried spray painting over the epoxy and it helped a little…any other suggestions?

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This would be a perfect painted lady book house post restore. Pocket doors are nice as are the mantels but someone who knows what they are doing needs to faux marble them. This would be a great base for a grand period over-the-top restoration. During the winters we would huddle over the grating to dress as the warm air shot up from underneath. One seldom sees these highly ornamental houses nowadays but they were once very common. The hole by the pocket doors between the living room and dining room is definitely an old floor furnace. The houses on both sides are in good shape, but a couple of the houses across the street are falling down. The roof had holes that previous roofers covered with aluminum and then shingles. Thankfully the slate roofers repaired the roof deck and when they did they were amazed that the roof was straight and did not dip or settle in any way. My house has chestnut, which is very similar to oak in appearance. The incredible front porch was mostly intact, and what was missing could be accurately recreated. It is rotten to the core and is about ready to fall in on itself. The one statement “rotten to the core” seems to sound very bad. The turret and all of the great cut shingle work is amazing! It could be described as being held together by termites holding hands. It is ashame it has been left so long in the condition it is, t his house was probably gorgeous at one time. Every person who looks at this house will have a different reaction. It is truly a shame that whoever currently owns the property has let it rot. The best that could realistically be hoped for at this point in time would be for someone to salvage all those wonderful architectural details that are still intact for use elsewhere. Contact the agent listed for details including current price and status. Get the paneling out and assess the condition of the plaster. The faux graining is too regular and you can tell, so start over. A creative carpenter took various scroll-sawn and turned ornamental elements and combined them to make this gingerbread confection. Even in its neglected condition, one can see the potential in this house but the location and required work to bring it back are not for the faint of heart. The neighborhood is starting to undergo a bit of revitalization, albeit very slowly. There was a branch circuit that went up the side of the house, over the overhang and right through a hole in the sheet metal! It was probably a beautiful home in its day, such a shame it will probably end up just falling down. A person with the time, energy, skills, and some money can do wonders. Roofs can be fixed, missing plaster replaced, and rot eradicated. You do not seem to either notice though, or care, and that worries me. What also mattered was that all eight mantles (and the over-mantles) were still in place, as were all the 40 stained-glass windows, plus all the original doors/trim/hardware. We have restored several and there was no way we would have tackled this beast. Yes anything is fixable with the right amount of money thrown at it, but to invest that kind of money in that house would be nuts in our opinion. The back part of the home is completely burnt out the floors exist in spots, the roof is barely there.

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So many homes in this area have a very ‘lodge’ feeling which is definitely not my style. I just finished organizing everything around the house and put my kids to sleep. My favorite room is the dining room with the beautiful round table and the chandeliers. Never was a fan of “pops” of color and it would interrupt the flow of this decor.


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