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Betty helped me match my granite and my kitchen cabinet and kept me under budget. Really clean showroom, knowledgeable employee and outstanding customer service.

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It is also a very tough question to answer in a direct and accurate way. Many kitchens or bathrooms are different sizes and styles so this question is typically an individualistic answer.It also will include any and all fabrication needed to make the granite fit in your space. There are many factors that play into how much a countertop will cost. To give yourself an idea how much one may cost you here’s a basic formula. Another point to consider is the type of granite you are looking for. There are options to buy a remnant section of the granite which is much less. The price really comes down to a number of factors and it’s better to get a professional quote.
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Laminate counter tops will be your most cost effective materials and are suitable for all of your residential and commercial projects. Ensure that a home owner is home for the measure for questions pertaining to the countertops. If a template is done we drill a hole in the existing tops to hold the template down. All cabinets must not be modified after the measure has been done. Ottawa and the surrounding areas, with over 30 years in the laminate and cabinet industry. All small appliances should also be removed from counter surface. Cabinet adjustments can not be made after the measure is completed. Empty out sink cabinet so the person measuring can see the plumbing. If the installer has to move the appliances (fridge & stove) there will be a 2x labour charge applied to the balance owed on the install. No plumbing can be done in a condo or apartment building above the 2nd floor. We ensure that everything is done perfect the first time. We provide a free estimate and professional installation service to all our clients. From slab selection to installation everything is done in house. Over 500 colours to choose from (price will depend on your colour choice & your. Complete kitchen with kitchen cabinets, island and appliances.

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If you’re thinking of making updates, you already know – the process can be overwhelming! The countertop is the focal and grounding point of your kitchen and bathroom. A beautiful counter can instantly update a space – making it feel fresh and current. A stone island or workstation is the ideal workspace for chopping and mincing, or rolling out pastry dough. A wipe with warm water and a gentle soap is all it takes to clean and maintain stone countertops. Elegant marble provides a look that is at once completely current and timeless. As a natural stone, no two slabs are exactly alike, which means that every marble countertop is its own unique work of art. The patina that develops from gentle wear is all part of the romantic look that marble achieves. Old fashioned elements in either of these key spaces can lend an outdated look and feel to your entire home. When faced with literally thousands of choices, try not to be swayed by trends. Even with no other new elements, the impact a new countertop can make on a space will amaze you. New countertop offerings provide both beauty and functionality, at an affordable price. Stone surfaces can take a lot of damage, and are resistant to deep scratching – a place where laminate countertops fall short. With proper maintenance, a natural stone countertop will last forever. To ensure an enduring, classic look, many are turning to marble. Though many synthetic finishes attempt to replicate the beauty of marble’s winding vein, none come close.

Rustic Diy Concrete Counter Tops From A To Z | Duration 41 Minutes 11 Seconds Even the boldest and electrifying blue or purple variants are understated, meaning you will never tire of the quiet, understated elegance they bring to any space. Marble isn’t completely impervious to chipping or staining, but many homeowners enjoy the romance of an enduring household element that contains traces of memories deep within it. This home features laminate countertops, hardwood & tile floors as well as stainless steel appliances. I am changing the kitchen layout and selling the countertops.

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